Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 8: Revision 2

Giáo án môn Tiếng Anh lớp 8

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1. Aims: At the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to revise and practise further in present progressive and present perfect tense.

2. Knowlege:

* Grammar: Present progressive and present perfect tense

3. Skills: Speaking, Reading and Writing.


1. Teacher: posters, lesson plan.

2. Students: Present progressive and present perfect tense.


1. Warm-up: Gap filling

T asks Ss go to the board to use the given words to complete the sentence then elicits the tenses from Ss.

She ………….(wait) for her mother for a long time. She ……………(wait) now.

2. New lesson:

Teacher/s activities

Ss/ activities

I. Revision:

1. Present progressive tense:

- Calls on a Ss go to the board to write the form of present progressive tense.

- Asks Ss to give some examples.

- Elicits the use and signs of the tense.

- Summarises the knowlegde.

2. Present progressive tense:

- Asks Ss to look at the examples and elicits the use and form of present perfect tense.

Ex: a) I have studied English for 6 years.

b) Mary has written that novel since last year.

- Asks Ss to give some more examples.

- Consolidates the knowledge and explains the other signs of present perfect tense: already, yet, just, before, never, ever and gives some examples.


a) Have you ever visited Hue?

Yes, I have been there before.

Yes, I have already been there.

No, I have never been to Hue.

No, I haven’t been to Hue yet.

b) He has just painted the wall.

II. Practice:

- Hangs up the poster and asks Ss to do the exercise.

- Calls on some Ss go to the board to write the answer.

- Checks the answer with the whole class.

- Give the form.

* Form:

(+) S + tobe + V-ing + O + A.

(-) S + tobe + not + V-ing + O + A.

(?) Tobe + S + V-ing + O + A?

(?) “Wh” + tobe + S + V-ing + …?

- Give examples.

Suggested examples:

+ I am reading a book now.

+ She is cooking in the kitchen at the moment.

* Use: To express the happening actions in the present.

* Signs: now, at the moment.

- Listen and write down.

* Form:

(+) S + have/ has + P.P + O + (A).

(-) S + have/ has not + P.P + O + (A).

(?) Have/ Has + S + P.P + O + (A)?

Yes, S + have/has.

No, S + have/has not.

(?) "Wh" + have/has + S + p.p + (O + A)?

* Notes:

Since + a point of time

For + a period of time

- Wite down.

- Answer teacher questions and write down.

- Work individually to do the exercise.

- Give answer.

- Check the answer with teacher and write down.

* Suggested answer:

1. will go/ am going - starts

2. changes - stays

3. are having – to come

4. rains – isn’t raining

5. bought – hasn’t worn

6. have-had

7. have built


  • Learn by heart the use, form and signs of the tenses.
  • Revise reported speech, comparative and superlative adjectives to prepare for next lesson.
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