Đề thi CAE Use of English (test 2)

Đề thi CAE Use of English (C1) - Luyện thi chứng chỉ C1

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Đề thi CAE Use of English (test 2)

Đề thi Tiếng Anh CAE phần đọc

Advanced English CAE Grammar Practice

Part 1 - Multiple Choice Cloze

For Questions 1-12, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space. There is an example below:

(0) A series B ISSUE C programme D release

Sound Advice for Language Learners

A recent (0) ......... of a language learning magazine has consulted a number of experts in the (1) ........ of second language acquisition. Their advice may prove invaluable for those (2) ........ a language course. One suggestion is that you (3) ........... whether you are likely to be successful at learning a language. Did you enjoy studying languages at school, for example? Do you have enough time to learn a language? The major (4) ........ will be your own time and effort. Therefore you must make sure that the course on offer leads to a (5) ........ qualification. Also, be realistic in your (6) ...... . If you don't set achievable aims you are more likely to give up. Do not be deceived (7) ........... thinking that the most expensive courses are the best. (8) ........... around to get the best possible value for money. You should also bear in mind that the quicker you learn a language the more quickly you forget it. Sandra Miller, a French teacher, tried to teach herself German by enrolling on a (9) .......... course. Already fluent in four languages and with a sound knowledge of teaching methodology her chances of (10) ............ progress were high. Three years (11) ........ she remembers very little. She feels her biggest mistake was not to follow (12) ............ her first experience. "I should have consolidated what I'd learn by continuing to study, even if it were by myself."

A domain
A wondering
A assess
A charge
A recognised
A sights
A by
A Nose
A rapid
A achieving
A on
A up
B branch
B thinking
B review
B cost
B understood
B ends
B about
B Push
B crash
B doing
B forward
B on
C field
C looking
C balance
C price
C valued
C objects
C into
C Run
C quick
C gaining
C from
C through
D area
D considering
D survey
D valuation
D regarded
D goals
D in
D Shop
D fast
D making
D onward
D out

Part 2 - Open Cloze

For questions 1-15, read the text below and write the word which best fits in each space. Use only one word in each space.


That fragment of pottery, that little piece of bone or the remains of an early human tool are (1) ... often the only evidence we have of our early history. However, (2) ... a consequence of the work of archaeologists and others in this field, we have (3) ... the years built (4) ... an extremely good understanding of early human development. This is the case (5) ... the fact that there is no written evidence of the period we term Pre-History. (6) ... is startling to note is that this period, which predates the invention of writing, accounts (7) ... 99% of human existence. It was (8) ... this time that discoveries that shaped the human race were made, early settlements created that (9) ... to become our major cities and (10) ... general was the time when the very foundations of human civilisation were laid. The evidence of our pre-history can be found everywhere, from remnants of human existence buried deep in the ground (11) ... ancient pathways and burial grounds. The first and easiest place to start your exploration of prehistory is of (12) ... your local museum, particularly (13) ... you are interested in discovering more about the area where you live. You may (14) ... have a local archaeological group that would be prepared to let you work (15) ... a volunteer.

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