Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 7 Unit 12 LET'S EAT! có đáp án

Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 7 Unit 12 LET'S EAT! có đáp án

Mời quý thầy cô giáo và các em học sinh tham khảo Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 7 Unit 12 LET'S EAT! có đáp án. Đây là bài tập trắc nghiệm và tự luận Tiếng Anh lớp 7 có đáp án được chúng tôi chọn lọc và tổng hợp nhằm giúp quý thầy cô giáo và các em học sinh tiện theo dõi. Đến với bộ sưu tập này, các em học sinh sẽ nắm được từ vựng và ngữ pháp đã được học trong Unit 12 tiếng Anh lớp 7.

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Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 7 Unit 12: Let's Eat

Giải bài tập SGK Tiếng Anh lớp 7 Unit 12 LET'S EAT!

Choose the best option to complete each of the following sentences.

1. Hoa feels sick because she ate too________candy last night.

A. much B. many C. a lot of D. little

2. She doesn't like pork, and ________does her uncle.

A. either B. so C. neither D. too

3. I would like ________some fruit and vegetables.

A. buying B. to buy C. buy D. A & B

4. You must drink ________water every day.

A. much B. many C. a few D. a little

5. He was busy yesterday and ________were his brothers.

A. neither B. so C. too D. either

6. She ________the beef into thin strips.

A. made B. heated C. sliced D. cut

7. My mother didn't wash it but I ________.

A. did B. didn't C. do D. was

8. Milk is good ________your health.

A. to B. with C. for D. at

9. She ________her teeth three times a day.

A. brushes B. brush C. brushing D. brushed

10. How ________is your brother? – He's 1, 70 meters.

A. high B. tall C. weight D. far

11. He can speak English very well and ________can his sister.

A. so B. too C. either D. neither

12. Stop, please. That is too ________coffee.

A. many B. lots of C. much D. little

13. We don't attend the meeting tomorrow and ________will he.

A. neither B. so C. too D. neither

14. I am glad ________you are feeling better.

A. hear B. hearing C. to hear D. B & C

15. A balanced diet is good ________your health.

A. to B. in C. for D. of

16. After you take some medicines, you will feel ________.

A. well B. better C. worse D. A & B

17. She left without ________goodbye.

A. say B. to say C. saying D. A & B

18. I hate carrots and I don't like peas, ________.

A. so B. either C. too D. neither

19. They only eat ________and delicious food.

B. healthy B. healthful C. healthily D. health

20. She is________than her elder sister.

A. nice B. the nicest C. nicer D. A & B

Fill in each blank with a suitable preposition.

21. There is good selection ________fruit________ display.

22. My aunt sliced the beef ________thin strips.

23. Linh set the table________ plates, bowls, chopstricks and spoons.

24. Salads are good________ our health, but we ought to wash them well ________water.

25. We must clean hands________having a meal.

26. Hoa made cucumber salad________ some onions.

27. - What is ________dessert, Minh? - There's some ice-cream________ the fridge.

Read the passage and answer the questions that follow.


A traditional English breakfast is a very big meal : sausages, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushroom.... But nowadays many people just have cereal with milk and sugar, or toast with marmalade, jam, or honey. Marmalade and jam are not the same ! Marmalade is made from oranges and jam is made from other fruit. The traiditional breakfast drink is tea, which people have with cold milk. Some people have coffee, often instant coffee, which is made with just hot water. Many visitors to Britain find this coffee disgusting.

28. What are there for a traditional English breakfast?

29. What do many people have for breakfast nowadays?

30. Is Marmalade the same as jame?

31. What is Marmalade made from?

32. What is jame made from?

Rewrite the following sentences use 'so/ too' or 'either/ neither' as directed.

EX: I like chocolate. (she)

a. I like chocolate and she like it, too.

b. I like chocolate and so does she.

I don't like chocolate. (she)

a. I like chocolate and she doesn't like it, either.

b. I like chocolate and neither does she.

33. I ate milk and bread for breakfast this morning. (my brother)

34. Minh wasn't at home last night. (his parents)

35. Hoa can cook very well. (her sister)

36. She won't buy any eggs. (they)

37. Nga hates peas and carrots. (her aunt)

Use the given cues to make sentences.

38. food/ like/ lunch/ what/ would/ for/ kind/ you/ of?

39. durians/ and/ my/ like/ much/ does/ I/ very/ father/ so.

40. wash/ more/ future/ must/ the spinach/ carefully/ you/ in.

41. gave/ some/ him/ better/ Ba/ to make./ feel/ Dr.Lien/ medicine.

42. you/ feel/ hunry/ you/ gives/ and/ sugar/ less/ energy.

43. eat/ enjoy/ you shouldn't/ you/ much/ can/ you/ the food/ but/ too/ have.

44. can't/ the piano/ Nhung/ sister/ play/ and/ her/ either/ can't.

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