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Bài 1: Complete the sentences with a form of "other".

1. I got three letters. One was from my father. ____ one was from my sister. ____ letter was from my girlfriend.

2. Look at your hand. You have five fingers. One is your thumb. ____ is your index finger. ____ one is your middle finger. ____ finger is your ring finger. An ____ finger (the last of five) is your little finger.

3. Look at your hand. One is your right hand. ____ is your left hand.

4. I invited five people to my party. Of those five people, only John and Mary can come. ____ can’t come.

5. I invited five people to my party. Of those five people, only John and Mary can come. ____ people can’t come.

6. I would like some more books on this subject. Do you have any ____ books that you could lend me?

7. I would like some more books on this subject. Do you have any ____ that you could lend me?

8. There are many means of transportation. The airplane is one means of transportation. The train is ____

9. There are many means of transportation. The airplane is one. ____ are the train, the automobile and the horse.

10. There are two women standing on the corner. One is Helen Jansen and ____ is Pat Hendricks.

11. Alice reads The New York Times every day. She doesn’t read any ____ newspapers.

12. Some people prefer classical music, but ____ prefer rock music.

13. Individual differences in children must be recognized. Whereas one child might have a strong interest in mathematics and science, ____ child might tend toward more artistic endeavors.

14. I’ve almost finished. I just need ____ five minutes.

15. One of the most important inventions in the history of the world was the printing press. ____ was the electric light. ____ were the telephone, television and the computer.

16. Some babies begin talking as early as six months; ____ don’t speak until they are more than two years old.

17. One common preposition is from. ____ common one is in. ____ are by, for and of. The most frequently used preposition in English are at, by, for, from, in, of, to and with. What are some____ prepositions?

18. That country has two basic problems. One is inflation and ____ is the instability of the government.

19. I have been in only three cities since I came to the United States. One is New York and ____ are Washington D.C. and Chicago.

20. When his alarm went off this morning, he shut it off, rolled over and slept for____ twenty minutes.

21. They have three children. One has graduated from college and has a job. ____ is at Yale University. ____ is till living at home.

Bài 2: Fill in blanks by using forms of ‘other’

1. Two countries border on the United States. One is Canada. ____ is Mexico.

2. One of the countries I would lie to visit is Sweden. ____ is Mexico. Of course, besides these two countries, there are many places I would like to see.

3. Louis and I have been friends for a long time. We’ve known ____ since we were children.

4. A: I talked to Sam ____ day.

B: Oh? How is he? I haven’t seen him for ages.

5. In the Southwest there is a large area of land that has little or no rainfall, no trees and very few plants ____ than cactuses. In ____ words, this area of the country is a desert.

6. Thank you for inviting me to the picnic. I’d like to go with you, but I’ve already made ___ plans.

7. Some people are tall. ____ are short. Some people are fat. ____ are thin. Some people are nearsighted; ____ people are farsighted.

8. Mr. and Mrs. Jay love ____ . They support____ . They like ____. In ____ words, they are a happily married couple.

9. A: How often do you travel to Portland?

B: Every____ month. I go there to visit my grandmother in a nursing home

10. Could I borrow your pen? I need to write a check but I have nothing to write with ____ than this pencil.

Đáp án

Bài 1

1. Another/ the other

2. (another)/ (another)/ (another)/ (the other)

3. (the other)

4. (the others)

5. (the other)

6. (other)

7. (others)

8. (another)

9. (others)

10. (the other)

11. (other)

12. (others)

13. (another)

14. (another)

15. (another)/ (the others)

16. (others)

17. (another) (others) (other)

18. (the other)

19. (the others)

20. (another)

21. (another) (the other)

Bài 2:

1. The other

2. (the other)

3. (each other)

4. (the other)

5. (other) (other)

6. (other)

7. (others) (others) (other)

8. (each other) (each other) (each other) (other)

9. (other)

10. (other)

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