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Blacken the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the other three in each question.

Câu 1: A. worm

B. worse

C. work

D. more

Câu 2: A. coughed

B. laughed

C. matched

D. weighed

Blacken the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Câu 3: The objective is to promote the role of inhabitants and communities in the development of a modern architecture imbued ______ national identity.

A. against

B. for

C. by

D. with

Câu 4: .I must warn you I am not used to _______ so rudely.

A. speak

B. be spoken

C. speak to me

D. being spoken to

Câu 5: ___________these two sources is considered green energy because they produce a lot of pollution when they are burned.

A. Both of B. Because of C. On account of D. Neither of

Câu 6: Some people feel a strong ______ to keep their cultural identities.

A. urge

B. wish

C. craving

D. pressure

Câu 7: The lawyer rarely wears anything other than jeans and a T-shirt ________ the season.

A. whatever

B. whenever

C. wherever

D. however

Câu 8: Patients were ________ from the hospital because the beds were needed by other people

A. liberated

B. discharged

C. released

D. freed

Câu 9: Culture is the lens with which we evaluate everything around us; we _________ what is proper or improper, normal or abnormal, through our culture.

A. express

B. signal

C. evaluate

D. calculate

Câu 10: I was rather embarrassed when John gave me such a(n) _________ gift.

A. affluent

B. extravagant

C. rich

D. well- off

Câu 11:The party was _____________ I had expected

A. a hundred times funnier than

B. more a hundred times funny than

C. a hundred times more funny than

D. a hundred times funny more than

Câu 12:I can't give you the report I for today because I _____________ .

A. promised - didn't finish

B. have promised - haven't finished

C. have promised - didn't finish

D. promise - don't finish

Câu 13:There is no doubt that this volume is _______ for those interested in the syntax of free word order.

A. significance

B. of greatly significance

C. of great significance

D. in great significant

Câu 14: Al’s under the _______ to decide by the end of the month whether to move his company.

A. horse

B. gun

C. tree

D. table

Câu 15: There is a possibility that Jack will be late, ______, I will take his place

A. so if

B. unless

C. if

D. if so

Câu 16: It is desirable that the plane _____ as light as possible.

A. was

B. is

C. were

D. be

Blacken the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word or phrase that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions.

Câu 17: Turmeric can help in boosting immune system and fight off free radical attacks in the system.

A. destroying

B. enhancing

C. weakening

D. stopping

Câu 18: He said he was only joking, but his comments were so close to the bone.

A. offensive

B. annoying

C. personal

D. respectful

Blacken the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word or phrase that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions.

Câu 19: I think Mr. John is on the level because he always tells the truth and never tries to deceive others.

A. honest

B. dishonest

C. talented

D. intelligent

Câu 20: Television also interferes with family life and communication.

A. conflicts

B. comes

C. chats

D. goes

Read the following passage and blacken the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to
indicate the correct answer to the following questions.

South Pole explorer Ernest Shackleton never reached his goal of crossing Antarctica, but the circumstances that prevented him from reaching that goal pushed him to achieve an even more
amazing feat. In January 1915 Shackelton’s ship Endurance became trapped in the ice of
Antarctica. He and his crew of twenty-seven lived on the ship trapped in the ice floes for nine
months, until they had to abandon the ship when the ice crushed it. The day the ship sank, Shackleton wrote his new goal: “The task is to reach land with all members of the expedition.” The group camped on the ice floes for six months, until the ice broke up and they took small lifeboats to nearby uninhabited Elephant Island. During their time on the ship, ice, and island, Shackleton's group endured temperatures as low as twenty degrees below zero and had no daylight from May to July. They had to hunt scarce seals and penguins for food, and were hunted themselves by killer whales and sea leopards, which would rise through the ice in search of prey. Throughout this time, Shackleton demonstrated his leadership by rationing food, rotating use of warmer sleeping bags, and keeping a calm, positive attitude that helped morale. He also showed great courage as he and five of his men crossed eight hundred miles of dangerous ocean to the nearest inhabited island to seek help. Despite no maps and terrible weather, Shackeleton’s small boat reached the island where Shackleton and an even smaller group crossed unexplored, jagged mountains to reach a whaling station. He organized a rescue party to retrieve the rest of his crew, and despite the perils of living in south polar waters for almost two years, all twenty-seven men came back from the expedition. Shackleton never crossed the South Pole, but he completed the task of bringing back all of his crew alive.

Câu 21: Shackleton and his men had to abandon the Endurance when ____________.

