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VnDoc.com xin giới thiệu đến các bạn bài tập tổng hợp các dạng so sánh trong Tiếng Anh: so sánh ngang bằng, so sánh hơnso sánh hơn nhất. Bạn chỉ cần nắm vững cấu trúc so sánh, cách biến đổi tính từ ngắn và tính từ dài là bạn sẽ không bao giờ bị sai ở dạng bài tập so sánh này cả. Let's do it! Gave it your all!

  • Choose the most appropriate answer.
  • 1. Red apples are usually ____________ than green apples.
  • 2. They have three sons and two daughters. Betty is ___________ of their children.
  • 3. I can't hear you. Please speak _____________.
  • 4. As we didn't have much money, we stayed at ____________ hotel that we could find.
  • 5. They say that it's _____________ storm in ten years.
  • 6. That happened in 1990, maybe even _______________.
  • 7. I have no _____________ questions.
  • 8. I need a brown carpet. This carpet is ____________ than brown.
  • 9. She walked __________ trying to see the house numbers in the dark.
  • 10. I think that it's __________________ but still possible.
  • Complete the following sentences using the correct degree of the adjective given in the brackets.
  • 1. My brother’s handwriting is ________________ mine. (bad)
    worse than
  • 2. Health ____________ wealth. (important)
    is more important than
  • 3. Blood is _____________ water. (thick)
    thicker than
  • 4. Everest is _________________ peak in the world. (high)
    the highest peak
  • 5. This is ____________ play I have ever heard on the radio. (interesting)
    the most interesting
  • 6. Susie is _____________ of all the four sisters. (beautiful)
    the most beautiful
  • 7. The planet Mars is _____________ from the earth than the satellite Moon. (far)
    is farther
  • 8. The elephant is ___________ animal in the world. (large)
    the largest 
  • 9. An ocean is certainly ___________ a sea. (big)
    bigger than
  • 10. I am ____________ in cricket than in football. (interested)
    more interested
  • Rewrite the following sentences using the other degrees of comparison.
  • 1. Swimming is the best kind of exercise.
    Swimming is better than any other kind of exercise. No other kind of exercise is as good as swimming.
  • 2. Lead is heavier than any other metal.
    Lead is the heaviest of all metals. No other metal is as heavy as lead.
  • 3. Shakespeare is greater than any other English playwright.
    Shakespeare is the greatest of all English playwrights. No other English playwright is as great as Shakespeare.
  • 4. China is one of the largest countries in the world.
    China is larger than most other countries in the world. Very few countries in the world are as large as China.
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