Trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh với câu hỏi 'What am I?' giúp trẻ nâng cao vốn từ vựng

Nâng cao vốn từ vựng với câu hỏi "What am I?" 

Từ những gợi ý cho trước, bạn hãy đưa ra câu trả lời cho câu hỏi "What am I". Với 10 câu hỏi đố vui tiếng Anh có đáp án này không chỉ mang lại cho bạn những phút giây thư giãn mà còn giúp bạn củng cố thêm vốn từ vựng tiếng Anh của mình.

  • Câu 1:
    I use a long track.
    I transport heavy loads.
    Many tourists use me.
    Watch for lights to stop for me.
    I will show you beautiful scenery.
  • Câu 2:

    Please blow air in me.
    I come in many colours.
    I'm a symbol of celebration.
    Don't touch me with anything sharp.
    I only last a day or two.

  • Câu 3:

    Children love to play with me.
    I am not useful indoors.
    Don't tangle my long string.
    Look up and watch me dance.
    Run if you want me to fly faster.

  • Câu 4:

    I am a safe ride.
    I go very high in the sky.
    You will get service on me.
    You can watch a movie inside me.
    I might make your ears pop.

  • Câu 5:

    I am usually made of brick or wood.
    I have many doors and windows.
    I will keep you warm and cozy.
    Sell me when your family grows.
    Please clean me for visitors.

  • Câu 6:

    I am paper's enemy.
    Keep me away from small children.
    You use me in art class.
    I can change the style of your hair.
    Please don't run with me in your hands.

  • Câu 7:

    I will entertain you.
    I tell funny and sad stories.
    I am shaped like a cube.
    I plug into the wall.
    Many people fall asleep watching me.

  • Câu 8:

    The ocean is my real home.
    Humans trick me to bite.
    I am an easy pet to look after.
    Gold is a common colour of me.
    I like to blow bubbles.

  • Câu 9:

    You don't always answer me.
    I can connect you to the world.
    I beep and ring.
    You have to press my buttons.
    Modern types of me are cordless.

  • Câu 10:

    I come in a pair.
    You have to tie and untie me.
    Don't go outside without me.
    Take me off before you go in the water.
    I come in a very useful box.

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