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Directions: Each of the following sentences contains a blank. From the four choices given,
select the one that can be inserted in the blank to either form a grammatically correct
sentence or to be the most appropriate to the meaning of the context. Then, fill in the
corresponding circle on the answer sheet.
1. Our school doesn’t allow students ________ mobile phones in class.
A. use B. using C. to use D. used
2. Those active students enjoy ________ volunteer work.
A. do B. to do C. done D. doing
3. Vietnam ________ 158 gold medals in the 22nd Southeast Asian Games in 2003.
A. is winning B. wins C. won D. has won
4. Sue’s parents were very ________ with her poor academic performance.
A. passiveB. disappointed C. satisfied D. pleased
5. You must have your parents ________ before you can join the trip.
A. beauty B. permission C. disagreement D. danger
6. Athletes from 197 countries ________ in the Olympic Games in Atlanta.
A. competed B. worked C. added D. widened
7. Her beautiful smile ________ me at first sight.
A. supported B. loved C. preferred D. attracted
8. Maths is a ________ subject in Vietnam’s curriculum.
A. careful B. compulsory C. depressed D. comfortable
9. In water polo, there are seven ________ in a team.
A. players B. friends C. mates D. hands
10. Parents should join ________ in teaching their children.
A. biologists B. leftovers C. certificates D. hands
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11. Carla, ________ are from Mexico, was born in the UK.
A. whose parents B. the parents of who C. of whom her parents D. who’s parents
12.The lizards are classed as a(n) ________ species.
A. dangering B. endangered C. wounded D. impressive
13.This company is famous for its ________ to providing quality products.
A. responsibility B. response C. commitment D. application
14.________, he got a job and moved to New York.
A. Eventually B. Contractually C. Wholly D. At lastly
15. It is blatantly obvious that the child ________ by older students at school.
A. is being bullied B. has been bullying C. bullies D. had been bullied
16. The riot was finally got under control, but not before a lot of damage ________.
A. has been caused B. had been caused C. was causing D. had being caused
17. “You’d better not go near that fierce dog,” my father said to me. Reported speech:
A. My father warned me against going near that fierce dog.
B. My father suggested me not to go near that fierce dog.
C. My father advised me not going near that fierce dog.
D. My father prevented me from going near that fierce dog.
18. On a hill ________ a great castle.
A. did stood B. it stood C. stood D. stood it
19. Federal ________ would be available to help employers pay the insurance premium.
A. subsidies B. golden handshakes C. perks D. allowances
20. The mischievous students did their best to ________ the teacher with irrelevant
A. sway B. sidetrack C. emulate D. vanquish
USE OF ENGLISH (Questions 21 40)
Directions: Of the sentences in this part, there are errors of grammar, usage, diction (choice
of words), or idiom (correctness of expression). Read each sentence carefully and identify
VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, văn bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
which item contains an error. Assume that any part of the sentence that is not underlined is
correct and cannot be changed. In analyzing a sentence, keep in mind the requirements of
standard written English. Select the one underlined part that must be changed in order to
make the sentence correct, and darken the corresponding space on your answer sheet.

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