Phiếu bài tập ôn ở nhà môn Tiếng Anh lớp 7- số 4

Exercise 1: Write questions and answers using the following structure.
1. You/go to school/ every day? Half an hour.
2. Your father/drive to work/every day? 45 minutes
3. fly from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city? About 2 hours
4. You/walk home/last night? 1 hour.
5. Your sister/finish/homework/yesterday? 2 hours.
Exercise 2. Make the questions for the underlined parts.
1. Most of my classmates go to school by bicycle.
2. It is about three kilometers from my house to the nearest town.
3. It often takes me 15 minutes to go to school every day.
4. My new camera is 100 dollars.
5. Trung usually rides his motorbike very carefully.
Exercise 3. Rewrite the sentences with “USED TO”.
1. I usually stayed up late to watch football matches last year, but now I don’t.
I used __________________________________________________________________________
2. Linda doesn’t live with her parents any more.
Linda used ______________________________________________________________________
3. Mr Ethan went to work by car some years ago, but now he doesn’t.
Mr Ethan used ___________________________________________________________________
4. My mother washed clothes by hand in the past, but she doesn’t.
How long + does/did + it + take (somebody) to V?
It takes/took (somebody) + time + to V
My mother used __________________________________________________________________
5. There were some trees in the field, but now there aren’t any.
There used ______________________________________________________________________
6. He is not a poor man any more.
He used ________________________________________________________________________
7. There wasn’t much traffic when I was small.
There __________________________________________________________________________
8. My uncle was a bus driver some years ago, but now he has a desk job.
My uncle _______________________________________________________________________
Exercise 4. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.
A. car
B. date
C. lazy
D. hate
A. centre
B. let
C. belt
D. security
A. safety
B. traffic
C. station
D. plane
A. seat
B. head
C. heavy
D. weather
A. head
B. break
C. bread
D. heavy
A. lake
B. came
C. station
D. start
A. seatbelt
B. bread
C. ahead
D. healthy
A. enter
B. mention
C. vehicle
D. helicopter
Exercise 5. Choose the best answer.
1. We couldn’t go along here because the road _______ yesterday.
A. is repairing B. was repaired C. is being repaired D. is repaired
2. I have been there _______ times than I should.
A. much B. fewer C. many D. less
3. Do you have _______ children than Tim?
A. few B. as C. less D. more
4. When you make an apple pie, put a little _______ wine. It will taste better.
A. more B. few C. less D. many
5. I have been to American _______ than 10 times.
A. more B. few C. less D. more than
6. I’m so sad to tell you that you have made even _______ mistakes than your last time.
A. many B. more C. much D. less
Exercise 6. Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the given words.
1. Go straight ahead and take the __________ on the left! TWO
2. Your map is very __________ on our holiday. USE
3. What a __________ dress! Did you make it yourself? LOVE
4. Doing volunteer work is a __________ way of spending your free time. WONDER
5. Pets are kept by many people for __________. PLEASE
6-7. Jane is the best __________ and her sister is the best __________ in our school. GUITAR/PIANO
8-9. Road users are pedestrians, drivers, __________ and __________. CYCLE/MOTOR
Exercise 7. Read the passage and decide if the statements are true or false.
Car safety for children
Make sure:
- children sit in the back seat
- small children use a child restraint or booster seat that fits them
- everyone is wearing their seatbelts and they are fitted correctly
- children get in and out on the footpath side of the car
- children walk with their parents to the school gate in the mornings, and after school children walk
with their parents to the car
- take extra care on wet days
- children should only play outdoors in areas protected well from traffic, including driveways
- children need to ask an adult to get the ball that goes onto the road while they are playing
1. Children should sit in the front seat. _____
2. Small children should have special seats for their own security while riding in a car. _____
3. Only children should wear seatbelts when they are in a car. _____
4. Make sure that the seatbelts are fitted correctly. _____
5. Children can get in and out from both sides of the car. _____
6. It is for the safety of children that they have to get in and out on the footpath side of the car. _____
7. Parents should walk to the school gate with their children in the mornings. _____
8. After school, parents should walk to the school gate to meet their children and walk them to the car.
9. Children should be more careful when it is a rainy day. _____
10. Children can walk across the street to pick up the ball without help from an adult. _____
Exercise 9. Put the words/ phrases from the box in each space to complete the following
1. The government has introduced a new __________________ campaign in an attempt to reduce the
number of road accidents.
2. A __________________ is a hard hat which covers and protects the whole head, worn especially by
3. The students looked on our map to find the way to the _________________.
4. Roadworks have caused __________________ throughout the city centre.
5. A __________________ is a place on a road at which vehicles must stop to allow people to walk
across the road.
6. You should know the regulations in order to become a good _____________.
7. A _______________ is an official document that shows you are able to drive.
8. Slow down because you’re breaking the __________________.
9. We needed to get to Ho Chi Minh city, but we don’t have __________________.
10. Motorbikes are one of the most commonly-used ____________________ in Vietnam.
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