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80 Câu trắc nghiệm Collocation ôn thi THPT Quốc Gia 2024 môn Anh có đáp án

Nằm trong bộ đề Ôn thi THPT Quốc Gia 2024 môn Anh, Bài tập trắc nghiệm về chủ đề collocation môn tiếng Anh ôn thi tốt nghiệp THPT tiếng Anh 2024 có đáp án dưới đây bao gồm những Collocation thường gặp trong đề thi THPT Quốc gia giúp các em ghi nhớ những cụm từ cố đinh trong tiếng Anh quan trọng thường xuyên xuất hiện trong đề thi tiếng Anh THPTQG 2024 chính thức hiệu quả.

80 Câu trắc nghiệm Collocation tiếng Anh ôn thi THPT Quốc Gia 2024 có đáp án

I. Trắc nghiệm Collocation tiếng Anh

Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence.

Question 1. After discussing, my boss decided to choose this project to invest for the __________.

A. long-time

B. long-term

C. long-period

D. long-road

Question 2. Unlike me, her sister has a knack _____ playing the violin incredibly well.

A. for

B. of

C. in

D. to

Question 3. Advanced technology has been _____ significant contribution to lots of countries’
living standards so far.

A. having

B. reaping

C. holding

D. making

Question 4. Taking many advantages of alcohol obviously _____ a negative impact on your

A. make

B. take

C. exert

D. gain

Question 5. Anna ______ the sack because of her laziness.

A. came

B. got

C. had

D. sticked

Question 6. Because I helped him a lot, he ______ allowance for my mistake at this time.

A. makes

B. takes

C. gets

D. has

Question 7. Although the Chinese food is relatively peculiar to me, I have just had a ____ at it.

A. go

B. joke

C. change

D. look

Question 8. Mary really enjoyed the party at that villa because of its ______ service.

A. dedicated

B. original

C. optional

D. favorable

Question 9. She _______ a look at Alan when he made a mistake in class.

A. takes

B. makes

C. has

D. gets

Question 10. Do morning exercise every day actually does _______ for our mental and physical

A. roles

B. wonders

C. controls

D. afflictions

Question 11. The air pollution has been _______ a threat to the Earth.

A. making

B. having

C. posing

D. gripping

Question 12. If you don’t want your factory to _______ bankrupt, avoid consulting those willing
to step out on a limb.

A. come

B. take

C. go

D. pay

Question 13. Lawyers are naturally keen to have ________ with anyone who could provide him
with incontrovertible evidence concerning the lawsuits they’re in charge.

A. contact

B. association

C. connection

D. communication

Question 14. In Physic class, we are told that resistance wire can be found in an
electrical_________such as a heater or an oven.

A. device

B. appliance

C. utensil

D. gadget

Question 15. Entering the meeting late, he tried to _________ an excuse, still, the strict
chairman of the board told him to leave the room.

A. make

B. do

C. give

D. have

Question 16. It seems that they had had a ________ row, as she had locked him out of the
apartment all night long.

A. freezing

B. warming

C. grieving

D. blazing

Question 17. In some cultures, that men make eye contact ________ women is strictly forbidden outside the immediate family.

A. on

B. to

C. with

D. for

Question 18. The recent heavy rains have contributed to easing the water _________ resulted
from the severe prolonged drought.

A. shortage

B. lack

C. absence

D. deprivation

Question 19. Students in private school often receive more ________ attention from their
teachers; therefore, they have more chance to reach their full learning potential.

A. personal

B. individual

C. distinctive

D. unique

Question 20. That factory is worldly-known for selecting only ingredients that meet their very
strict _______ of quality and renewability.

A. demands

B. necessities

C. criterions

D. requirements

Question 21. Despite the development of e-books and online reading materials, printed books
are still regarded as a wonderful _______ of entertainment.

A. resource

B. place

C. source

D. replacement

Question 22. Some teachers have a tendency to _________ preference to students with
disadvantaged backgrounds such as poor and handicapped students.

A. lend

B. give

C. deliver

D. send

Question 23. There was a time when human beings worried that all of the earth’s surface would
be __________ covered with lava were a giant meteor to hit the planet.

A. thickly

B. fully

C. densely

D. totally

Question 24. As estimated in the report, the storm _______ great damage to not only the coastal cities but the mountainous areas as well.

A. make

B. cause

C. lead

D. bring

Question 25. The two business partners failed to agree _______ some points of the contract, so
they arranged to meet up another day, after considering their own company’s interest.

