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Exercise 1: Fill in the gaps with the correct verb tense of the verbs in brackets. Make sure you the sentence is a first type conditional sentence.

1. If I __________________ (not /have) lunch, I __________________ (be) hungry.

2. If he ________________ (not /be) at work, he __________________ (be) at home then.

3. If I ________________ (not/work), I __________________ (go) to a disco.

4. If Oanh _____________ (not/ be) thirsty, she _______________ (not/drink) any fizzy mineral water.

5. If she ________________ (not/ get) tired, I ________________ ( invite) her to our party.

6. If they _______________________ (not/ communicate), they _________________ (not /have) any jobs.

7. If my daughter ______________ (not/ do) the washing up, I _____________ (have to) do it instead of her.

8. I ________________ (not /tell) anybody about it if you ________________ (not/ want).

9. I am sure she ________________ (to do) it if you ________________ (to ask) her.

10. They ________________ (come) if she __________________ (invite) them.

11. He ______________ ( write) a letter to her if she _______________ (write) first.

12. I ________________ (go) there if you ________________ (go) with me.

13. Max ________________ ( pass) the exam if he ________________ (study) hard.

14. If he ____________ (not / be) at home, I ________________ ( visit) his sister then.

15. If she ________________ (not /walk) every day, she ________________ (not / be) healthy enough.

16. If Max ______________ (not / accept) Alex’s invitation this time, Alex _________ (not/ invite) him again.

17. If my kid ______________ (not / read) this book, he _____________ (not /get) a good mark in Literature.

18. If Tom ________________ (not/ water) the violets, they ______________ (die).

19. If Lena ________________ (not/ be) happy, she ________________ (not /stay) there for a long time.

20. If my son ______________ (not /make) his bed, he ______________ (not / play) football with his friends.

21. If my teacher ______________ (not/like) my English, I ____________ ( try) to study it harder than before.

22. My son ________________ ( speak) English fluently if he ____________ ( go) to study English abroad.

23. If she ____________ ( fall) in love with Henry, they ______________ (get) married, I think.

24. If you ___________ (help) me, I ___________ (help) you.

25. If they ____________ (catch) the bus, they ___________ (arrive) on time.

26. If my parents _____________ (support) me, I ___________ (be) a better person.

27. If it _____________ (rain), I ____________ (get) wet.

28. Sally and Elizabeth ____________ (go) out tonight if their parents ____________ (allow) it.

29. They ___________ (visit) Eiffel Tower if they __________ (go) to France.

30. If I ___________ (pass) the year, my parents _____________ (give) me a gift.

31. If I _______________ (not/pass) the year, my parents ______________ (be) very disappointed.

32. If the cable TV ______________ (not/work), we ____________ (rent) a DVD.

33. If the baby _______________ (not/eat), we ______________ (see) the doctor.

34. If the T-shirt ________________ (suit) me, I _______________ (buy) it.

35. If you _________________ (continue) on a diet, you _________________ (get) sick.

36. If you ________________ (be) a good listener, you _______________ (have) many friends.

37. If you _________________ (not/be) careful, you ________________ (spoil) the machine.

38. If she _________________ (not / be) careful, she _______________ (not/have) enough money left.

39. If you ___________ (get) enough sleep, you _____________ (feel) healthier.

40. My parents ____________ (give) me a hug, if I ______________ (arrive) home early.

41. If you _______________ (not/be) careful, you _______________ (fall).

42. If she _______________ (eat) that mayonnaise, she ________________ (be) sick.

43. If they ______________ (not/behave), their parents ________________ (punish) them.

44. She ______________ (go) on a trip if she ______________ (have got) holidays in August.

45. I ______________ (get) dehydrated if you _________________ (not/drink) more water.

46. If it _____________ (be) too much heat, I _______________ (turn off) the air conditioning.

47. You ______________ (understand) conditional sentences if you ______________ (practise) carefully.

48. We (do) _______________________ this for you if you want.
49. If we (need) _______________________ some help, we will ask.
50. If Peter stays with his grandparents, Susan (not be) ______________________happy.
51. If we win the money, we (buy) _______________________ a new house.
52. She (not write) _______________________ to you if she leaves.
53. We (go) _______________________ on holiday if there is time.

