Bài tập nâng cao tiếng Anh lớp 6 Unit 1: My new School có đáp án

Tiếng Anh 6 Unit 1 My new school

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I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others

1. A. bread B. reading C. seat D. meat
2. A. school B. chess C. teaching D. chalk
3. A. photo B. going C. home D. brother
4. A. volleyball B. cold C. open D. telephone
5. A. after B. farm C. walk D. class
6. A. computer B. lunch C. sun D. funny

II. Match the sentences, clauses or phrases in column A with the ones in column B to make a meaningful sentences.

7. Are they watching TV? A. No, they aren't. They are cooking dinner
8. Is he enjoying his holiday? B. No, I'm doing my English homework
9. Are they cooking dinner? C. No, he isn't.
10. Are you doing your Math homework? D. No, I'm not.
11. Is he disturbing you? E. No, they aren't. They are watching TV.
12. Are you listening to music? F. Yes, he is. He loves Italy.

III. Choose the best answer to fill in the blank.

13. Nam’s new school ________ a large ________.

A. is having - playgrounds

B. have - playgrounds

C. has - playground

D. are having - playground

14. In the afternoon, I ________ books ________ the library.

A. are reading - in

B. am reading - at

C. read - in

D. reads - at

15. Mai and Hoa ________ their bicycles to school from Monday to Friday.

A. rides

B. ride

C. is riding

D. are riding

16. At lunchtime, you can ________ lunch in the school canteen.

A. do

B. have

C. be

D. go

17. ________ morning exercise is good for you.

A. Having

B. Doing

C. Studying

D. Playing

18. I am having a Math lesson but I forgot my ________. I have some difficulty

A. pencil case

B. pencil sharpener

C. calculator

D. bicycle

19. I often ________ my homework ________ school.

A. does - before

B. do - after

C. am doing - after

D. study - at

20. Phong is wearing a school ________.

A. uniform

B. hats

C. bag

D. shoes

21. Look! They ________ badminton with their friends.

A. plays

B. play

C. are playing

D. playing

22. In Physics, we have a lot of ________.

A. books - to have

B. science - to study

C. homework - to do

D. vocabulary - to play

IV. Identify the mistake in each sentence

23. My new classmates is very kind to me.

24. How do you spells your name?

25. I is twelve years old.

26. I am twelve year old .

27. My father and my brother doesn’t eat breakfast in the morning.

V. Give the correct form of the verbs in the brackets to complete the sentences

28. I (not understand)________ German.

29. We sometimes (go)________ to the cinema on Sunday.

30. When________ Susie usually________ her homework? (do)

31. We (play)________ tennis now.

32. I sometimes (play)________ the guitar in a band.

33. He can’t speak on the phone because he (have)________ a shower.

34. Right now we (speak)________ French.

35. Look at that man. He (ride)________ a horse.

36. ________ they________ chocolate ice cream? (like)

37. I (watch)________ about three DVDs a week.

VI. Give the correct form of the words in the brackets in each of the following sentences.

38. Students of our school are ________ with one another. (friend)

39. When foreigners talk to him, he can speak English ________ with them. (easy)

40. Be ________! The ground is very wet and slippery. (care)

41. Sometimes we are bored and ________ with his long lectures. (sleep)

VII. Read the passage and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space

Dear Minh,

Hi. I'm your exchange student (42)________ England. My name is George and I'm 12 years old. I (43)________ with my parents and my two sisters in Bournemouth, a town on the south coast of England.

I am a student at Lidborough School. It's small (44)________ it is very clean and nice. My best (45)________ is probably computer studies and my worst is Math. What about you? What are your (46)________ subjects at school? I am really looking forward (47)_______ visiting you in Viet Nam and meeting your family. What kind of (48)________ do you go to? What's your school like? Please write soon and send me a (49)________ of your school.

Best wishes,

George Kelp

42. A. of B. in C. from
43. A. come B. like C. live
44. A. with B. but C. as
45. A. lesson B. play C. subject
46. A. favorite B. like C. dislike
47. A. to B. in C. at
48. A. school B. class C. classroom
49. A. drawing B. photo C. painting

VIII. Choose true, false or no information.

Hi. My name is Peter and I live in Sydney with my family. We live in a large house. The house has a living room, a kitchen, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a big backyard. There are many beautiful flowers in the yard, especially in summer.

My elder sister, Sue, is a student at the Law University. My younger brother Bill, is a student at a secondary school near my house. My father works in an office 20 kilometers from our house. My mother is a nurse. She works in a small hospital. She always gets up early to cook breakfast for us. I am a student. I go to the same school with my brother. We live very happily and I am very lucky to have a wonderful family.

50. There are six people in Peter's family.

A. False

B. True

51. There are nine rooms in Peter's house.

A. False

B. True

52. Peter is a student at the Law University.

A. False

B. True

53. Peter's school is far from his house.

A. False

B. True

54. Peter likes his family very much.

A. True

B. False

IX. Complete the second sentence so that it has the similar meaning to the first one.

55. Both Math and English are interesting to him. He is


56. Is there a computer room at your school?


57. How much time do you spend learning English every day?

How long does_______________________________________________________

58. Mike doesn't like watching sports on TV.

Mike is not keen______________________________________________________

59. Hoa's school has more than 500 students.


X. Complete each of the following sentences with the words or phrases given

60. School/ make/ each school day/ exciting day/ the students.


61. students/ try/ be/ active.


62. have good teachers/ help students/ get interested/ subject


63. He/ study/ English/ Vietnamese/ and/ Math/ Tuesday/.


64. They/ often/ morning exercise.


65. Nam/ play football/ school team.


66. students/ learn/ both/ theory/ practice/ all subjects.


67. have outdoor/ indoor activities.


XI. Rearrange the following words and punctuation marks to complete the sentences.

68. name/ Phuong/ her/ is


69. teacher/ Mr./ my/ Tan/ is


70. forty/ years/ my/ eight/ is/ father/ old.


71. Thu/ students/ are/ Hoa/ and.


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