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Bài tập Word Form Unit 4 lớp 8 được giáo viên VnDoc tự biên soạn, gồm toàn bộ từ vựng cũng như các dạng thức của chúng ở vai trò tính từ, động từ, trạng từ và danh từ xuyên suốt từ Unit 4.

  • Give the correct form of the words in brackets
    1. Is he ____________________ to break the customs of her family? (permission)
  • 2. _____________ when dining, South Koreans use cushions to sit on the floor and eat from a low table. (tradition)
  • 3. The wai is the traditional form of _____________ in Thailand. (greet)
  • 4. My dad is the __________ of this wedding anniversary party. (hostess)
  • 5. We were impressed by the ___________ of Ha Long Bay. (beautiful)
  • 6. They weren’t _____________ to live with their parents after the wedding. (obligation)
  • 7. I have learned several __________ lessons from the folk tales. (morally)
  • 8. It is considered _____________ to address an elder with his or her given name. (polite)
  • 9. Is that woman the _____________ of the party? (host)
  • 10. Today, we are going to discuss the __________ of traditions. (necessary)
  • 11. We have lots of customs and it can get a bit _____________ for visitors. (confuse)
  • 12. The children in our family are always _____________ to their elders. (respect)
  • 13. Do you have to follow the traditions ____________? (strict)
  • 14. Many families have three _____________, which create unique cultural features. (generate)
  • 15. Custom _____________ from tradition in some aspects such as scale and time. (different)
  • 16. Don’t use your personal chopsticks to get food from the _____________ dish. (serve)
  • 17. She was taught a lot ________ skills by my parents. (society)
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