A. with

B. at

C. on

D. for

Question 26. Regardless of distance, we always think of each other _______ true friends.

A. as

B. like

C. same

D. similar

Question 27. Before choosing a job, you should take into consideration several________
including the supply and demand for professionals in any particular field.

A. turns

B. factors

C. remarks

D. sides

Question 28. The Business Advisory Council has been specially designed for those in_______
of advice about setting up new project.

A. absence

B. duty

C. want

D. need

Question 29. You should do your assignment, and stop________ an excuse!

A. having

B. making

C. doing

D. taking

Question 30. "How do you like your steak done?" – "__________, please".

A. I don't like it very much.

B. Very little

C. Well-done

D. Very much

Question 31. The curtains have__________ due to the strong light.

A. weakened

B. faded

C. fainted

D. delighted

Question 32. The case against the corruption scandal was______.

A. discarded

B. refused

C. eliminated

D. dismissed

Question 33. A meeting will be_________ to solve the problem.

A. run

B. taken

C. held

D. done

Question 34. Make exercise part of your daily________.

A. regularity

B. chore

C. routine

D. frequency

Question 35. Many people like the__________ of life in the countryside.

A. step

B. pace

C. speed

D. space

Question 36. I think I ………… a cold.

A. gain

B. obtain

C. have got

D. eat

Question 37. Marie Curie received …………. education in a local school and some scientific
training from her father.

A. general

B. generally

C. generation

D. genetic

Question 38. Despite her difficult living conditions, she worked ……………….. hard.

A. extremely

B. absolutely

C. completely

D. perfectly

Question 39. After the tragic………… of Pierre Curie in 1906, she took up the position which
her husband had obtained at the Sorbonne.

A. death

B. happiness

C. living

D. life

Question 40. The parents realized that the young teacher was ………… great efforts to help
their poor kids.

A. doing

B. making

C. having

D. getting

Question 41. There are some ways of receiving information, including receiving information

A. aurally

B. on-ear

C. early

D. easily

Question 42. .…………. rain during the night will occur in my country today.

A. Much

B. Strong

C. Heavy

D. Heavily

Question 43. The villagers had to work hard in the fields all day and could hardly make………

A. end

B. ends

C. ending

D. endings

Question 44. The scientists introduced new farming methods which resulted in …………. crops.

A. bump

B. bumpy

C. bumper

D. large

Question 45. The scientists also helped the villagers grow ………….. crops for export.

A. cash

B. Cashing

C. Money

D. financial

Question 46. Some are marine animals such as fishes and sharks that move ………………. of
water currents.

A. dependent

B. dependently

C. independently

D. independent

Question 47. Howletts Zoo in Kent is owned By John Aspinall, who is famous for his program
of breeding ……..animals and reintroducing them into the wild.

A. endangered

B. dangerous

C. normal

D. ordinary

Question 48. There are people who cannot …………a secret, either of their own or of others’.

A. get

B. remain

C. keep

D. take

Question 49. What is the first quality for …………friendship and what does it tell you?

A. true

B. truth

C. correct

D. right

Question 50. How many………………friends do you have with her?

A. common

B. mutual

C. separate

D. deliberate

Question 51. In a formal interview, it is essential to maintain good eye _________with the interviewers.

A. link

B. connection

C. touch

D. contact

Question 52. We often take this small road home to avoid heavy __________on the main streets.

A. cars

B. traffic

C. vehicles

D. movement

Question 53. Do you think you can meet the ______given by our teacher?

A. deadline

B. line

C. dead

D. face

Question 54. The government should take_____to reduce the current high unemployment rate.

A. solutions

B. changes

C. steps

D. measures

Question 55. The players’ protests ______no difference to the referees decision at all.

A. did

B. made

C. caused

D. created

Question 56. You thought I did wrong, but the results _______my action.

A. agreed

B. corrected

C. justified

D. approved

Question 57. Each of US must take __________for our own actions.

A. probability

B. ability

C. possibility

D. responsibility

Question 58. Body language is a potent form of___________communication.

A. verbal

B. non-verbal

C. tongue

D. oral

Question 59. Dr. Evans has______a valuable contribution to the life of the school.

A. done

B. created

C. caused

D. made

Question 60. The children often make __________of Charles, which annoys his parents very much.

A. allowance

B. fun

C. way

D. consideration

Question 61. After making a ________of England, the band is coming again.