Đáp án

1. don’t have - will be

2. isn’t - will be

3. don’t work - will go

4. isn’t - won’t drink

5. doesn’t get - will invite

6. don’t communicate - won’t have

7. doesn’t do - will have to

8. won’t tell - don’t want

9. will do - ask

10. will come - invites

11. will write - writes

12. will go - go

13. will pass - studies

14. isn’t - will visit

15. doesn’t walk - won’t be

16. doesn’t accept - won’t invite

17. doesn’t read - won’t get

18. doesn’t water - will die

19. isn’t - won’t stay

20. doesn’t make - won’t play

21. doesn’t like - will try

22. will speak - goes

23. falls - will get

24. help - will help

25. catch - will arrive

26. support - will be

27. rains - will get

28. will go - allow

29. will visit - go

30. pass - will give

31. don’t pass - will be

32. doesn’t work - will rent

33. doesn’t eat - will see

34. suits - will buy

35. continue - will get

36. are - will have

37. aren’t - will spoil

38. isn’t - won’t have

39. get - will feel

40. will give - arrive

41. aren’t - will fall

42. eats - will be

43. don’t behave - will punish

44. will go - has got

45. will get - don’t drink

46. is - will turn off

47. will understand - practise

48. will do

49. need

50. won’t be

51. will buy

52. will write

53. will go

Exercise 2: Match the phrases to form a sentence in the first conditional.

1. If we leave now, A. it’ll bite you.
2. If I give you some money, B. I’m sure she’ll say “yes”.

3. If you wear that shirt, C. we’ll go to the beach.
4. If you invite her to the cinema, D. will you buy some chocolate for me?
5. If he drives that car fast, E. you’ll look really good.
6. If I phone you at nine, F. we’ll be home by ten.
7. If it’s hot tomorrow, G. he’ll have an accident.
8. If you touch that dog, H. will you be at home?

Đáp án

1. F

2. D

3. E

4. B

5. G

6. H

7. C

8. A

Exercise 3: Choose the correct word.

1. If we miss/ will miss the bus, we take/ will take the taxi.
2. I come/ will come over to your house if you rent/ will rent a DVD.
3. They see/ will see the new Lara Croft film if they go/ will go to the cinema.
4. She goes/ will go to the party if you invite/ will invite her.
5. You are/ will be on time if you run/ will run.
6. If he doesn’t stop/ won’t stop smoking, he has/ will have problems later.
7. If you help/ will help me, I lend / will lend you that Beyonce’ CD.
8. If you don’t eat/ won’t eat fruit, you get/ will get a cold.

Đáp án

1. If we miss the bus, we will take the taxi.
2. I will come over to your house if you rent a DVD.
3. They will see the new Lara Croft film if they go to the cinema.
4. She will go to the party if you invite her.
5. You will be on time if you run.
6. If he doesn’t stop smoking, he will have problems later.
7. If you help me, I will lend you that Beyonce’ CD.
8. If you don’t eat fruit, you will get a cold.

Exercise 4: Match the column A with column B to complete the sentences.

If the soil is polluted, A. We will save our money.
2. If people use more car, B. We will have more oxygen to breathe.
3. If we plant more trees, C. The plants will die.
4. If we borrow books from the library instead of buying, D. They will make the air more polluted.
5. If we have a shower instead of a bath, E. We will save a lot of water.

Đáp án

1. C

2. D

3. B

4. A

5. E

Exercise 5: Write the conditional sentences from the following statements.
1. We will plant more trees. The air will be fresher.
If __________________________________________________________
2. We will use fewer cars. We will reduce pollution.
If __________________________________________________________
3. We will cycle to school every day. We will keep fitter.
If __________________________________________________________
4. We will use recycled products. We will save money.
If __________________________________________________________
5. People will throw rubbish into the right bin. They will keep the environment clean.
If __________________________________________________________
6. We will turn off the tap when brushing the teeth. We will save a lot of water.
If __________________________________________________________
7. People will travel more by public transport. The harmful gases in big cities will be reduced.
If __________________________________________________________
8. We will start at six. We will arrive there before noon.
If __________________________________________________________
9. The boy eats so may green apples. He will be ill.
If __________________________________________________________
10.We will use reusable bags for shopping. We will reduce waste.
If ___________________________________________________________

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