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1. The function of "That clause" in "The basis for this American custom is that most
parents teach their children_____"
a. complement to "the basis" b. in apposition to "the basis"
c. direct object of the verb "was" d. subject of the verb "was"
2. They always give the available seats to _____ comes first.
a. whoever b. whom c. whomever d. that
3. The people at the party were worried about Janet because no one was aware_____ she
had gone.
a. where that b. of where c. of the place d. the place
4. Is this_____ you asked him for?
a. that b. what c. which d. where
5. Punish_____ is late.
a. whom b. that c. whomever d. whoever
6. _____ becoming extinct is of great concern to zoologists.
a. that giant pandas are b. are giant pandas
c. giant pandas are d. giant panda's
7. "I'm looking for the mail. Do you know_____?"
"Usually it comes by 4:00"
a. when it will arrive b. when it does arrive
c. when does it arrive d. when will it arrive
8. "Could you help me for a while?"
"Sure. Tell me what_____ me to do"
a. you want b. want c. do you want d. you do want
9. _____is a question scientists have yet to answer.
a. How many moons does Pluto have b. How many moons Pluto has
c. Pluto has how many moons d. Pluto's moons number
10. Because of the rain, people are calling to ask_____ take place.
a. whether the parade will b. if or not the parade will
c. the parade will d. will the parade
11. Scientists are attempting to find out_____ there is life on other planets.
a. if or not b. whether if c. whether or not d. whether not
12. "Look at the new dress I bought".
"How_____ such an expensive dress?".
a. did you afford b. you afforded c. afforded you d. did afford you
13. "I haven’t seen you for a long time".
"How_____ such an expensive dress?"
a. that your name was b. what was your name
c. who your name was d. what your name was
14. _____ in large quantities is not necessarily an indication of its quality.
a. A product is sold b. It is a product sold
c. That a product is sold d. A product sells
15. "Call the restaurant and ask for that information"
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"I don't remember_____"
a. who I should speak b. with whom I should speak
c. who should I speak with d. whom should I speak with
16. "The postal strike started today"
"_____something to prevent it?"
a. Why does the government b. Why doesn't the government do
c. Why the government doesn't do d. Why the government does
17. "Why doesn't Kurt get his hair cut?"
"I don’t know_____"
a. why he doesn't b. why doesn't he c. why he does d. why does he
18. "Are you planning to go to college?"
"_____ go depends on my financial situation".
a. If or not I b. Whether or not I
c. Whether if I d. I
19. "Why did you talk to the teacher after class?"
"I didn't understand_____ during the lecture".
a. what she was taking
b. what was she talking about
c. what she was talking about
d. what she was walking about
20. "Do you know Don Kline?"
"I remember the name but I can't remember_____"?
a. what does he look like b. what he look like
c. what he does look like d. like what he looks
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