Thi thử học kì 1 lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh năm 2021 - 2022

Đề thi học kì 1 môn tiếng Anh 10 có đáp án năm 2021

VnDoc mời các bạn cùng tham gia Thi thử học kì 1 lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh năm 2021 - 2022 để đánh giá kết quả học tập môn tiếng Anh 10 của bản thân, ôn luyện kiến thức và làm quen cấu trúc đề thi học kì 1 lớp 10.

Mời các bạn tham gia nhóm Tài liệu học tập lớp 10 để nhận thêm những tài liệu hay: Tài liệu học tập lớp 10

Đề kiểm tra Tiếng Anh học kì 1 lớp 10 có đáp án được giáo viên VnDoc tổng hợp nhằm giúp học sinh nắm vững kiến thức môn tiếng Anh 10, làm quen các dạng bài tập tiếng Anh 10 khác nhau cũng như cấu trúc bài thi học kì 1 lớp 10.

  • Choose one word (A, B, C or D) whose main stressed syllable is different from the rest.
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • Choose the best answer to the following sentences.

    6. The handicapped are in need of help from the community.

  • 7. How do volunteers help disadvantaged and handicapped children______ their difficulties?
  • 8. “You have broken my window” the old woman said to the boy. The old woman__________ the boy of breaking her window.
  • 9. A bank has promised a donation of $24 million toward the disaster fund.


  • 10. It was 7 p.m, and my mother_________ in the field.
  • 11. Nelson Mandela became _________ in politics and was forced to leave his first university.
  • 12. He hesitated __________ his mind about when they should leave for the United Kingdom
  • 13. Her father died after he had brought up all of his children.


  • 14. Don't interrupt anyone while they are talking.


  • 15. Nowadays, ________ English is very essential.
  • 16. More tourists ________ to this country unless it _________ a better climate.
  • 17. Mark is _________ with the volunteer work in this charity organization. He is not very ___________ about getting a paid job next time.
  • 18. My daughter is not old enough____________ a driving lisence.

    Read the text and choose suitable words to fill the gaps.

    The Ig Nobel Prize is a copy of the (19)______ Nobel Prize. It is given to achievements and inventions that first make people laugh, then make them think. Its purpose is to (20)______ the unusual and imaginative achievements, mostly in science, medicine, and technology. Contrary to people's common belief that the prize are given to (21)______ works, the prize winners findings need to be based on (22)______ research. Every year, a (23)______ is held at Harvard University, and ten prize made of tinfoil are awarded to the winners, who have to pay for their own accommodations and transport to Cambridge.

  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • IV. Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence.
  • 1. My brother always harbours the …………of a flight attendant.
  • 2. The manager expected the team…...........because they hadn't completed all the tasks.
  • 3. Mss. Linh is in ………..of class 5A.
  • 4. Interprets should be highly ……………as well as fluent.
  • 5. A: “…………does it take to get to Hai Phong province from here?” B: “ 2 hours.”
  • 6. Claura didn’t ……… Australia.
  • 7. It’s television that helps increase the …………of sports.
  • 8. Da Nang is a popular ………….for beach lovers.
  • 9. He has not developed mentally as much as others at the same age. He’s ……child.
  • 10. It rained all the time, ……….was a great pity.
  • V. Write the correct form of word in each sentence.
  • 1. I’m staying in a …….hotel in the south of France. (COMFORT)
  • 2. She can swim well despite her …… .(DISABLED)
  • 3. …….around the world are working together to solve air and water pollution. (SCIENCE)
  • 4. We received general……in the local schools. (EDUCATE)
  • 5. I find it ……to talk to you. (INTEREST)
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