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Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 10 RECYCLING có đáp án - Số 4

Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 10 RECYCLING có đáp án - Số 4 xin giới thiệu đến các em học sinh Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 10 RECYCLING có đáp án - Số 4 để các em có thêm tư liệu hay, ôn tập củng cố kiến thức chương trình học. Chúng tôi sẽ gửi đến các nhiều dạng bài tập tự luận và trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh lớp 8 cơ bản và nâng cao để các em ôn luyện đầy đủ và hệ thống.

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I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

1. a. glassware b. shade c. paper d. waste

2. a. fertilizer b. water c. paper d. together

3. a. cloth b. compost c. deposit d. mosquito

4. a. library b. recycle c. family d. easy

5. a. wait b. away c. wrap d. with

II. Choose the word or phrase that best completes each unfinished sentence below or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase.

6. Cloth bags ought_____used instead of plastic bags.

a. be b. to be c. been d. to been

7. It's_____to walk in the road.

a. danger b. dangers c. dangerous d. dangerously

8. I threw______all the broken toys.

a. aside b. away c. down d. in

9. The rabbit______by mistake.

a. may shot b. may be shot c. may shoot d. may be shoot

10. The pizzas_________to your house

a. will bring b. will brought

c. will be broght d. will been brought

11. What did she mean by so early?

a. leave b. left c. leaving d. to leave

12. Break the chocolate_____into squares.

a. up b. in c. on d. off

13. All children's shoes are now______to $20 a pair.

a. reduced b. reused c. refilled d. recycled

14. ______is a mixture of decaying plants and vegetables that is added to soil to improve its quality.

a. Compost b. Dung c. Trash d. Fertilizer

15. The sea and rivers are too_____to sưim in.

a. dirt b. dirty c. dirtily d. dirtiness

IV. Choose the word (a, b, c, or d) that Fest fits each of the blank spaces.

You (21) _____ be a famous cook to make (22)_____ food! Here is a recipe for a simple, real Chinese vegetable dish that is ready in minutes. Buy some vegetables and oyster sauce from an oriental supermarket. You may even be able to find them in your (23) ____ store. Chop the green veg etable, then steam or boil it (24)______a minute or two until it is cooked but still soft. Now put it on a warm plate and (25) — oyster sauce on top of it. Now give it a very short stir, to (26)____the sauce in, and try it to make sure the taste is just right. Then give it to your guests (27) _____, while it is still hot. You can (28) _____ more sauce at the table, according to taste.

recipe (n) công thức oyster sauce (n) dầu hàu

oriental (adj) (thuộc) phương đông

21. a. shouldn't b. mustn't c. don't have to d. ought not to

22. a. great b. delicious c. good d. all are correct

23. a. near b. nearly c. nearby d. nearer

24. a. on b. at c. for d. of

25. a. take b. pour c. dry d. melt

26. a. mix b. mixture c. take d. taking

27. a. recently b. lately c. immediately d. firstly

28. a. wash b. add c. take d. a & b

V. Read the following passage and choose the item (a, b, c, or d) that best answers each of the questions about it.

There are often containers in car parks outside supermarkets for people to put bottles in; clear, green and brown bottles are separated. Also, newspapers and magazines can be recycled as well as cans made of alu minum. One of the problems of this is that most people don't want to take their rubbish there. To overcome this, some local councils also provide special containers, often called 'recycling bins', for people to collect glass and paper in. They put these outside their houses at the same time as their rubbish, and they are collected and recycled.

aluminum (n) nhôm overcome (v) khắc phục

29. What are the containers in car parks outside supermarkets for?

a. For people to put bottles in.

b. For separating clear, green, and brown bottles.

c. For recycling newspapers and magazines.

d. no information

30. ________ can be recycled.

a. Bottles b. Newspapers and magazines

c. Cans made of aluminum d. all are correct

31. What does the word 'rubbish' in line 5 mean?

a. things that you do not want any more

b. something that you make by mixing different things together

c. things that is bad

d. things that is very old

32. What does the word 'they' in line 8 refer to?

a. local councils b. containers c. people d. rubbish

33. Which of the following is not true?

a. There are often containers outside supermarkets.

b. Most people take their rubbish to car parks.

c. 'Recycling bins' are provided by some local councils.

d. 'Recycling bins' are provided for people to collect paper in.


1. Listen and fill the oval A, B, or C indicating your choice.

10.1 What are they talking about?

A. The recycling bins.

B. The old newspapers.

C. The backyard.

10.2 One of the solutions to reducing shopping garbage is using_________.

A. plastic bags

B. paper bags

C. cloth bags

10.3 The question is about_______.

A. compost

B. vegetables

C. garbage

10.4 The topic of the dialogue is about _________.

A. producing glassware

B. recycling glass .

C. setting up factories

10.5 What are they talking about?

A. Processing.

B. Products.

C. Packaging.

2. Listen and fill in the blanks.

Last week Lam's class had a (10.6) __________ to a glass factory. At first, the students visited the recycling (10.7) __________. Broken glass and bottles were (10.8)_____ into small pieces before being washed with a particular detergent (10.9) _________ . Then they were dried up and mixed with some (10.10) ________. The mixture was put into a very high (10.11) __________ furnace to melt into liquid. (10.12) _______, the factory workers used long pipe to blow the liquid into a (10.13) ______of shapes. The students were very (10.14) _____and interested in witnessing how glass was recycled into beautiful glassware. When they were on the bus to come back to school, some students even said they would (10.15) _______a glass recycling factory some day.

Đáp án Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 10

I. 1a 2a 3d 4b 5c

II. 6b 7c 8b 9b 10c 11c 12a 13a 14a 15b

III. 16a 17b 18a 19c 20b

IV. 21c 22d 23c 24c 25b 26a 27c 28b

V. 29a 30d 31a 32d 33b


10.1 Man: Where should I put these old newspapers?

Woman: Put them in the recycling bin in the backyard.

10.2 Man: How can we reduce the amount of shopping garbage?

Woman: Well, use cloth bags instead of plastic bags.

10.3 Man: What is compost made from?

Woman: Well, many things such as vegetable matter, animals waste, and home garbage.

10.4 Woman: Can glass be recycled?

Man: Oh, yes. Collected glass is sent to a factory to be recycled into new glassware.

10.5. Man: What are over-packaged products?

Woman: Well, products which are wrapped in many kinds of packages.


10.1 B; 10.2 C; 10.3 A; 10.4 B; 10.5 C; 10.6 field trip;

10.7 workshop; 10.8 smashed; 10.9 liquid; 10.10 chemicals;

10.11 temperature; 10.14 amazed; 10.15 set up;

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