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ĐÁP ÁN NĂM 2019 - 2020
Part 1: Listen to a girl speaking to a man at a job information center. For questions
1-5, choose the best answer A, B or C. You will hear the conversation TWICE.
1. The job is in ______.
A. a hotel
B. a sports center
C. an office
2. You cannot do the job if you are younger than ______.
A. 18
B. 19
C. 20
3. The job will begin on the ______.
A. 23rd
B. 24th
C. 26th
4. Most working days will begin at ______.
A. 8.15 a.m.
B. 8.30 a.m.
C. 9.00 a.m.
5. For work, the girl must wear ______.
A. a white shirt
B. a blue skirt
C. black trousers
Part 2: Listen to a presentation about one way to organize homework and complete
the note. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS or A NUMBER for each blank.
You will hear the recording TWICE.
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The presentation is about how you can use (1) ____________ coding to organize your
You need a few things from the stationery shop, which aren’t (2) ____________.
They may include colored pens and pencils, sticky notes, page markers, glue and folders.
First, the speaker chooses a different color for each school (3) ____________. The
color chosen must be easy to remember. For example, she chooses green for Maths
because her ruler is green and yellow for PE because her trainers are yellow.
She uses the cheapest kind of folders. She keeps all her notes inside the (4)
_______________ folders.
She wrote sticky notes in the library when she was studying. She used (5)
_______________ notes for History and black for Geography. She wants to visit the
Black Sea one day.
Part 1: Choose the best option among A, B, C or D to complete the following
1. Thomas _______ a book when I saw him.
A. is reading
B. was reading
C. read
D. reading
2. John asked me _______ interested in any kind of sports.
A. if I was
B. if were I
C. if I were
D. if was I
3. If you ________ a choice, which country would you visit?
A. have
B. had
C. have had
D. will have
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4. Gold ______ in California in the 19th century.
A. was discovered
B. has been discovered
C. has discovered
D. discovered
5. Despite all the difficulties she encountered, Sarah was ________ to accomplish her
A. active
B. obliged
C. reluctant
D. determined
6. The interviews with parents showed that the vast majority were _______ of teachers.
A. supporter
B. supporting
C. support
D. supportive
7. Simon succeeded ______ getting a scholarship to a prestigious university abroad.
A. with
B. in
C. to
D. at
8. Being well-dressed and punctual can help you create a good _______ on your
A. impression
B. pressure
C. employment
D. Effectiveness
Part 2: Choose the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the underlined part that needs
correction in each of the following sentences.

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