Bài tập về tương liên từ - Correlative Conjunctions số 2

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Liên từ tương quan (tương liên từ) được sử dụng để kết nối 2 đơn vị từ với nhau và luôn đi thành cặp không thể tách rời. Các tương liên từ trong Tiếng Anh bao gồm: either...or, not only...but, also, both...and, ... Mặc dù các liên từ này rất dễ nhớ nhưng vẫn còn nhiều bạn lúng túng khi áp dụng các liên từ này khi nói, viết. Vì vậy, VnDoc.com xin giới thiệu đến các bạn chuỗi các bài tập về liên từ để bạn luyện tập.

  • This practice quiz asks you to figure out the correct way to combine two related ideas/ clauses/ sentences using correlative conjunctions. Read all the answers carefully, and make sure your answer has the right conjunctions, grammar, parallel structure, verb form, and subject-verb agreement!
  • 1. Mrs. Alverado doesn’t speak English. Her husband doesn’t speak English.
  • 2. The student is here. The tutor is here.
  • 3. Maybe Jed will pick me up at the airport in Miami. Maybe my cousin Ted will pick me up.
  • 4. Fran speaks French. Her sister Fern speaks French.
  • 5. I like spaghetti. I like lasagna.
  • 6. Paula may go to the Bahamas on her vacation next month. Maybe she will decide to go to Hawaii instead.
  • 7. Mrs. Alverado has her green card. Her daughter Alicia has her green card too.
  • 8. I haven’t met my girlfriend’s father. I haven’t met her mother.
  • 9. Maybe Dennis will get accepted by Stanford University by the end of this month. Maybe he’ll get rejected.
  • 10. Dr. Harris might become the next head of surgery at St. Mary’s Hospital. Dr. Bentley has a chance too, but those are the only two in the running.
  • 11. The driver of the truck wasn’t injured in the crash. The driver of the small car wasn’t injured either.
  • 12. My brother Randy won’t win the spelling bee. My best friend Ron won’t win the spelling bee. They’re both poor spellers.
  • 13. Sugar cane isn’t grown in Colorado. Pineapples aren’t grown in Colorado.
  • 14. Evelyn rides her bicycle on weekends. Evelyn bakes desserts on weekends.
  • 15. The Jones boys might play tennis this weekend. They might go sailing instead.
  • Rewrite the sentences using the paired conjunctions given in brackets. Make any necessary changes. DO NOT USE ANY PUNCTUATION MARKS!
  • 1. Fred likes helping his friends. So does Linda. (both...and)
    Both Fred and Linda like helping their friends
  • 2. Harry used to date Ann. Or was it Helen? (either...or)
    Harry used to date either Ann or Helen
  • 3. We should learn to accept our weaknesses and our strengths. (not only...but also)
    We should learn to accept not only our weaknesses but also our strengths
  • 4. He never listens to or advises his friends when they have a problem. (neither...nor)
    He neither listens to nor advises his friends when they have a problem
  • 5. I've betrayed your trust. I've betrayed your love for me. (not only...but also)
    I've betrayed not only your trust but also your love for me I have betrayed not only your trust but also your love for me
  • 6. He felt disappointed. He felt misunderstood. (both...and)
    He felt both disappointed and misunderstood
  • 7. Brian isn't very considerate. Neither is Tom. (neither...nor)
    Neither Brian nor Tom are very considerate
  • 8. A true friend is someone who is caring and loving. (both...and)
    A true friend is someone who is both caring and loving
  • 9. Rachel should apologise or leave. (either...or)
    Rachel should either apologise or leave
  • 10. Richard and John didn't keep her secret. (neither...nor)
    Neither Richard nor John kept her secret
  • 11. Tom doesn't lie to his friends. Paul doesn't either. (neither...nor)
    Neither Tom nor Paul lie to their friends
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