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NĂM HỌC 2018 - 2019
I. Choose the best option to complete each of the sentences. (2,0 points)
1. The strike was ___ owing to a last minute agreement with the management.
A. called off B. broken up C. set back D. put down
2. Lindsay’s excuses for being late are beginning to ___ rather thin.
A. get B. turn C. wear D. go
3. ___ the people who come to this club are in their twenties and thirties.
A. By and large B. Altogether C. To a degree D. Virtually
4. My cousin was nervous about being interviewed on television, but she rose to the ___
A. event B. performance C. incident D. occasion
5. The train service has been a ___ since they introduced the new schedules.
A. shambles B. rumpus C. chaos D. fracas
6. Is an inexperienced civil servant ___ to the task of running the company.
A. capable B. skilled C. eligible D. suited
7. We ___ have been happier in those days.
A. can’t B. couldn’t C. might not D. must not
8. You’ve lived in the city for most of your life, so ___ you’re used to the noise.
A. apparently B. presumably C. allegedly D. predictably
9. The storm ripped our tent to ___
A. slices B. shreds C. strips D. specks
10. He ____ so much harm on the nation during his regime that it has never fully
A. indicted B. inferred C. induced D. inflicted
11. Hotel rooms must be ____ by 10 a. m, but luggage may be left with porters.
A. vacated B. evacuated C. abandoned D. left
12. I do not think there is so much as a ____ of truth in that rumor.
A. crumb B. speck C. grain D. pebble
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13. He’s not exactly rich but he certainly earns enough money to ____
A. get through B. get by C. get on D. get up
14. I have very ____ feelings about the plan it might possibly work or it could be a
A. certain B. mixed C. doubtful D. troubled
15. The noise of the typewriter really ____ me off. I just couldn’t concentrate.
A. put B. pulled C. set D. took
16. The sixth time he called me at night was the ____
A. last cause B. last straw C. touch and go D. hot air
17. All three TV channels provide extensive ____ of sporting events.
A. broadcast B. network C. coverage D. vision
18. They seemed to be ____ to the criticism and just carried on as before.
A. disinterested B. sensitive C. uncaring D. indifferent
19. “Shall we go out tonight?” - “____
A. Yes, I can B. Yes, we are C. Yes, we go D. Yes, let’s
20. It's no use ___ over ___ milk.
A. crying/ spilt B. to cry/ spilling C. crying/ spilling D. crying/ to spill
II. Read the passage below. Use the word given in bold to form a word that fits in
the numbered gap. (2, 5 points)
The black widow spider’s notoriety is not without foundation. However, an
element of exaggeration has led to certain ___ (1. CONCEPT) regarding its evil nature.
Firstly, this spider is not as dangerous as is often thought. While it is indeed one of
the most ___ (2. VENOM) species of spider, its venom being fifteen times stronger than
that of the prairie rattlesnake, its bite injects such as amount of venom by ___ (3.
COMPARE) that it is unlikely to kill humans. In fact, ___ (4. FATAL) are rare.
Black widows bite only if they are touched or their web is threatened. Furthermore,
only the adult female is poisonous. Those most at risk from the female are the spider’s
natural pray-insects-and male black widow spiders. The latter are vulnerable as the
female is ___ (5. SOLITUDE) by nature, and has been known to kill and eat the male
after mating. Such ___ (6. OCCUR) are rare, but they explain how the spider got its
name and its reputation.
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Nevertheless, the ___ (7. PLEASE) effects of this spider’s bite should not be ___
(8. ESTIMATE), and if you live in a temperate climate and have a fireplace in your
home, it is advisable to take ___ (9. CAUTION). Black widow spiders often inhabit
wood piles, so you should wear gloves when handling firewood. Furthermore, since black
widow spiders are ___ (10. RESIST) to many insecticides, you should regularly clean
out likely hiding places.
III. Complete each sentence with the correct form of ONE of the two-word verbs. (2,
0 point)
bring out do up slow down save up hang over
mix up grow up go with dress up run for
1. Silence ___the theatre as the audience awaited the opening curtain with expectation
and excitement.
2. Having seen a sharp bend ahead, Tim pressed hard on the brake pedal to ___.
3. Charles Dickens was born near Portsmouth, Hampshire on 7 February 1812, but
relocated to and ___ in Camden Town in London.
4. Barrack Obama has decided to ___ the American presidency in the election that will
take place next year.
5. Because I hate ___ my shoes, I have bought a pair of shoes without any laces.
6. Sarah wanted to buy some curtains that would ___ his furniture, so she had brought a
photo of her sofa with her to the store.
7. Kate had been ___ in order to buy a new laptop, but then she decided to use the
money on the guitar lessons instead.
8. Even though two of the bands are dead, a new ‘The Beatle’ album called Love was
recently ___.
9. Brendan was worried about having to ___ for the boss’ retirement dinner as he didn’t
own any formal clothes.
10. He ___ his grandmother’s phone number with his girlfriend’s, which led to some
embarrassment for him.
IV. The passage below contains TEN mistakes. Underline them and write the
correct forms in the numbered boxes. (2, 5 points)

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