Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 12 Unit 1 Home Life

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1. a. diagnose b. achievement c. talented d. anonymous
2. a. prosthetic b. reputation c. dedication d. respectable
3. a. distinguished b. result c. generosity d. respectable
4. a. waver b. reputation c. creativity d. character
5. a. perseverance b. generosity c. talented d. judgement
6. a. congestion b. ambition c. influential d. reputation


7. a. perseverance b. experience c. dedication d. influential
8. a. generosity b. hospitality c. encyclopedia d. creativity
9. a. celebrity b. charitable c. anonymous d. respectable
10. a. overcome b. incident c. dedicate d. currently


11. Before passing away, President Ho Chi Minh left the Vietnamese people with the ___ Testament (chúc thư).

a. important

b. essential

c. historic

d. historical

12. Her ___ to medicine was so great that she had little time for anything else.

a. importance

b. dedication

c. emphasis

d. reputation

13. Tran Hung Dao was a great ___ to lure the enemy to enter deeply into his land, then attacked to destroy them.

a. strategy

b. strategist

c. soldier

d. king

14. In spite of having a peasant ___, Nguyen Hue had proved that he was really an excellent general, only gained victories.

a. situation

b. experience

c. condition

d. background

15. In 1921, Phan Boi Chau studied socialism and the Soviet Union in ___ assistance from the Soviet Union or socialist groups.

a. hope to gain

b. hope of gaining

c. the hope of gaining

d. the hope to gain

16. Bill Gate’s ___ in donating large sums of money towards welfare activities is remarkable.

a. generosity

b. politeness

c. wealth

d. talent

17. Nguyen Hue invited ___ scholars at that time: Nguyen Thiep, Tran Van Ky, and Ngo Thoi Nham.

a. ɸ

b. that

c. some

d. the

18. At first, Microsoft had ___ hyphen in the name “Micro-soft”, combination of microcomputer and ___ software.

a. a-the-a

b. a-a- ɸ

c. the-the- ɸ

d. ɸ-a-the

19. Dr. Jane Luu ___ the huge telescope at the University of Hawaii while she ___ for any bodies beyond Neptune.

a. was using-searched

b. used-had searched

c. used-was searching

d. had used-searched

20. I first met her four years ago when we ___ at a middle school.

a. had been studying

b. are studying

c. have been studying

d. were studying

21. This school has an excellent ___ in the community.

a. image

b. reputation

c. name

d. opinion

22. He seems like a ___ businessman, but he has caused some personal scandals.

a. respecting

b. respectful

c. respectably

d. respectable

23. Le Loi used the ___ war, moving from little to large scale.

a. mid-term

b. short-term

c. long-term

d. half-term

24. Nguyen Hue, with his genius ___, created a people’s army, no matter small or large.

a. leading

b. leader

c. lead

d. leadership

25. Being stormy and sudden were the special characteristics in the battle ___ of Nguyen Hue.

a. method

b. approach

c. strategy

d. acsess

26. When his mother showed him a newspaper article about a man dealing with a severe disability, Vujicic realized he wasn’t ___ in his struggles.

a. unique

b. lonely

c. alone

d. only

27. As well as being a successful actor, Clint Eastwood is a ___ film director.

a. talent

b. talented

c. distinguish

d. respectful

28. ___ Emperor Quang Trung was ___ second emperor of ___ Tay Son Dynasty, reigning from 1788 to 1792.

a. The-a-the

b. ɸ-a-the

c. ɸ-the-the

d. ɸ-the- ɸ

29. Bill Gates was ___ middle child of William H. Gates II, ___ prominent Seattle lawyer, and Mary Gates, who worked as ___ teacher before she had children.

a. the-a-a

b. a-a-a

c. the-the-a

d. the-the-the

30. When Jane Luu ___ as a graduate student at MIT, David Jewitt ___ there as a professor.

a. enrolled - was working

b. had enrolled – was working

c. was enrolling – had worked

d. enrolled – has worked


1. Put the verbs in brackets in the past simple or the past continuous.

31. I (wait) _________ for a taxi when I saw my friend.

32. It (rain) _________ when I left the house.

33. Last night I (lie) _________ in bed when I (hear) _________ a strange noise.

34. When we (arrive) _________ home from Nha Trang, we (still wear) _________ T-shirts
and shorts.

35. I (look) _________ at some old photos when I (find) _________ one of my dad’s photos when he was seventeen. He (have) _________ really long hair.

2. Use the words or phrases given to write the meaningful sentences.

36. Nguyen Du/ pen-name/ To Nhu and Thanh Hien/ born/ 1765/ Thang Long.


37. Nguyen Du/ witness/ many changes/ transition/ the Le/ Nguyen Dynasties/ and/ his works/ reflect/ Vietnam’s society during these years.


38. Nguyen Du’s poems/ display/ spiritual life/ Vietnamese people.


39. His life/ career/ works/ especially The Tale of Kieu/ interest readers/ all walks/ life/
Vietnam/ and scholars abroad.


40. Nguyen Du/ recognized/ World Cultural Celebrity/ UNESCO/ 2013.


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