130 Câu Ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh phân biệt thì Hiện tại đơn và thì Hiện tại tiếp diễn

English Tense: Present Simple & Present Continuous

Tài liệu Tiếng Anh chuyên đề phân biệt thì Hiện tại đơn và thì Hiện tại tiếp diễn dưới đây nằm trong bộ đề ôn tập Ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh cơ bản do VnDoc.com sưu tầm và đăng tải. Đề kiểm tra Tiếng Anh gồm 130 câu trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh khác nhau giúp bạn đọc củng cố kiến thức đã học về cách dùng, cấu trúc và dấu hiện nhận biết của 2 thì Tiếng Anh quan trọng này. Mời bạn đọc tham khảo!

1. Where ___________you (live)____________?

- I (live)______________in Xuan Hoa town.

2. What _______________he (do) ______________now?

- He (water)_________________flowers in his garden.

3. What _______________she (do)_____________?

- She(be)______________a teacher.

4. ____________you(be)in 4A?

- No,I (not be)_______________________.

5. Where _________________you (be) from?

6. At the moment , my sisters (play)____________volleyball and my brother (play)________________soccer.

7. It is 9.00, my family(watch)___________________tv.

8. In the summer, I usually (go)______________to park with my friends and in the spring , we (have )_____________Tet Holiday, I (be)________happy because I always (visit) _________ my grandparents.

9. _____________your father (go)_____________to work by bus ?

10. How ___________your sister (go)___________to school?

11. What time _____________they (get up)_________________?

12. What ____________they (do)________________in the winter?

13. Today,we (have)______________English.

14. Her favourite subject (be)__________________English .

15. Now, my brother (eat)_________________a banana.

16. Look! Aman (call)_________________you.

17. Keep silent ! I (listen )____________________to radio .

18. _______________you (play)_________________badminton now?

19. Everyday,my father (get up)_________________at 5.00 a.m but today ,he (get up) ____________ at 6.00a.m.

20. Every morning , I (watch)_________________tv at 10.00 but today , I (Listen ) _________ to music at 10.00.

21. Everyday , I(go) __________to school by bike but today I go to school by motorbike.

22. Every morning, my father (have) ______________a cup of coffe but today he (drink)______________ milk.

23. At the moment, I(read)_______________a book and my brother (watch)_______ TV.

24. Hoa (live)________________in Hanoi , Ha (live)________________in HCM City.

25. Hung and his friend (play)_______________badminton.

26. They usually (get up)___________________at 6.oo in the morning.

27. Ha never(go)_________________fishing in the winter but she always (do) ________ it in the summer.

28. My teacher (tell)__________________Hoa about Math.

29. There(be)____________________.animals in the circus.

30. _______________he (watch)______________tv at 7.00 every morning?

32. What _____________she (do ) _________________at 7.00 A.m?

33. How old _________she(be)?

34. How ___________she (be)?

35. My children (Go)________________to school by bike.

36. We (go)_______________to supermarket to (buy)______________some food .

37. Mr.Hung (go)________________to Hanoi every month.

38. Ha (like)______________coffee, but I (not like)______________it.

39. She (like )________________Tea,but she (not like)____________________coffee.

40. I (love)_______________ catbut I (not love)__________________dog.

41. Everyday ,I (go)______________to school on foot , but today I (go)___________ to school by bike.

42. Who you ___________ (wait) for, Vien? - I _______________________(wait)for Mr.Hung.

43. My sister (get)______________.dressed and (brush)_______________her teeth at 6.30 everyday.

44. Mrs.Huong (not live)_______________in town .She (live)________________in a house in the country.

45. How _________your children (go)_________________.to school everyday?

46. It’s 9 o’clock in the morning .Lien (be)________in her room.She (listen) ________ to music.

47. We_______________________(play) soccer in the yard now.

48. My father (go)___________.to work by bike.Sometimes he(walk)______________

49. _________.You (live)________near a market? _ It (be)____________noisy?

50. Now I (eat)_____________an apple and Hoa (listen)_______________.to music.

51. At the moment ,Nam and his friends (go)_______________________shopping.

52. In the autumn, I rarely (go)______________sailing and (go)__________to school.

53. I (write)_____________________________.a letter to my friend now.

54. At 12 a.m every day, I (have)______________lunch and (go)____________to bed.

55. On Monday, I (have)________________________.math and Art.

56. On Friday, I (have)______________________English.

57. At the moment, I (eat)______________.an orange and My sisters (Play)_______ Tennis.

58. _______her bag (be)? -No,they(not be)______________.

