5 đề thi thử Tiếng Anh lớp 12 chọn lọc

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Đề thi thử Tiếng Anh lớp 12 chọn lọc


I. PRONUNCIATION: Pick out the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

1. a. finished b. cooked c. stopped d. raised

2. a. machine b. chemistry c. architect d. Christmas

3. a. underline b. unite c. understand d. unknown

4. a. attend b. weekend c. tendency d. dentist

5. a. vegetables b. books c. stamps d. months

II. VOCABULARY AND EXPRESSION: Choose the word, phrase or sentence that best completes each unfinished sentence below or that best keeps the meaning of the original sentence if it is substituted for the underlined word or phrase.

6. Newton laid the ______ for many other discoveries in mathematics and physics.
a. basements b. foundations c. inventions d. achievements

7. The pull of the earth is called ______
a. dynamo b. generation c. gravity d. appliance

8. Geometry is the study of ______
a. letters and signs b. numbers c. forms d. computations

9. Language is not necessarily the ______ property of those who use it.
a. private b. common c. public d. personal

10. We are from Vietnam. Vietnamese is our mother tongue.
a. foreign language b. first language c. second language d. official language

11. The geneticists have discovered the laws of ______
a. generation b. inhabitance c. language d. inheritance

12. Laser beams have been used for cancer ______
a. entertainment b. achievement c. treatment d. movement

13. We find it ______ to do housework.
a. bore b. bored c. boring d. bores

14. Most miners suffer ______ from tunnel collapse and from flooding.
a. die b. death c. dead d. dying

15. In poor areas, nature ______ is low on the list of pri )rities compared with employment and health.
a. conserve b. conservation c. conservational d. conserving

16. All areas of the world are ______ to be affected by global climate change.
a. like b. alike c. likely d. unlike

17. Children take ______ in playing computer games in their free time.
a. please b. pleasant c. pleasing d. pleasure

18. Certain kinds of shark population have decreased by ______ 75% in the last 30 years.
a. out of b. up to c. up with d. along with

19. I am fed ______ daily housework.
a. up with b. out of c. onto d. Into

20. Mary is one of ______ best students that got the scholarship.
a. a b. an c. the d. no article

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