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What subject do you like?

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  • Gấu Đi Bộ
    Gấu Đi Bộ

    I like Math/ English/ Physic...

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    1 Trả lời 11:22 23/03
  • Gà Bông
    Gà Bông

    English is my favourite subject. English is not difficult to learn, you just need to work hard to gain good results. It’s the fact that English is the most common language spoken in the world, and studying it brings me lots of opportunities. First of all, being good at English, I can talk with foreign people and tourists, which expand my knowledge about each culture in the world. Besides, English documents provides a more accurate and original source of information. As a result, reading them, I can gain a deep knowledge in any field such as science, economics,… Furthermore, I can watch films, read news in English without subtitle. In the future, after graduating, with English skill, I can join international organizations or multi-national corporations and have a good career. It’s also a common sense that people who know English will have a higher salary than the others with a same job. I want to go abroad to study as well so English is necessary. In conclusion, English is an interesting subject and quite important for my future.

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  • Kẹo Ngọt
    Kẹo Ngọt

    Bạn thích môn học gì?

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  • Nguyễn Ngọc
    Nguyễn Ngọc

    I like Math/ PE/ English/Vietnamese...

    0 Trả lời 18:29 23/03
  • Khánh Băng Võ
    Khánh Băng Võ

    i like math and PE

    0 Trả lời 15:29 27/03

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