Đề thi học sinh giỏi lớp 6 môn Tiếng Anh năm học 2018 - 2019 số 13

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ĐỀ THỬ HSG ANH 6 NĂM HỌC 2018 - 2019
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I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. (5pts)
1. A. brush
B. music
C. truck
D. bus
2. A. hour
B. house
C. help
D. home
3. A. plays
B. says
C. days
D. stays
4. A. watches
B. brushes
C. classes
D. lives
5. A. station
B. intersection
C. question
D. invitation
II. Choose the best answer (A, B, C OR D) to complete each sentence. (10 pt)
1. ………….do you think you can live without TV?
A. How often B. What C.Which D. How long
2. Trung is good………….. playing football, but he can’t …………karate well.
A. with/to B. at/play C. at/do D. in/make
3. Last summer, we……………Turkey and ………….great time there.
A. go/have B. went/have C.went to/had D.were/had
4. …………you ever………….a Philadelphia cheese steak?
A. Will/eat B. Have/eaten C. Did/eat D. Do/eat
5. In the future, we …………..go on holiday on a beach, but we ………….travel to
the moon.
A. won’t/might B. will/ don’t C. will be able/ will D.can/will
6. If we ………….find a beautiful old glass, we …………use it to keep pencils.
A. x/ will B. will/x C. won’t/will D. x/x
7. When we say “Hello, How are you?”, we are talking to a_______.
A. stranger
B. teacher
C. friend
D. person
8. Mr and Mrs Brown and their father have _________ legs.
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A. four B. six C. eight D. ten
9. Would you like _________ that for you?
A. me doing B. that I do C. me do D. me to do
10. Who is _________ of the two girls ?
A. tallest B. the tallest C. taller D. the taller
III. Supply the correct form of the verbs in the bracket. (10 pts)
1. Last week, all members of the class (have) …………..a cold. They
(keep)…………….coughing and sneezing.
2. Hurry up! We (wait)………… for you. If you are slow, we (miss)………………. the
3. Hoa’s father (be) …………a painter. He (decorate) ……………….his neighbors’
house this morning.
4. Mr. Tan (not sit) ………….in Dr. Lai’s surgery now. He (leave) ……………..two
hours ago.
5. Last month, her mother (teach) ………………..her how to use a sewing machine.
She (make) ………………..a new dress for her sister tonight.
IV. Fill in each blank with the correct form of the word in brackets. (10 pts)
1. Lan’s brother is a _________________ . He plays it very well. (piano)
2. Where is the _________________ post office from here? (near)
3. She often feels _________________when she gets bad marks. (happy)
4. I don't like _________________ days. (rain)
5. There is a very _________________ movie on at the Fansland cinema (interest)
6. You will be _________________ after your summer holiday. (healthy)
7. What is the _____________ sport in your country? (popular)
8. 4. I’d like a nice _________________ orange. (juice)
9. Your house is _________________ from our school than mine. (far)
10. Lan is good at English. She can speak English _________________. (fluent)
V. Read the dialogue then choose the best answer. (5 pts)
Nam: Hello, Viet. Do you hear about the new sports centre?
Viet: No, Nam. Where is it?
Nam: On Thang Long Road. You know near Xuan Thuy Street, behind the station.
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Viet: Oh. Is it good?
Nam: Yes, it’s great! You can do a lot of sports. I played table tennis courts next year.
Viet: What about tennis?
Nam: Not yet. They are going to built some tennis courts next year.
Viet: Is it expensive?
Nam: Not really, Viet. It’s 50,000 dong a month if you’re 15 to 18, and 30,000 dong if
you are under 15.
Viet: Oh, that’s good because I’m still 14.
Nam: And on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday it stays open late till 10 o’clock.
Viet: Oh, great. How did you get there?
Nam: I got the number 16 bus. It’s only 10 minutes from the bus station. Do you want to
go next week?
Viet: OK. Any day except Thursday.
Nam: Well, why don’t you go on Friday? Then we can stay late.
Viet: Yes, OK. Let’s meet after school.
1. Where is the new sports centre?
A. on Thang Long Road B. on Xuan Thuy Street
C. in front of the station C. opposite the station
2. What sports CAN’T you do at the sports centre?
A. tennis B. table tennis C. volleyball D. football
3. How much must Viet pay?
A. 14,000 dong a month B. 25,000 dong a month
C. 30,000 dong a month C. 50,000 dong a month
4. How many days a week does the sports centre open late?
A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5
5. Which bus goes to the sports centre?
A. number 6 B. number 10 C. number 16 D. number 60
VI. Put one suitable word in each gap to complete the passage (10 pts)
Americans like sport very much. One of the (1)............. popular kinds of sports in
Autumn is football. All the high schools(2)........... universities have their own teams.

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