Đề thi học sinh giỏi tiếng Anh lớp 9 năm 2019 - 2020 số 3

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Đ LUYN THI HSG LP 9 NĂM 2019 - 2020
PART 1; Choose the word whose stress is different from the other three
1. A. disappearance B. Sympathetic C. capacity D. conversation
2. A. argument B. achievement C. Involvement D. confinement
3. A. completion B. behaviour C. material D. understand
4. A. opinion B. comfortable C. powerful D. accurate
5. A. penalty B. habitat C. decision D. Countryman
6. A. Atmosphere B. emission C. disposal D. volcanic
7. A. economic B. considerate C. territorial D. continental
8. A. commit B. recipe C. index D. preview
9. A. economic B. considerate C. territorial D. continental
10. A. commit B. recipe C. index D. preview
PART 2. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the other
11. A. rained B. followed C. arrived D. jumped
12. A. leather B. tea C. lead D. leave
13. A. autumn B. summer C. sunny D. much
14. A. considered B. stayed C. picked D. received
15. A. prohibit B. co-exist C. frozen D. notify
16. A. rational B. devastate C. parade D. danger
17. A. Valentine B. determine C. examine D. heroine
18. A. muddy B. punctual C. studious D. culture
19. A. element B. election C. event D. eliminate
20. A. dreams B. thinks C. hours D. gardens
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PART IV. Choose the answer A, B, C or D which best fits the space in each of the
following sentences.
21. I have lived near the airport for so long now that I’ve grown......to the noise of the
A. aware B. familiar C. accustomed D. unconscious
22. Going on this diet has really......me good. I’ve lost weight and I feel fantastic!
A. done B. taken C. made D. had
23. All applicants must......their university transcript and two reference letters to be
considered for this job.
A. permit B. submit C. omit D. admit
24. We will leave for the airport......he is ready.
A. while B. until C. as soon as D. during
25. I think there’s a picture of the hotel......the first page.
A. at B. in C. to D. on
26. ___________ saying was so important that I asked everyone to stop talking and listen.
A. What the woman was B. That the woman was
C. The woman was D. When was the woman
27. -“Do you mind if I take a seat?” - ___________.”
A. Yes, I don’t mind B. No, do as you please
C. No I mind D. Yes, do as you please
28. As the two teams left the football ground, the 100,000___________ gave them a
standing ovation.
A. bystanders B. spectators C. viewers D. audiences
29. My parents lent me the money. ___________, I couldn’t have afforded the trip.
A. However B. Therefore C. Only if D. Otherwise
30. It is interesting to take___________ a new hobby such as collecting stamps or going
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A. over B. on C. in D. up
31. Jack made me___________ him next week.
A. promise calling B. to promise calling C. to promise to call D.
promise to call
32. “I passed the TOEFL test, Mom.” - “___________.
A. All right B. Thank you C. Well done D. Good luck
33. The bad weather caused serious damage to the crop. If only it___________ warmer.
A. was B. were C. has been D. had been
34. - “Eric is really upset about losing his job.” - “Well, ___________ once myself, I can
A. Having been fired B. Fired C. Having fired D. Being fired
35. ___________ you, I’d think twice about that decision. I could be a bad move.
A. Were I B. Should I be C. If I am D. If I had been
36. The teacher asked a difficult question, but finally Ted___________ good answer.
A. put up with B. keep pace with C. made way for D. came up with
37. Not only___________ to speak to him, but she also vowed never to see him again.
A. she refused B. did she refuse C. she did refuse D. when she refused
38. The judge___________ the pedestrian for the accident.
A. accused B. charged C. caught D. blamed
39. She had to borrow her sister’s car because hers was___________ .
A. out of work B. out of order C. on duty D. off work
40. We should participate in the movement___________ to conserve the natural
A. to organize B. organizing C. which organized D. organized
41. His brother refuses to even listen to anyone else’s point of view. He is very___________.
A. open-minded B. kind-hearted C. narrow-minded D. absent-minded
42. There is___________ in my bedroom.
A. a square wooden old table B. an old square wooden table

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