Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 9: Revision 3

Giáo án môn Tiếng Anh lớp 9

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A/ Aims

Help Ss to revise the knowlage of the second term.

1. Knowledge:

* Vocabulary: Vobab from U6 to U10

* Grammar: passive form

2. Skills: reading, writing.

3. Attitude: Students know to do some kinds of exercise.

4. Shaping and developing students’ abilities: observing, self- management, comprehension, collaborative-learning, presentation, communication, summarizing abilities.

B. Preparations:

1. Teacher: Text-book, lesson plan, reference book, excercise book.

2. Students: Text-books, notebooks, reference books...

C. Procedures:

I/ Organization: (1')

  • Greeting
  • Checking attendance

II/ Warm-up: (5')

Ask Ss to repeat the ways to change active sentences into passive

III/ New lesson: (37')


Teacherʹs and studentsʹ activities


1. Passive forms.

Active (Câu chủ động): Mr Smith teaches English.

Passive (Câu bị động): English is taught by Mr Smith.

The rules:

-Tân ngữ chủ động " chủ ngữ bị động

-Động từ bị động " Be + Past Participle (pp)

-Chủ ngữ chủ động " (by) tân ngữ bị động

(Active) S + V + O

(Passive) S + be + V-(pp) + by + O

*Note: Bỏ: by them/ by people/ by someone ….

2. Comparison.

2.1. Equal S + be/V + as + adj/ adv + as + N.

2.2. Comparative

S + be/V

+ adj/ adv –er

+ more + adj/ adv

+ than + N

2.3. Superlative

S + be/V + the

+ adj/ adv –er

+ more + adj/ adv

(+ N) + in/on/…

* Các trường hợp ngoại lệ

Adj/ Adv

So sánh hơn

So sánh hơn nhất

good/ well



bad/ badly



many/ much










-T repeat the ways to change active sentences into passive

-Notice some objects

-T asks Ss to repeat comparison rules.

-T notice some irregular adj and adv

-T gives some exrcises

-Ss take note and do

-T gives the keys.

Ex1. Change the sentences into passive form.

  1. They can’t make tea with cold water.
  2. The chief engineer was instructing all the workers of the plant.
  3. Somebody has taken some of my books away.
  4. They will hold the meeting before May Day.
  5. They have to repair the engine of the car.
  6. The boys broke the window and took away some pictures.
  7. People spend a lot of money on advertising everyday.
  8. They may use this room for the classroom.
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