Bài tập Tiếng Anh 7 Unit 2: Health (số 1)

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Bài tập Tiếng Anh 7 Unit 2: Health (số 1)

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I/ Complete the sentences with the words from the box.











1. “Ow! Be careful with that coffee.” - “Look, now I have a _________ on my arm.”

2. Don’t eat so quickly. You’ll get a_____________.

3. That’s a bad _____________. Why don’t you have a glass of water?

4. I feel ____________. Quick, I must get to the bathroom!

5. “I have a ___________.” - “That’s because you watch too much TV.”

6. My arm ___________ after that game of table tennis.

7. “I have ___________.” - “Why don’t you telephone the dentist?”

8. I have a ____________ in my back. I’m going to lie down.

9. Rob has a _____________ of 39.50C.

10. Is she ______________ enough to run one kilometer?

II/ Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense form.

1. (Eat)__________ junk food and inactivity (be)__________the main causes of obesity.

2. I (have)__________ a headache and I need to rest more.

3. I (have)__________ a toothache so I (have to/ see)__________ the dentist.

4. A healthy diet (help)__________ us feel healthier.

5. Watching TV much (hurt)__________ your eyes.

III/ Choose the correct answer

1. My father does morning ______________every day.

A. running

B. well

C. exercise

D. weak

2. You can avoid some diseases by ___________ yourself clean.

A. looking

B. bringing

C. keeping

D. taking

3. Watching too much television is not good ___________ your eyes.


B. for

C. with

D. to

4. When you have a temperature, you should drink more water and rest _________.


B. less

C. most

D. more

5. Don’t eat that type of fish: you may have a/an ___________.


B. allergy

C. sick

D. sore

IV/ Read and decide if each statement is true or false or not given

Mark always gets up at twelve in the morning. He does not have breakfast. Mark likes having hamburgers, pizza, crisps and hot dogs for lunch. He always has fizzy drinks like cola. So there are not any vegetables or fruit at home. After lunch, he takes the bus to school - 300 meters far away. At six o’clock, Mark goes to the bus stop and comes back home. He sits on his dad’s sofa and watches TV for three hours. When he is hungry, he eats lots of sweets or chocolate biscuits and he always drinks cola. He usually goes to sleep at eleven or twelve because that he likes playing computer games. He usually stays at home all day at weekends.


True/ False/ NG

1. Mark starts his day at about 7 a.m.

2. There is a very big refrigerator at Mark’s home.

3. Mark goes back home by bus.

4. Although Mark likes playing games, he never goes to bed after 10:30 p.m.

5. Mark usually spends hours playing games at home.

V/ Rewrite the sentences without changing the meaning

1. My father spends more time going to work than my mother.

My mother _____________________________

2. My mother bought more food than Linh’s mother.

Linh’s mother __________________________

3. My house has less furniture than Huong’s house.

Huong’s house _________________________

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