Trắc nghiệm Reading tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 1 Leisure Activities

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Tiếng Anh 8 Unit 1: Leisure Activities

Tài liệu ôn tập tiếng Anh 8 mới Unit 1 Leisure Activities phần Reading (Kỹ năng đọc) có đáp án dưới đây nằm trong bộ đề trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh lớp 8 theo Unit do sưu tầm và đăng tải. Đề luyện tập tiếng Anh gồm nhiều dạng bài đọc khác nhau giúp các em học sinh rèn luyện kỹ năng đọc - hiểu tiếng Anh theo chủ đề: Leisure Activities (Hoạt động ngoài giờ) hiệu quả.

I. Read the following paragraph and complete it with one suitable word.

Millions of teenagers enjoy (1)_______ video games. Some play them at home. Others play them in arcades. These games are good fun (2)_______ players must be careful.

Teenagers should not spend much time on these games (3)_______ they can become tired, dizzy and even obese. If they use computer too much, they won’t have time for their families and friends. People who are addicted to computer games don’t like to join any clubs or plays any sports. They like (4)________ in front of the computer all the time. One doctor says, “ This is very bad for your people. They must take part in activities with others. All young people should play outdoors and develop their social skills. They should be with people of their own age. They should spend only a small part of their time playing video (5)__________ .They mustn’t forget to do other things too.

II. Choose the correct word A, B, or C for each gap to complete the following

I go on the Internet every day, but I’ve never (1)_______ more than an hour at a time online. I’ve got a laptop and also smartphone, so I can (2)______ the Internet everywhere. Today, for instance, I’ve been (3)_______ three times.

Mainly I just (4)_____ my friends. I read online magazines and I look (5)________ information, too. I also compare prices of things, (6)________ I’ve never bought anything online because I don’t think it’s safe.

I’m not an Internet addict, but some of my friends (7)_____ . One friend of mine always looks (8)_________ because he spends all night online. Although he’s got a lot of bad marks for the exams, he hasn’t (9)_______ his habits.

In my experience, it is very useful for people who use the Internet (10)__________.


A. spend

B. spending

C. spent


A. have

B. use

C. play


A. online

B. Internet

C. computer


A. write

B. email

C. send


A. at

B. in

C. for


A. because

B. but

C. happily


A. is

B. were

C. are


A. tired

B. hard

C. happily


A. change

B. to change

C. changed


A. sensible

B. sensibly

C. Sensibleness

III. Read the passage about British and American teenagers, and answer the questions:

Sport: In the UK, football, rugby, tennis and basketball are the most popular sports for teenagers. In the USA, American football, athletics, basketball and baseball are popular.

The Internet and television: Teenagers in both the UK and the USA today watch television less than before but they use the Internet more. They spend over 25 hours a week online.

Pocket money and shopping: The average teenager in the UK gets about £7 a week pocket money. In the USA it is about $10. They spend their money on clothes and going out, but magazines, presents and snacks are so important.

Friends: The average British and American teenager has seven close friends. He or she has sixteen online friends on social network websites.

1. Which sports do British and American teenagers play in their free time?

2. How long do they spend online?

3. How much pocket money do they get?

4. What do they spend it on?

5. How many online friends do they have?

IV. Read the article and choose the best answer


The British spend their free time in different ways. People generally use it to relax but many people also (1) voluntary work, especially for charities.

People spend a lot of their free time in the home, where the (2) popular leisure activity is watching television, the average viewing time being 25 hours a week. People often (3) ________programs on videos so that they can watch later, and video recorders are also used (4) ______ watching videos hired from a video rental shop.

Reading is also favourite way of spending leisure time. The British spend a lot of time reading newspapers and magazines. In the summer gardening is popular, and in winter it is often replaced by “do – it – yourself”, (5) people spend their time improving or repairing their homes. Many people have pets to look after; taking the dog for a daily walk is a regular routine.

The extra leisure time (6) at weekends means that some leisure activities, many of them to do with sport, normally (7) place only then. Traditional spectator sports include football, cricket, horse racing, motor racing and motor cycle racing. Popular forms of (8) are swimming, tennis, ice-skating or roller skating, cycling, climbing, and hill or country walking.

Families often have a “day out” at the weekend, especially in summer, with a (9) _________ to a local event such as a festival, fair or show. Young people especially go to clubs and discos, while people of all (10)_______ go to the theatre, the cinema, art exhibitions and concerts.

1. A. make B. do C. play D. go

2. A. many B. more C. much D. most

3. A. record B. scan C. print D. power

4. A. with B. for C. on D. about

5. A. what B. why C. when D. while

6. A. available B. probable C. abundant D. exclusive

7. A. Drag B. bring C. carry D. take

8. A. strength B. exercise C. athletics D. presentation

9. A. voyage B. journey C. visit D. road

10. A. Ages B. numbers C. years D. groups

Đáp án có trong file tải: Bài trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh 8 mới Unit 1 phần Reading. Mời bạn đọc tham khảo thêm nhiều tài liệu ôn tập Tiếng Anh 8 cả năm khác như: Để học tốt Tiếng Anh 8, Trắc nghiệm trực tuyến Tiếng Anh 8, Đề thi học kì 1 lớp 8, Đề thi học kì 2 lớp 8,.... được cập nhật liên tục trên

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