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Đề thi tiếng Anh 6 Friends plus học kì 1 có đáp án tổng hợp nhiều dạng bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 6 CTST mới khác nhau giúp các em nâng cao những kỹ năng tiếng Anh cơ bản.

  • Read the text and answer the questions.

    The blobfish isn’t the most beautiful or common fish on the planet. It has a dull color and you don’t usually see it because it lives 1,000 meters under the seas near Australia.

    But now through magazines and the internet, the blobfish is famous because people say that it’s the ugliest animal in the world.

    Every year, thousands of species of animals become extinct. We often see information about the biggest, the most interesting, the most beautiful and the most colorful, such as whales, butterflies or pandas. The weirdest or ugliest animals also need our help.

    Are they really ugly? No, they’re interesting and rare. The best idea is to protect all animals.

  • 1) Where does the blobfish live?
  • 2) What do people say about blobfish?
  • 3) How many species become extinct every year?
  • 4) What information do we often see?
  • 5) What do all animals need?
  • Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence.
  • 1. - Is there a supermarket in your neighborhood? - ________.
  • 2. ______ for the next exam? - Yes I am.
  • 3. Butterflies______ fly.
  • 4. Can she_____________ her name in Spain?
  • 5. He is ________ in the family.
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