Bài tập liên từ trong tiếng Anh (2)

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Câu 1. She got the job _______________ the fact that she had very little experience.
A. although
B. because of
C. despite
D. Because
Câu 2. My sister's hand-writing is always so neat, _______________ mine is a total
A. although
B. nonetheless
C. otherwise
D. Whereas
Câu 3. I lost the game, but I told myself that I had improved a lot _______________.
A. in addition
B. because
C. Nonetheless
D. Despite
Câu 4. Some people believe vaccines overload our immune system, making it less
able to react to other diseases ---- meningitis or AIDS, which are now threatening our
A. but for
B. lest
C. whereas
D. such as
Câu 5. They like to keep their old houses rather than building the new ones ---- it is
very hard and expensive to maintain them.
A. because of
B. even though
C. on the contrary
D. for example
Câu 6. You'd better wear a helmet when you go roller-blading. _______________,
you could hurt yourself.
A. Unless
B. Instead
C. Otherwise
D. Therefore
Câu 7. Reading is an excellent way to increase your vocabulary. _______________,
it can also help you improve your grammar.
A. In addition
B. Moreover
C. Furthermore
D. All are correct
Câu 8. The student's essay was badly written. _______________, it was too short.
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A. In addition
B. Moreover
C. Furthermore
D. All are correct
Câu 9. Due to ---- a lack of production ---- increasing housing prices, Liverpool is
now ranked as one of the least affordable cities countrywide.
A. neither / nor
B. no sooner / than
C. scarcely / before
D. both / and
Câu 10. Mike has been told he will have to pay the fine ---- his high rank in the
A. even if
B. furthermore
C. despite
D. on purpose that
Câu 11. Continued high-blood pressure is dangerous ---- it can increase the risk of
heart disease and stroke.
A. however
B. so that
C. as
D. for instance
Câu 12. The inhabitants of our village claim that pedestrians have no choice but to
risk their lives crossing the dangerous road as there is ---- a pedestrian bridge ---- a
A. not only / but also
B. both / and
C. neither / nor
D. no sooner / than
Câu 13. _____ the Oscar Reward, the Cannes Film Festival is the biggest event
which takes place in May in the South of France.
A. Except for
B. Such as
C. Lest
D. Unless
Câu 14. ---- vaccination has eliminated naturally occurring polio in North and South
America, rare cases continue to occur in developing countries of Africa.
A. However
B. Although
C. As a result of
D. Hence
Câu 15. The economy in China is booming; ---- many foreign investors are planning
to enter China's market.
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A. nonetheless
B. even if
C. so as to
D. that's why
Câu 16. Johnny Pacheco has a creative talent as a composer; ----, he is a successful
A. owing to
B. now that
C. though
D. moreover
Câu 17. ---- how long you've been using tobacco, you can still overcome your
addiction to smoking.
A. Regarding
B. Although
C. No matter
D. Even though
Câu 18. ---- they tried hard, the students could not complete the project in time as
they were lacking in skills and knowledge.
A. Although
B. As
C. Since
D. Despite
Câu 19. All the soldiers had to take their masks with them ---- there was a gas attack.
A. because of
B. so
C. so that
D. in case
Câu 20. He should not have used office property. ----, he ought not to have been in
the building at all outside office hours.
A. in addition to
B. owing to
C. so that
D. furthermore
Câu 21. She feels like giving up her job ---- the consequences she will face.
A. although
B. much as
C. as a result
D. regardless of
Câu 22. Smaller companies were merged into the parent company ---- creating a
single organization.
A. despite
B. as a consequence
C. though

Bài tập liên từ tiếng Anh

Trong văn viết cũng như văn nói tiếng Anh, ngoài có vốn từ vựng phong phú, sử dụng đúng các cấu trúc ngữ pháp thì việc sử dụng liên từ cũng là một phần quan trọng. Nó không chỉ làm cho bài viết, bài nói trở nên logic, chặt chẽ mà còn giúp người đọc, người nghe nắm rõ được thông tin mà ta muốn truyền đạt. Bài tập liên từ trong tiếng Anh (2) sẽ rất hữu ích cho các bạn luyện tập mảng ngữ pháp quan trọng này.

Trong ngữ pháp tiếng Anh, Thì là sợi chỉ đỏ xuyên suốt môn học này. Bên cạnh đó việc ôn luyện lý thuyết và bài tập theo mảng cụ thể, ví dụ như câu điều kiện, word form, trọng âm, trắc nghiệm ngữ pháp tiếng Anh, trắc nghiệm...cũng rất hữu ích giúp các bạn nâng cao hiệu quả môn học.

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