A. time

B. chance

C. tour

D. date

Question 62. You shouldn’t________fun of those orphans who are very sensitive.

A. take

B. make

C. get

D. lose

Question 63. The police are trying to put an end _______the motorbike race among teenagers.

A. to

B. in

C. for

D. with

Question 64. I have no difficulty in ____________good use of the plans you have prepared.

A. taking

B. making

C. getting

D. putting

Question 65. English is understood more ________than any other language.

A. largely

B. broadly

C. immensely

D. widely

Question 66. I am sorry, but we have to _________the discussion. We have no more time.

A. make room for

B. put effort into

C. take advantage of

D. put an end to

Question 67. My mother knows the traditional ________of the Southwest.

A. cuisine

B. cook

C. cooking

D. cookery

Question 68. Sue was _____in the accident; meanwhile her sister had only minor injuries.

A. badly injure

B. seriously ill

C. seriously hurt

D. bad hurt

Question 69. You must ____your duty; otherwise the boss will get angry.

A. make

B. carry

C. do

D. begin

Question 70. In your revision, you should__________priority to tenses.

A. take

B. give

C. have

D. bring

Question 71. The computer has had an enormous ______ on the way we work and enjoy life.

A. impression

B. influence

C. change

D. alternation

Question 72. You are not allowed to drive _____ the influence ______ alcohol.

A. under/of

B. in/of

C. under/by

D. by/in

Question 73. The ideas to ______ nothing because I couldn't afford to do it.

A. went

B. came

C. turned

D. changed

Question 74. They are conducting a wide _______of surveys throughout Viet Nam.

A. collection

B. range

C. selection

D. group

Question 75. Make sure you ______ your assignment before you go to bed.

A. have

B. do

C. take

D. make

Question 76. There were a number of strong candidates for the post but Peter's experience _______ the scales in his favor.

A. weighted

B. tipped

C. balanced

D. overturned

Question 77. He accused me of standing ________with my brother to deceive him.

A. on

B. at

C. in

D. off

Question 78. For a public campaign to succeed, it is important to make ________ of existing social organizations as well as other relations.

A. fun

B. advantage

C. benefit

D. use

Question 79. It's not a pleasant feeling to discover you've been taken for a _______ by a close friend.

A. cheat

B. trick

C. ride

D. lift

Question 80. The scientists introduced new farming methods which resulted in ________ crops.

A. bump

B. bumpy

C. bumper

D. large

Question 81. They worked without a……………………..until about eight in the evening.

A. break

B. think

C. see

D. get

Question 82. It's always good to know that,……………………..what may, your job is safe.

A. come

B. start

C. help

D. come

Question 83. When you develop a throat infection or catch a……………………..the glands in the neck swell up.

A. icy

B. frozen

C. callous

D. cold

Question 84. No, you're not the star player on the team, but you always do your…………,  which encourages the rest of us to do the same.

A. less

B. few

C. best

D. little

Question 85. It is important to…………………… mind the historical dimension of these issues.

A. keep

B. hope

C. play

D. run

II. Đáp án Trắc nghiệm Collocation tiếng Anh

Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence.

1 - B; 2 - A; 3 - D; 4 - C; 5 - B; 6 - A; 7 - A; 8 - A; 9 - A; 10 - B;

11 - C; 12 - C; 13 - A; 14 - B; 15 - A; 16 - D; 17 - C; 18 - A; 19 - B; 20 - D;

21 - C; 22 - B; 23 - A; 24 - B; 25 - C; 26 - A; 27 - B; 28 - D; 29 - B; 30 - C;

31 - B; 32 - D; 33 - C; 34 - C; 35 - B; 36 - C; 37 - A; 38 - A; 39 - A; 40 - B;

41 - A; 42 - C; 43 - B; 44 - C; 45 - A; 46 - C; 47 - A; 48 - C; 49 - A; 50 - B;

51 - D; 52 - B; 53 - A; 54 - C; 55 - B; 56 - C; 57 - D; 58 - B; 59 - D; 60 - B;

61 - C; 62 - B; 63 - A; 64 - B; 65 - D; 66 - D; 67 - C; 68 - C; 69 - C; 70 - B;

71 - B; 72 - A; 73 - B; 74 - B; 75 - B; 76 - B; 77 - C; 78 - D; 79 - C; 80 - C;

81 - A; 82 - A; 83 - D; 84 - C; 85 - A;

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