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Đề thi trắc nghiệm trực tuyến luyện nghe Tiếng Anh trình độ A có đáp án dưới đây nằm trong bộ đề ôn thi Anh Ngữ trình độ A dành cho người lớn mới nhất trên VnDoc.com. Đề luyện thi kỹ năng nghe gồm 2 bài nge khác nhau liên quan đến Student's life: Cuộc sống sinh viên và Wedding Plans: Kế hoạch tổ chức đám cưới giúp bạn đọc rèn luyện kỹ năng nghe Tiếng Anh hiệu quả. 

  • Topic: College Student's Life
  • Key Vocabulary
    • hectic (adjective): very busy
      - Life is always very hectic when you're trying to work and go to school at the same time.


    • major (noun or verb): course of study
      - I'm thinking about majoring in computer science next year. (verb)
      - What is your major? (noun)


    • land (a job) (verb): to secure, win, or get a job
      - It is becoming increasingly difficult to land a job in the field of language teaching.


    • work (your way) through (school) (verb): think through, in this case, work while going to school to support yourself
      - Since my parents had no money, I had no choice but to work myself through school
      - Sometimes we just have to work through many new experiences before we understand the language and culture.
  • Answer the questions based on the vocabulary you learned.
  • 1. He didn't receive any money from his parents, so he had to work himself ___________ school.
  • 2. After I graduate, I want to try to __________ a job in my hometown.
  • 3. So, what is your ________________ at college? Someone told me you were studying computer science or something like that.
  • 4. Life has been very _____________ these days. I'm going to school full-time, working two part-time jobs, and getting ready to get married. As a result, I have little free time for anything else.
  • 5. She received a __________________ to pay for school expenses, so things should be easier for her now. She doesn't have to worry about paying back any money either.
  • Listen to the conversation and answer the questions.
  • 1. What does the man want to do after he graduates?
  • 2. What is the woman majoring in?
  • 3. How does the woman pay for college?
  • 4. Where does the man work part-time?
  • 5. What thing did the man NOT say about his job?
  • Topic: Wedding Plans

    Key Vocabulary: 

    (adjective): quiet, calm
    - The family played very peaceful music during the wedding ceremony and reception.

    allergic (adjective): having a medical condition that makes you sick after you touch, eat, or breathe something
    - The bride is very allergic to milk products, so they didn't serve ice cream during the reception.
    - Some of the guests might be allergic to peanuts, so let's not serve any during the reception.

    break out (verb): to suddenly begin to have a rash on your skin 

    - Emily's son broke out in a very bad rash after he was stung by a bee in the back yard.

    come up with (verb): think of, create, or present an idea
    - My friends were going to have a wedding reception outside, but because they weather was going to be bad, they came up with the idea of having a friend's house nearby.

    trashy (adjective): in poor condition, dirty 

    - Unfortunately, they lived for a short time in a real trashy apartment until they could afford something better.

    catering service (noun): a company that prepares and serves food for parties, weddings, and other activities
    - My parents hired a catering service to prepare the food for the wedding.
    Now, we going to take the listening test. 
    Sarah and Ron are getting married. Listen to this conversation about their wedding plans.
  • 1. Where does the woman want to get married?
  • 2. Ron suggests getting married at his parents' house, but Sarah feels _______.
  • 3. Sarah wants _______________ to prepare the refreshments at the reception.
  • 4. While Sarah wants to go skiing on their honeymoon, Ron wants to ____________.
  • 5. Ron comes up with the idea of ______________ during their honeymoon.
  • Write "Transcript" to show all the conversation.
    Sarah: Ooo, this is so exciting. So, where do you want to get married? I know, I know, I know. Um, up in the mountains. You know, that beautiful waterfall? Why don't we get married by the waterfall?

    Ronald: Uh, I don't know.

    Sarah: Oh, come on. It would be great. It's so beautiful, and it's peaceful, and it's really romantic. Come on.

    Ronald: I don't know. You know I'm allergic to 32 types of wild flowers . . .

    Sarah: You'll be okay. Take an allergy pill.

    Ronald: . . . and I might break out in a terrible rash.

    Sarah: You'll be okay. Come on. Well, let's . . . . I'm sure we can come up with something nice. Come on. Let's think about it.

    Ronald: Wh . . wh . . . wh . . . We could get married in my parent's backyard. [ What? ] Yeah. We just need to move the dogs for a few hours.

    Sarah: No! Don't even think about it. Their backyard is really tra . . . tra (She means to say, trashy). It's . . . it's in bad shape. And their house is like, right next to the freeway. It's only half a block from the freeway. It's so noisy. Come on. There is a real nice reception hall only a couple miles away. We can do that. You don't have to worry about your allergies.

    Ronald: Ah, that sounds expensive!

    Sarah: It's not that expensive . . . just a little bit. And then, and then, look. We can have a catering service come, and they serve shrimp and lobster tails, and when my friend got married, they had the best desserts. Come on, and then, you know, for our breakfast, our wedding breakfast, we could go to that Japanese restaurant . . . I can't remember. What's it called?

    Ronald: You mean, Samarai Sushi?

    Sarah: Yeah, Samuri Sushi! Their food is so good. Come on, come on.

    Ronald: That sounds so expensive.

    Sarah: But it's okay. It's worth it. Come on, Ron! Come on!

    Ronald: How about my mother's tuna fish sandwiches instead?

    Sarah: Ronald. We can spend a little bit more money than what you keep in that old stupid jar on your desk. Come on.

    Ronald:Well, I was trying to save money for the honeymoon.

    Sarah: Well, yeah. [ Yeah. ] Well, okay. Well, I've been thinking about too. I've been thinking about it for weeks.

    Ronald: Me too. Now look, look at this Web site. We could go to Salt Lake City, Utah.

    Sarah: That would be so cool! They have the best snowboarding and skiing, and their snow. It is the best snow. This time of year would be perfect. They have some really, really nice hotels. Oh, Ron, we're going to love that. That would be wonderful. I love skiing.

    Ronald: I . . I . . . I was thinking about visiting some of the local art and natural history museums instead. [ What? ] Snow skiing just isn't my thing.

    Sarah: Oh, Ron. Come on.

    Ronald: You . . . you know. I don't do well in the cold.

    Sarah: Brother!

    Ronald: Oh, yeah! [ What? ] That's a good idea. Let me call my brother. [ No way! ] He lives there, and he probably could let us stay at his house.

    Sarah: For our honeymoon!?!?!

    Ronald: Oh, yeah! [ No! ] Wait, wait! Where are you going? Come back. Did I say anything wrong?

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