Giáo án tiếng Anh i-Learn Smart Start lớp 2 cả năm

Giáo án tiếng Anh 2 i-Learn Smart Start cả năm

Nằm trong bộ Giáo án tiếng Anh lớp 2 cả năm 2021 - 2022, Giáo án tiếng Anh bộ i-Learn Smart Start grade 2 cả năm bao gồm trọn bộ giáo án điện tử các Themes Getting Started và 10 Themes bài học theo từng chủ đề khác nhau giúp quý thầy cô lên giáo án giảng dạy môn tiếng Anh lớp 2 bộ i-Learn Smart Start grade 2 hiệu quả.


Date of teaching: / 9/ 2021 (2B, A)



Period 1: Lesson 1

I. Objectives: By the end of this lesson, students will be able to gain the following

II. Knowledge

- Vocabulary: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

- Structures: How old are you? I’m (eight). / Open your book!

III. Language skills

- Count from one to ten, and ask how old someone is.

- Identify and follow classroom instructions

IV. Core competencies & Personal qualities

- Building up interests and good habits in learning English

- Building up responsive and independent-working characteristics to be a life-long learner

- Presenting communicative through learning activities in classrooms

- Being collaborative and supportive in teamwork

V. Teaching aids

- Teacher’s aids: student book and teacher’s book, class CDs, flashcards, IWB software, projector/interactive whiteboard/TV.

- Students’ aids: Student books, notebooks, workbooks.

VI. Procedures




- Say “Hello” to the whole class.

- Ask students to give their names to get to know each other.

Set the classroom rules. (E.g. Sit nicely. / Be nice. / Listen to the teacher. / Hands up. ….)

*Option 1: "Simon says" game

- Tell students they must only follow commands that start with "Simon says..."

- Demonstrate the game by giving the students different.

- Commands. If the command starts with "Simon says," students must do the action. If it doesn’t start with "Simon says," students who do the action must sit down.

- Have one student come to the front of the class to be "Simon."

Swap roles and repeat with a new "Simon."

*Option 2:"Read my lips" game

- Divide the class into teams.

- Teacher says a sentence silently.

- Have the students try to guess what the sentence is.

- Give that team one point if it’s a correct guess.

The team that gets the most points win.

- Teacher – whole class




- Teacher – whole class








· Students in groups

New lesson

Sing the “Numbers Song Let's Count 1-10” (Source:

A. Listen and point. Repeat. (CD1 - track 02)

- Use some real things and pictures to introduce the numbers from 1 to 10.

- Have students listen to each new word.

- Have students listen to each new word and repeat all together and individually. Correct student’s pronunciation if necessary.

- Arrange the flashcards on the board, play audio, and point to each flashcard.

- Play audio again and have students point to the numbers in their books.

- Play audio again and have students listen and repeat several times.

- Change the order of the flashcards, point to them individually and have students say the words, correct pronunciation when needed.

- Have students work in pairs, one of them points to the picture in the book and the other says the word.

*Option 1: Game: “Heads up. What's missing?”

- Divide the class into two teams.

- Arrange the flashcards on the board and remove one card when students are not looking.

- One student from each team calls out the missing flashcard.

*Option 2: Game: “Slap”

- Split the class into four teams. Have them stand in four lines.

- Place some cards on the board.

- Have four students come to the board to face off.

Call out a word, e.g. seven, and have students run to the board then slap the picture and repeat the word. The winner is the student who

slaps the picture at first.

B. Listen and point. (CD1 – Track 03)

- Introduce the situation: “The teacher and the students are asking and answering about age.”

- Play audio and have students look at the picture.

- Demonstrate the activity by pointing to the new vocabulary items.

- Play audio. Have students listen and point.

Have students work in pairs, ask and answer about their age.

C. Sing. (CD1 – Track 04)

- Have students turn to page 70.

- Play audio and have students listen.

- Read the lyrics and do actions following them.

- Play audio and have students listen, sing along, and do

the actions.

D. Point, say and do.

*Practice (optional).

- Divide the class into two teams.

- Show a flashcard to the class.

- Have Team A ask the question and Team B answer.

- Swap roles and repeat.

(Teacher shows a flashcard "six.")

• Team A: "How old are you?"

• Team B: "I'm six."

*Point, ask, and answer.

- Divide the class into pairs.

- Have Student A point to a picture and ask, have Student B answer.

- Swap roles and repeat.

- Afterwards, have some pairs demonstrate the activity in front of the class.

E. Play “Magic finger”.

- Have students look at the example.

- Divide the class into pairs.

- Have Student A write a number with their finger on Student B's back and ask "How old are you?"

- Have Student B try to guess which number it is and answer, e.g. "I'm six." Have students swap roles and repeat.

· Teacher – whole class

· Students in groups

· Students in groups






· Teacher – whole class






· Teacher – whole class



· Teacher/ Whole class/ groupwork














· Teacher – whole class/ pairs



Wrap up

*Option 1: Workbook-page 2 and 3

- Divide the class into groups of five.

- Have students open their workbooks – page 2 and 3

A. What’s next? Look, read, and write the numbers.

- T makes an example first, then have students do the remains.

B. Look and write.

- Have students write the missing letters.

C. Listen and (√) the box. (WB 02)

- Have students listen and put the tick the correct box.

D. Look, read, and (√) the box.

- Have students look, read and tick the correct box.

Teacher and students correct all the exercises and give stamps or stickers to the whole class.

*Option 2: "Memory chain" game

- Divide the class into groups.

- Have St A ask St B a question.

- Have Student B answer the question.

- Next, have St B turn to St C and ask the question, then have St C answer using St B’s answer with one extra activity.

- Have Student C repeat the question to the next student, and so on.

- If a St forgets a sentence, the group must start from St A again.

- The winning group is the first one to have all members finish speaking.

· Teacher/ Whole class/ groupwork

· Teacher/ Whole class/ groupwork

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