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  • Complete the sentences, using the correct form of the words in brackets
    1. It’s evidence that this ocean is clean and environmentally________. (pollute)
  • 2. Diseases are primarily due to________ food and air. (contaminate)
  • 3. While some Chemicals may be harmless others can cause________. (damage)
  • 4. Life expectancy has gone down due to________ diseases caused by air pollution. (die)
  • 5. In remote regions, the air is pure and the crops are free of ________ insecticides. (poison)
  • 6. Some scientists warn that light________ damages people and animals. (pollute)
  • 7. Many Chemicals have a________ effect on the environment. (damage)
  • 8. The dumping of________ I sewage into the sea is a source of ocean pollution. (treat)
  • 9. A________ is a substance that makes something dirty, polluted, or poisonous. (contaminate)
  • 10. Water pollution can lead to the________ of aquatic plants and animals. (die)
  • 11. An _______ of agrochemicals is pesticides. (illustrate)
  • 12. People believe that the _________ water has brought cancer to the local residents. (pollute)
  • 13. Light pollution makes us _________ see the stars in the sky. (able)
  • 14. ________ habitats have been destroyed in recent years. (nature)
  • 15. A number of cleaning products contains __________ chemicals. (harm)
  • 16. Contaminants are usually _________ to aquatic plants. (poison)
  • 17. Noise is considered as ___________ pollution. (environment)
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