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Giáo án Tiếng Anh Tuần 30 lớp 9 thí điểm dưới đây nằm trong tài liệu Giáo án lớp 9 môn tiếng Anh theo tuần do sưu tầm và đăng tải. Tài liệu tiếng Anh gồm đầy đủ mục tiêu bài học, phương pháp giảng dạy theo trình tự giúp nâng cao chất lượng bài giảng.

Period: 31 Week: 30


Lesson 1 – SKILLS 2

I. OBJECTIVES: By the end of this Unit, students will be able to:

- Listen for general and specific information about some space tourism services

- write a short paragraph using advertising language

II . PREPARATION: sub -board, pictures, cassette


Teacher’s and students’ activities


Activity 1:

-Draw Ss' attention to the pictures. Elicit what they find interesting about them (a person relaxing on a planet in a spacesuit, people pulling suitcases for holidays in the universe, etc.)

For a more able class, T may ask if Ss know anything about space tourism. Ss then may have a discussion as a class about what kind of services they think might be offered.

Activity 2:

-Have Ss read the questions first. Remind them that they can only write no more than three words to answer the questions. Allow Ss to listen to the recording several times and give them plenty of time to complete this task.

Activity 3:

-Before playing the recording again, challenge Ss to match the numbers to their references with what they remember from the last listening. Then Ss listen to either check or complete the task.

WRITING: Persuasive language for advertisements

-Activity 4:

Explain that advertisements are written in a special way to persuade customers to buy or use a product or service. Have Ss analyse the first advertisement and underline the words or phrases that make it sound more persuasive.

Then ask Ss to work in pairs to analyse the last two advertisements. If time allows, T may bring in other print advertisements or TV commercials (in English or Vietnamese) for the analysis. After Ss have completed the task, introduce the Language skills box. For a more able class, ask Ss to add more adjectives that they think may be used in advertisements.

Activity 5:

- Ask Ss to look out for hints in the words used when doing this task. For example, 'shine' may go with ' shampoo', 'bar' with 'chocolate', etc. Once Ss have finished, ask them to pay attention to the way the advertisements are written. Do they use any of the advertising techniques they have learnt so far? T may ask Ss to discuss which advertisements they like the most, and why.

Activity 6:

This task can be done as a group writing task.

Ss may work in small groups of three or four to decide together what their advertisements will be like. Remind Ss to select advertising techniques they have learnt (strong adjectives, active verbs, imperatives, comparatives, questions, etc.) for their text. Then have Ss work individually to write their advertisements.

Key: The recording is about space tourism.

Activity 2:


1 recreational, leisure, business

2. International Space Station

3. 'Spacewalk'

4. 'manned spaceflight'

5. costly, dangerous, unsustainable

Activity 3:


1. D 2 C 3. A 4. E 5. B

Audio script:

Dreaming of a holiday sunbathing on Mars, or playing some sports at a lunar resort and spa? While it may take decades for these ideas to come true, space tourism, which is space travel for recreational, leisure, or business purposes is becoming more realistic. Since 2001, the American company Space Adventures has flown tourists to the International Space Station to live and work alongside professional astronauts for up to 10 days. The company now offers a service called 'Spacewalk' where clients can leave the ISS and float above the Earth. It also plans to launch by 2018 its 'Circumlunar Mission', which takes clients to within 100 kilometres of the moon's surface. Virgin Galactic, the world's first spaceline, has been preparing to launch its first manned spaceflight. By 2015, almost 700 people from more than 50 different countries have paid deposits at the price of 250,000 per ticket. The possibility of travelling into space sounds wonderful, but it has been criticised as well. People say it's costly, dangerous, and unsustainable, since its growth could cause environmental problems including speeding up global warming.


'Become a lunar explorer. Join the greatest private expedition of our time.' An amazing, life-changing experience. ''Ready To Become An Astronaut?'


1. a bakery slogan

2. a shampoo product

3. a coffee product

4. a fuel-efficient car

5. a tourism slogan

6. a chocolate product

Key: (suggested)

1. Watch miracles happen as our extra-mild detergent removes all your stubborn stains! An excellent way to protect your clothes.

2. Have you tried our new delicious and healthy

yogurt? Its tasty freshness will brighten your day!

3. The most stylish bicycle ever. Designed with you in mind.


-Write new words then learn them by heart.

-Copy the exercise into notebooks.


Period: 32 Week: 30



I. OBJECTIVES: By the end of this Unit, students will be able to:

- Review the vocabularies and structures they have learnt to do the exercises.

II . PREPARATION: sub -board, pictures, cassette


Teacher’s and students’ activities


Activity 1:

Have Ss work individually to fill the gaps and then compare their answers with a partner. Challenge them

to complete the task without using the prompts.

Activity 2:

Ask Ss to work individually to do the matching exercise. If time allows, ask them to work in pairs to make sentences using the phrases.

Activity 3:

Have Ss first work individually and write down the actions in full sentences. Then ask Ss to work in pairs and talk about these actions.

Activity 4:

- Have Ss work individually to complete the task and then compare their answers with a partner. A cross means no relative pronoun is required.

Activity 5:

- Ask Ss to follow the instructions to play this game. If time allows, both alternatives can be done to provide Ss with further practice on defining relative clauses.

Activity 6:

- The role-play should be done in small groups first. While Ss role-play, go around and provide help. Later call on some volunteer groups to role play in front of the class.

Finished! Now I can ...

Ask Ss to complete the Finished! self-assessment. Identify any difficulties and weak areas and provide further practice.

Project: A holiday out of this world

Encourage Ss to design attractive posters by using graphics and impressive advertising language.

Alternatively, Ss can prepare a short slide show presentation (3-4 slides) to talk about their company's tour. Ss may include videos and sound files in their presentation if they wish.

On the day of presentation, organise a competition. Each group shows their advertisement or slide show, while the rest of the class acts as 'customers'. During each group presentation, allow time for, and encourage, questions and answers between the 'company' and the 'customers' about the trip. Have the class vote for the presentation they find most appealing.

1/ key

1. satellite

2. parabolic flight

3. habitable

4. attach

5. spacecraft

6. meteorites


1. to launch a spacecraft

2. to orbit Earth

3. to experience microgravity

4. to live aboard the ISS

5. to train to become an astronaut

6. to do experiments

3/ Key:

a / He had cleaned the house.

He had made a cake.

He had hung up balloons.

He had bought candles.

He had selected a nice music playlist.

He had chosen a funny movie.

b/ She had passed a swimming test.

She had learnt about the ISS.

She had taken parabolic flights.

She had studied spacecraft systems.

She had experienced microgravity.

She had tried crew activities.

4/ key

1. X

2. who

3. which

4. X

5. where

6. that


-Write new words then learn them by heart.

-Copy the exercise into notebooks.

-Prepare GETTING STARTED - Unit 2

Period: 33 Week: 30


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