Đề thi thử TOEIC phần đọc

Đề thi thử TOEIC phần đọc

VnDoc.com giới thiệu tới các bạn đề thi thử TOEIC phần đọc (TOEIC Reading Test) giúp các bạn ôn tập TOEIC hiệu quả. Tài liệu này được biên soạn sát với đề thi TOEIC thật sự giúp các bạn làm quen với các dạng bài thi TOEIC. Sau đây mời các bạn vào tham khảo.

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100 bài test luyện thi TOEIC có đáp án

Choose the correct answer

1. ________ the end of year results were published, the managers got their bonuses.

A. When

B. While

C. If

D. Because

2. Commercial builders downplayed __________ a bust in the superheated housing market.

A. concerning

B. the concern of

C. concerned that

D. concerns about

3. The report showed that overall prices are up 3.1 percent _________ 12 months.

A. during the last

B. in the following

C. periodically over

D. since the last

4. He is excited about the new promotion and looking forward to ________ more responsibilities.

A. taking on

B. take on

C. getting up

D. taking in

5. The flight arrives __________ Tokyo in three hours.

A. in

B. at

C. into

D. on

6. The company expects to see ___________ breakeven and a 15 cent a share loss in the second quarter.

A. approximately

B. more than

C. more or less

D. somewhere between

7. Strong exports ___________ in driving first-quarter growth, rising 35 percent from a year earlier.

A. played a big role

B. played a hand

C. instrumental

D. effectively

8. First quarter revenue _________ $45.1 billion from $44.7 billion a year earlier.

A. increased

B. declined from

C. expanded at

D. rose to

9. The executives pointed to immigration __________ the biggest drivers of the domestic market.

A. rather than

B. as one of

C. as leading

D resulting in

10. The new service was expected to be a success; __________ very few customers upgraded their accounts.

A. yet

B. just

C. moreover

D. although

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