100 câu trắc nghiệm Từ đồng nghĩa có đáp án ôn thi THPT Quốc gia 2020 cơ bản phần 1

Trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh luyện thi THPT Quốc Gia 2020

Nằm trong bộ tài liệu 3000 câu trắc nghiệm ôn thi THPTQG môn Tiếng Anh năm 2020, tài liệu ôn tập tiếng Anh chuyên đề Từ đồng nghĩa có đáp án dưới đây do VnDoc.com sưu tầm và đăng tải. Tài liệu trắc nghiệm phần 1 gồm 40 câu tiếng Anh khác nhau giúp bạn đọc kiểm tra vốn từ vựng tiếng Anh bản thân hiệu quả.

Câu 1: I didn’t think his the comments were very appropriate at the time.

A. correct

B. right

C. exact

D. suitable

Câu 2: GCSE are not compulsory, but they are the most common qualifications taken by students.

A. required

B. applied

C. fulfilled

D. specialized

Câu 3: I received housing benefit when I was unemployed.

A. out of order

B. out of fashion

C. out of work

D. out of practice

Câu 4: The related publications are far too numerous to list individually.

A. much

B. legion

C. few

D. full

Câu 5: The teacher gave some suggestions on what would come out for the examination.

A. symptoms

B. demonstrations

C. effects

D. hints

Câu 6: When being interviewed, you should concentrate on what the interviewer is saying or asking you.

A. relate on

B. be interested in

C. impress on

D. pay attention to

Câu 7: She came to the meeting late on purpose so she would miss the introductory speech.

A. aiming at

B. intentionally

C. reasonably

D. with a goal

Câu 8: The use of lasers in surgery has become relatively commonplace in recent years.

A. comparatively

B. relevantly

C. absolutely

D. almost

Câu 9: The first few days at university can be very daunting, but with determination and positive attitude, freshmen will soon fit in with the new environment.

A. interesting

B. memorable

C. serious

D. depressing

Câu 10: Did anyone acknowledge responsibility for the outbreak of the fire ?

A. inquire about

B. accept

C. report

D. find out

Câu 11: Childbearing is the women's most wonderful role.

A. Giving birth to a baby

B. Bring up a child

C. Educating a child

D. Having no child

Câu 12: In my experience, freshmen today are different from those I knew 25 years ago.

A. first-year students

B. new students

C. new counselors

D. young professors

Câu 13: S. Mayo Hospital in New Orleans was so named in recognition of Dr. Mayo’s outstanding humanitarianism.

A. unpopular

B. widespread

C. remarkable

D. charitable

Câu 14: My parents’ warnings didn’t deter me from choosing the job of my dreams.

A. influence

B. discourage

C. reassure

D. inspire

Câu 15: “It’s no use talking to me about metaphysics. It’s a closed book to me.”

A. a subject that I don’t understand

B. a theme that I like to discuss

C. a book that is never opened

D. an object that I really love

Câu 16:Professor Berg was very interested in the diversity of cultures all over the world.

A. variety

B. changes

C. conservation

D. number

Câu 17: The situation seems to be changing minute by minute.

A. again and again

B. time after time

C. very rapidly

D. from time to time

Câu 18: If desired, garnish your plate with parsley, bell pepper rings or other vegetables

A. decorate

B. replace

C. associate

D. provide

Câu 19: The bomb exploded in the garage; fortunately no one hurt.

A. taken off

B. went off

C. put on

D. hold up

Câu 20: In times of war, the Red Cross is dedicated to reducing the sufferings of wounded soldiers, civilians, and prisoners of war.

A. initiated

B. appalled

C. devoted

D. mounted

Câu 21: Sorry, I can’t come to your party. I am snowed under with work at the moment.

A. interested in

B. busy with

C. relaxed about

D. free from

Câu 22: The consequences of the typhoon were disatrous due to the lack of effective measures.

A. meaningful

B. beneficial

C. excited

D. damaging

Câu 23: He’s really delighted with his success.

A. pleased

B. angry

C. entertained

D. annoyed

Câu 24: Try to eliminate fatty foods from your diet.

A. limit

B. move

C. add

D. get rid of

Câu 25: No vehicle weighing over 3.5 tons is allowed on this bridge, according to traffic signs placed at both ends of the structure.

A. corruption

B. construction

C. connection

D. confusion

Câu 26: Ask Mum for permission to go out now. She looks like she’s in a good mood.

A. fashionable

B. unconcerned

C. healthful

D. happy

Câu 27: The Asian Games have advanced in all aspects since the first Games was help in 1951.

A. developed

B. competed

C. taken place

D. decrease

Câu 28: Dozens of applicants showed up for the vacant position, but only a handful of them were shortlisted for the interview.

A. small amount

B. person

C. hand

D. small number

Câu 29: He made one last futile effort to convince her and left home.

A. favorable

B. difficult

C. ineffectual

D. firm

Câu 30: He resembles his brother in appearance very much, which makes his friends unable to recognize.

A. names after

B. calls after

C. looks after

D. takes after

Câu 31: Sports and festivals form an integral part of every human society.

A. delighted

B. exciting

C. informative

D. essential

Câu 32: As tourism is more developed, people worry about the damage to the flora and fauna of the island.

A. fruits and vegetables

B. flowers and trees

C. plants and animals

D. mountains and forest

Câu 33: It’s a really difficult matter to decide how to solve now. I will need time to think it twice.

A. to think it over

B. to make it better

C. to make up for it

D. to think out of time

Câu 34: He insisted on listening to the entire story.

A. part

B. funny

C. whole

D. interesting

Câu 35: We can use either verbal or nonverbal forms of communication.

A. using gesture

B. using speech

C. using verbs

D. using facial expressions

Câu 36: The education system is a mirror that reflects the culture.

A. points

B. explains

C. shows

D. gets

Câu 37: It is an occasion when strength and sports are tested, friendship and solidarity was built and deepened.

A. practice

B. power

C. will

D. competence

Câu 38: Nobody knows the origin of the Vietnamese long dress. There was no evidence about where and when it appeared.

A. evaluation

B. book

C. proof

D. symptom

Câu 39: The shop assistant was totally bewildered by the customer’s behavior.

A. disgusted

B. puzzled

C. angry

D. upset

Câu 40: Reaching 35 and obviously aging, Jane has to make up her mind on her future very soon.

A. give a thought about

B. pay attention to

C. prepare a plan for

D. make a decision on

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