Giáo án tiếng Anh lớp 1 Review 1

Giáo án Review 1 lớp 1 Kết nối tri thức

Nằm trong bộ Giáo án tiếng Anh lớp 1 Kết nối tri thức theo Unit năm 2021 - 2022, Giáo án Review 1 lớp 1 Macmillan do sưu tầm và đăng tải. Giáo án bài giảng tiếng Anh Review 1 lớp 1 bao gồm đầy đủ mục tiêu bài học, các nguồn tài liệu và các bước cần thiết để tiến hành giảng dạy Review 1 SGK tiếng Anh lớp 1.



By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

- repeat and understand a short story.

- identify and say the words they have learnt.



-Sounds /b/ (letter b), /k/ (letter c), /æ/ (letter a), and /d/ (letter d)

-Vocabulary: ball, bike, Bill, book

cake, car, cat, cup

apple, bag, can, hat

desk, dog, door, duck


Hi, I’m _____. (greeting and introducing someone’s name)

Bye, _____. (saying goodbye)

I have a _____. (talking about possession)

This is my _____. (introducing someone’s thing)

This is a ______. (introducing something)


-Student’s book p.20

-Teacher’s guide pp.46-48

-Flashcards with letters b, c, a and d

-Flashcards with the pictures of the words from Unit 1 to Unit 4

-Computer, projector


Warm-up – Listen and repeat. – Look and circle. – Homelink


Teaching and learning activities

Classroom management


7 minutes

- Remind pupils of the names of the topics they have learnt from Unit 1 to Unit 4.

- Then:

Option 1: Revising the sounds and words

- Show flashcards of the letters b, c, a and d. Have pupils say the letter names and the letter sounds.

- Stick some flashcards including some pictures of the words from Unit 1 to Unit 4 on the board. Write the words on the board. Have pupils match.

Option 2: Playing games

- Have pupils play a game (e.g. Slap the board, Pelmanism or Hot seat) with the words they have learnt in the previous units.

- Have them open the books and look at the story Phil and Sue, saying Open your books and look at the strong Phil and Sue, please!

Whole class

Whole class

Individual work

Whole class

Group work

1. Listen and repeat. 15 minutes

Step 1:

Have pupils look at the picture of the boy, the girl and the speech bubbles. Introduce the two new characters Phil and Sue and help pupils identify them (their names, genders, clothes,...) by asking them some questions such as Who’s the boy? Who’s the girl? What are they doing? Check comprehension.

Whole class

Step 2:

Have pupils look at Picture 1 (saying Look at Picture 1, please! ) and describe the picture. Draw pupils’ attention to the boy (Phil), the girl (Sue) and the bubbles.

Whole class

Individual work

Step 3:

Play the recording several times for pupils to listen and repeat the sentences in the bubbles of picture 1, saying Now listen, point to the sentences and repeat, please!

Whole class work

Step 4:

Repeat the same procedure with Pictures 2, 3 and 4. Correct pronunciation, if necessary. Give further support to those pupils who find it difcult to do the task.

Whole class

Step 5:

Play the recording of the whole story several times and have pupils listen, point to the speech bubbles and repeat until they feel conf i dent. Go around and offer help, if necessary.

Whole class wo k

Step 6:

Play the recording again and invite some pairs of pupils to listen to the recording and repeat the story in front of the class, saying Well done! w hen they perform ed well. Encourage them to use gestures, face expressions,... when they repeat the story.

Whole class

Pair work

Step 7:

Have pupils work in pairs to look at the book and read the story aloud. Encourage them to use gestures, face expressions,…Observe and support pupils when needed.

Pair work

Exten sion:

After pupils have remembered the story, have them role play it. Model with one pupil and ask other pupils to observe. Ask pupils to work in pairs to act out without looking at the book. Encourage them to use gestures, face expressions …Move around to observe and offer help. Invite some pairs to go to the board and role play.

Whole class

Pair work

2. Look and cirle. 8 minutes

Step 1:

Explain to pupils that they are going to look at the four pictures and circle the words. These words all appear in the story.

Whole class work

Step 2:

Ask them to identify the thing/animals, saying What can you see in the pictures? Can you see the dog? Yes, it is the dog. Say the word, please! Ask pupils to repeat the words several times, saying Repeat, please! Use the picture of a dog and the word dog circled as the example

Whole class

Individual work

Step 3:

Ask pupils to look at the other pictures and circle the words in the chain, saying Now use your pencil to circle the words . Give pupils time to work. Give further support to those pupils who f i nd it dif f icult to do the task.

Individual work

Step 4:

Invite some pupils to show what they have done. Praise them if they have done well, saying Excellent! or Great job! Have the class say all of the words they have circled.

Individual work

Whole class


After the pupils have finished circling the words, ask them to look at the story again and circle the dog, the book, the cat and the duck in the pictures of the story. Then ask them what things they can see in the pictures and have them cirlce these things (in the pictures there are some things that pupils have learnt: bike, ball, cake, car, etc. .. ). Have pupils read all of the names of the things they have circled. It is a good way for them to revise the vocabulary items they have learnt.

This activity can be held as a competition game where groups of pupils find the words included in the pictures. The group with the most words is the winner.

Individual work

Whole class


5 minutes

- Ask pupils some questions about the story such as How many people are there? What are their names? ... Teacher can ask in Vietnamese.

- Then:

Option 1:

Show flashcards of the words that appear in the story and have pupils say the words.

Option 2:

Use sachmem to show the pictures of the story and have pupils tell the story from their memory.

- Tell pupils to practise telling the story at home.

Whole class

Individual work

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