A. ice crushed the ship

B. they ran out of food and had to leave to hunt for more

C. killer whales attacked the ship

D. the ship ran aground on Elephant Island

Câu 22: When did the expedition crew leave the Endurance?

A. In January 1915

B. In October 1915

C. In July 1915

D. In January 1917

Câu 23: What does the word “themselves” refer to?

A. scarce seals and penguins

B. Shackleton and his crew

C. preys

D. killer whales and sealeopards

Câu 24: What is the author's tone in the passage?

A. doubtful

B. admiring

C. sentimental

D. critical

Câu 25: What is the best title of the passage?

A. Shackleton's Amazing Feat

B. A Great Attempt to Cross Antarctica

C. Shackleton's Life in Antarctica

D. A Successful Expedition

Read the following passage and blacken the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to the following questions.

Free-standing sculpture that is molded or carved is a type familiar to almost everyone. Although certain free-standing figures or groups of figures can have only a single side intended for viewing, others are completed on all sides. As with all other forms of art, the ultimate shape of a sculpture reflects the artist's vision of individuals or experiences represented by the work. Throughout history, people everywhere have discovered a need for sculpture as a record of events and feelings.

Materials which can be sculptured do much to contribute to the artist's imagination. Wood, stone, metal, and various types of plastic and synthetics are all used as sculpting media. When sculptures are made of stone, wood, ivory, or even ice, the sculptor carves or chips the substance to reduce it to the necessary shape. Developing a sculptured image on all sides represents a change from the older approach when artists left the back portion of the figure unfinished and rough. In fact, sculpture in relief is completely attached to the flat background material and appears to be a part of it. Relief, which is completed only on one side intended for viewing, was the first type of sculpture created by man, when ancient sculptors removed the background material in a side of a tree or a cave to make their drawing appear more realistic. While creating a statue, the artist depends on the appropriate lighting to develop the figure because the quality of the final product relies on the interplay between light and shade. When the work is finished, the sculpture must be displayed in the same light as it was originally created. If a light from a source is too weak or too strong, the effect that the sculptor intended may be lost. For example, in painting, the light and shade give the image shape and solidity that cannot be altered by an external light in which it is displayed. When a sculpture is exhibited, the artist's work is brought to life by light, and its character can be altered by the control of the light source. A fundamental difference between a painting and a sculpture is that when viewing a painting, the audience can only see the point of view that the painter had intended. A free- standing sculpture can be seen from practically any angle. The job of the sculptor is then to attain the quality and the volume of the image from any possible point of view. In addition to carving a work, sculptures can be cast. In the process of casting, a sculpture can be reproduced in a mold when a liquefied medium is poured into shape. After the material from which the sculpture is made hardens, the mold is removed, and the work is cleaned of the excess and polished. Casting allows the artists to produce as many replicas as needed. Most commercially sold sculptures are made in this way.

Casting metals requires special care and skill. Bronze is the preferred metal because of its versatility and malleability. To make bronze sculpture, the space in a mold is filled with wax until it is melted by the heated metal. This process, sometimes called lost-wax, was favored by Benvenuto Cellini and was common among the artists in ancient China.

Câu 26: What is the main topic of this passage?

A. Differences between painting and sculpture

B. Sculpting techniques and media

C. Types of commercially produced sculptures

D. Reasons for enjoying sculpture

Câu 27: The word “ ultimate” is closest in meaning to

A. ulterior

B. final

C. formal

D. formidable

Câu 28: According to the passage, the purpose of sculpture as a form of art is to

A. Display a group of figures

B. Reflect a human need for freedom

C. Express an artistic vision

D. Commemorate individuals and events

Câu 29: According to the passage, all the following are true of sculpture EXCEPT that

A. it can be found in all parts of the world

B. it has undergone change since the early times

C. it can be created from many substances

D. it is no longer useful for people

Câu 30: The author of the passage implies that the most important factor in showing a
sculpted work is

A. the effect of light on the sculpted image

B. the development of the sculpted figure

C. the shape of the material for sculpting

D. the strength of the light source

Câu 31: What does the author mention as an important difference between a painting and a sculpture?

A. A painting does not need shading to be displayed.

B. A painting can be viewed from only one position.

C. A sculpture needs to have proper light.

D. A sculpture does not look good from all angles.

Câu 32: Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a sculpturing medium?

A. Wax

B. Ivory

C. Stone

D. Ice

Câu 33: The word “ replicas” is closest in meaning to

A. replacements

B. molds

C. reproductions

D. monuments

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