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Đề thi chứng chỉ C1 C2 có đáp án

Nằm trong bộ đề thi trình độ C1 trình độ C2 theo khung tham chiếu ngôn ngữ chung Châu Âu, đề kiểm tra tiếng Anh trình độ C có đáp án dưới đây do VnDoc.com sưu tầm và đăng tải. Đề ôn thi tiếng Anh được biên tập bám sát kiến thức Từ vựng - Ngữ pháp tiếng Anh trọng tâm trình độ C1 C2 giúp bạn đọc kiểm tra kiến thức bản thân hiệu quả.

Paper 1



Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence

1) There must be a large number of stars with planets which could … living intelligent beings in the universe.

A/ assist

B/ exist

C/ support

D/ survive

2) Modern English has … from the mingling of the other languages.

A/ involved

B/ evolved

C/ concerned

D/ transferred

3) The police disturbed a gang of men who were … a chemist’s in Lynford.

A/ breaking into

B/ breaking out

C/ getting through

D/ taking over

4) The descriptions given by people who … to have seen the puma were extraordinarily similar.

A/ exclaimed
B/ advertised

C/ issued

D/ claimed

5) When Alf got married, he was too … to say anything to his wife about his job.

A/ shame

B/ confusing

C/ embarrassed

D/ curious

6) It will be a long time before any landing on Mars can be …

A/ applied

B/ experienced

C/ experimented

D/ attempted

7) … at the age of eighty, the Florentines gave him a state funeral.

A/ On dying

B/ Having died

C/ Dead

D/ On his death

8) The police were … when Mrs. Ramsay told them what she had done.

A/ esteemed

B/ astounded

C/ astonishing

D/ flickered

9) In seeking independence, they do not sacrifice their human …

A/ mood

B/ situation

C/ dignity

D/ personification

10) Antique shops exert a (n) … fascination on a great many people.

A/ peculiar

B/ especial

C/ hysterical

D/ unconscious

11) Five years … a long time, he might already be forgotten.

A/ was

B/ is

C/ had been

D/ Both A and B are correct

12) I … the bell three times when he answered the door.

A/ was ringing

B/ had rung

C/ rang

D/ would ring

13) If I had met you last Sunday, I … here today.

A/ wouldn’t have been

B/ wouldn’t be

C/ were not

D/ am not

14) She demanded that she … allowed to meet her soon in prison.

A/ was

B/ would be

C/ be

D/ Both B and C are correct

15) We saw many soldiers and tanks … were moving to the front.

A/ that

B/ which

C/ who

D/ None is correct

16) Hardly … asleep when the phone woke him up again.

A/ the doctor fell

B/ the doctor had fallen

C/ did the doctor fall

D/ had the doctor fallen

17) Hard as they tried, they … in their scheme.

A/ haven’t succeeded

B/ hadn’t succeeded

C/ succeeded not

D/ not succeede

18) I’m not used … spoken to like that.

A/ to be

B/ to being

C/ being

D/ with

19) Please keep the fire … It’s so cold in here.

A/ burns

B/ burn

C/ to burn

D/ burning

20) We called … her shop on our way home.

A/ at

B/ on

C/ up

D/ for


Read the following passage carefully, then choose the best answer to each question.

Unlike the eye the ear has no lid, therefore noise penetrates without protection. Loud noises instinctively signal danger to any organism with a hearing mechanism, including human beings. In response, heartbeat and respiration accelerate. In fact, there is a general increase in functioning brought about by the flow of adrenalin released in response to fear.

Because noise is unavoidable in a complex, industrial society, we are constantly responding in the same ways that we would respond to danger. Recently, researchers have concluded that noise and our response may be much more than an annoyance. It may be a serious threat to physical and psychological health and well-being, causing damage not only to the ear and brain but also to the heart and stomach. We have long known that hearing loss is America’s number one nonfatal health problem, but now we are learning that some of us with heart disease and ulcers may be victims of noise as well.

21) What is the author’s main point?

A/ Noise may pose a serious threat to our physical and psychological health.

B/ Loud noises signal danger.

C/ The ear is not like the eye.

D/ Hearing loss is America’s number one nonfatal health problem.

22) According to the passage, people respond to loud noises in the same way that they respond to …

A/ Annoyance

B/ danger

C/ damage

D/ disease

23) It can be inferred from this passage that the eye …

A/ responds to fear

B/ enjoys greater protection than the ear.

C/ increases functions.

D/ is damaged by noise.

24) Noise is …

A/ not a serious problems today.

B/ America’s number one problem.

C/ an unavoidable problem in an industrial society.

D/ a complex problem.

25) What was the topic of the paragraph that preceded this passage?

A/ the eye

B/ heart disease

C/ ulcers

D/ fear

Paper 2




A/ Fill each of the numbered blanks in the following passage. Use only ONE word in each space.

Dear Al,

Thanks a (26) … for your last letter. Sorry I haven’t answered before, I’ve been very busy (27) … ready to go to New York.

I was really sorry to (28) … about your trouble with Sally, especially because it’s been going on (29) … so long. You ought to try to make a (30) … soon, I think – it’s bad for (31) … of you to go on like this. I think perhaps it would be better (32) … you separated, but of (33) … I might be wrong – I don’t know Sally very well.

You know, if I (34) … you, I’d go away alone for a couple of weeks. If you were by (35) …, you could think things out calmly and decide (36) … to do.

Why don’t you take your holidays now and go off (37) … Scotland or somewhere like that? I’m sure (38) … would do you a lot of good.

Write again soon and (39) … me know how things are going. And don’t (40) … to kiss Julie for me. Ann sends her love.




Build a complete sentence with the given words.

Example: I / wonder / why you/ not / reply / last letter.

I was wondering why you had not replied to my last letter.

41) I/ use/ public telephone / because / out of order

42) She / by / church / way / work / day

43) factory / close / workers / go / strike / last week

44) director / ill / so / deputy / speech / instead of

45) happen / picture / used to / hang / wall ?

46) I / complain / manager / restaurant / food

47) not see / picture / our city / as / look / 100 years

48) advantage / have / car / that / rely / public transport

49) It / age / 14 / Jack London / leave school / sailor

50) Neither / teacher / parents / satisfied / progress

C/ Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentence printed above it.

51) He had hardly left the office when the phone rang.

No sooner …………………..

52) “Don’t do that! Are you mad?” she said to me.

She told ……………………….

53) People rumoured that he had died in battle.

He was ……………………….

54) After four years abroad, Mr. Brown returned home as an excellent engineer.

After Mr. Brown …………………

55) She urged her husband to write and accept the post.

She urged that ………………….

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