Đề thi học kì 2 lớp 8 môn Tiếng Anh có file nghe năm học 2018 - 2019 số 4

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ĐỀ THI CUỐI HỌC 2 LỚP 8 NĂM HỌC 2018 - 2019
1. Listen to an extract from a talk about the Apollo Program and then match the
statements A F with the spaceships. There is one statement you will NOT need to use.
More than one statement can be matched to a spaceship.
A. It brought back some materials from the moon.
B. Its crew members died because of an accident.
C. Its crew members acted in a film about themselves.
D. Its accident led to major improvements of later spacecraft.
E. Its crew members survived an accident.
F. It was the first to land on the moon.
Apollo 1: ______________
Apollo 11: ______________
Apollo 13: ______________
2. Listen to a conversation between Andrew and George. Fill each of the blanks with
no more than THREE words and/or a number.
Close encounters, defined as events when someone witnesses an (1)___________________,
can be classified into (2)___________________ kinds. The first three kinds were
introduced by Allen Hynek, an astronomer and UFO researcher. Any sightings of a UFO
with some details within a distance of less than (3)___________________ are classified as
the first kind. If some (4) ___________________ is involved, it’s considered the second
kind. The third kind involves the presence of an (5) ___________________ like robots or
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1. Read the passage about Miguel. Decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).
Circle T or F.
Miguel moved to the United States from Brazil three years ago. He lives with his mother
and his sister in a small house that they rent in Minneapolis. His father, Alfredo, stays
behind in Brazil because he owns a small business. He'll rejoin the family sometime next
Miguel's family had to wait almost ten years to immigrate to the United States. They applied
for a visa when Miguel was two years old. They didn't realize it would take so long to
obtain permission to enter the United States. They're happy about their new lives, but they
get homesick from time to time, and they miss Alfredo.
Miguel is gradually adjusting to his new life in Minneapolis. He still struggles a little with
his English, but his new American friends are helping him learn about the language and the
culture. He's in his second year in high school, which means he's a sophomore. He has two
more years to go before he graduates. His grades are good and he's very active in sports. He
plays American-style football in the fall and soccer in the spring.
1. Miguel is in USA now with his mother and sister.
2. Miguel’s dad is a businessman.
3. Miguel’s family had their visa right after application.
4. Miguel has no difficulty learning English.
5. Miguel will graduate in a couple of years.
2. Read the passage and fill the blanks with the given words.
prediction anger deforestation processes decades
Natural disasters result from natural 1.____________ of the earth. However, in the last five
decades, human activities have contributed to increasing the number of natural disasters.
More landslides have occurred as a result of 2.____________. Because there are fewer trees
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in the forest, the soil becomes loosened and more easily to be flushed down.
Industrialization and urbanization contribute to global warming, leading to more intense
disasters of all kinds, including hurricanes and tsunami. It is more difficult to have exact 3.
___________ of climate patterns such as El Niño and La Niña. According to the Office of
US Foreign Disaster Assistance, the total natural disasters reported each year have been
steadily increasing in recent 4. ____________. In 1980, there were only about 100 hydro-
meteorological disasters reported per year but that number has risen to over 300 a year since
2000. If humans do not take action, natural disasters will become more tragic and we won’t
be able to cope with the 5.____________ of Mother Nature.
1. For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the
Here is an example.
0. “The bookshop is opposite the library, Ha said.
Ha said the bookshop was opposite the library.
1. “Paper was first used by the Chinese, we all know this.
We all know that _________________________________________.
2. “I am going to read some scientific books this weekend,” Mai said.
Mai said that ____________________________________________.
3. “The invention of the Internet in 1969 is the greatest invention, Ha said.
Ha said that ______________________________________________.
4. “The first handheld mobile phone weighed 2.5 pounds,” John told me.
John told me that __________________________________________.
5. “Apple has sold over 900 million iphones globally,” the manager said.
The manager said that ______________________________________.
2. Write an imaginary report (100-120 words) of your encounter with an unidentified
flying object (UFO).

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