59. What time _____________your children(go)____________ to school?

60. He (live)________________in HCM City.

61. What time___________your brother (get)___________up?

62. My house (be)_________in the city and it (be)_________small.

63. Every morning , we (have)__________breakfast at 7.00 a.m.

64. This (be)________a book and there (be)_________pens.

65. Mr.Quang (live)____________in the country .His house (have)__________a garden.

66. Viet (not have)______________Literature on Friday.

67. What time _________you (start)___________your class?

68. ___________you (be)in class 4A?

69. Mrs.Ha (learn)__________________in Hanoi but she (not live)__________________ in Ha Noi.

70. My brother (not live )____________________in London , he (live )_______________ in Manchester.

71. Now ,Mr.Long (draw ) ____________________his house.

72. He (like)_____________APPLES but he (not like )_____________________banana.

73. __________________she (like)______________apples?

74. Usually,I (have)_________________lunch at 12.00.-__________________you (have) _________ lunch at 11.00?

75. He can (swim)_______________but I can’t(swim)_____________________.

76. At the moment , my sister (read)___________________a book.

77. I (like )__________________ice-cream.

78. What ___________________Mr. Ha (live)_______________?

79. The monkey can (climb)_________________ the tree.

80. Hang (go)__________________to the bookshop now because she ( want ) ___________ some book.

81. We (go) ______________to market and (buy)_________________some fruits.

82. Now, Lan (study)________________English and Lien (listen)______________to music.

83. Everynight , she (have)____________________dinner at 7.00 p.m

84. Every year, I usually (go)______________________Vietnam.

85. In the summer, I sometimes (go)____________________swimming.

86. Every everning, my mother (watch)_____________television.

87. Lan (have)_______________breakfast and (go)___________to school at 6.30a.m.

88. We (not read)___________________after lunch.

89. Tom (be)___________my friend .He (play)______________sports everyday.

90. ______________your students (play)__________soccer every afternoon?

91. He (go)_____________to bed at 11.30 p.m.

92. They (go)___________home and (have)___________lunch.

93. ___________he (play)__________sports?

94. He (teach)_______________in a big school in town.

95. Everyday she (go)____________to work by bike.

96. We usually (read)_________books,(listen)_________to music or (watch)_______TV.

97. Sometimes , I(play)__________badminton.

98. Ann(like)____________her job very much.

99. __________your mother(walk)_________to market?

100. Look! They (run)_________________________

101. Listen! My mother (sing)________________________a song.

102. Everynight, We (go)________________________to bed at 10p.m

103. Giang (like)_______________Music but I (like)____________________Math

104. Now, they (stay)___________________________in Hue.

105. My father (read)__________________________a newspaper in the morning.

106. Look! Ha (run)______________________.

107. Trang usually (listen)_______________to the teacher in the class, but she (not listen) _____________ now.

108. Where_____________________your father(be)?

- He (be)________________living room.He (watch)___________________________TV.

109.____________they (go) to school by bus today?

110. There(be)___________many flowers in our garden.

111. Everyday,Mr.Hung (not go)_______________________to work by car.

112. In the autumn, I rarely (go)_______________sailing and (go)____________to school.

113. I (write)________________________________a letter to my friend now.

114. At 12 a.m every day, I (have)________________lunch and (go)____________to bed.

115. On Monday, I (have)________________math and Art.

116. On Friday, I (have)____________________English.

117. At the moment, I (eat)_________________an orange and My sisters (Play) ______Tennis.

118. Now, He (look)________________his cat. It (eat)__________a mouse in the garden.

119. Phong, An , Ha, Lan (be)________________________ close friend.

120. ___________your mother(walk)_________to market?

121. It (be)__________10.00.We (learn)___________________our lesson.

122. What___________you (do)____________now?

123. __________your mother (walk) to work every day?

124. They (not play)________________soccer in the morning.

125. ____________Hai (work)____________in the garden at the moment?

126. My brother (do)______________________his homework in his room now. He do it every day.

127. James and his brother (play) __________________soccer at the moment. They (play) _____________ it every afternoon.

128. Where________________the old man (live)___________now?

129. Mr.Smith often (teach)_______________class 4A,but this morning he (teach) _____________ class 4B.

130. It’s 7.30 now. She (study)_______________ science in the classroom.

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