Thì của Động từ trong Mệnh đề trạng ngữ chỉ thời gian

Thì của Động từ trong Mệnh đề trạng ngữ chỉ thời gian

Thì của Động từ trong Mệnh đề trạng ngữ chỉ thời gian là tài liệu bao gồm các bài tập về Thì của Động từ trong Mệnh đề trạng ngữ chỉ thời gian giúp các bạn trau dồi kiến thức Ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh cơ bản và thực hành hiệu quả. Sau đây mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

Bài tập tổng hợp về chia động từ

Mệnh đề trạng ngữ chỉ thời gian

Tổng hợp bài tập trắc nghiệm về các thì trong tiếng Anh

1. After Jessica............. her degree, she intends to work in her father's factory.

A. will finish B. will have finished C. finishes D. is finishing

2. By the time I go to bed tonight, I work for the day.

A. will finish B. have finished C. will have finished D. finish

3. When my parents....for a visit tomorrow, they will see our new baby for the first time.

A. will arrive B. arrived C. will have arrived D. arrive

4. Fatemah looked down to discover a snake at her feet. When she saw it, she.............

A. was screaming B. had screamed C. screamed D. screams

5. By the time Alfonso finally graduated from high school, different schools because his parents moved frequently.

A. attended B. was attending C. had attended D. had been attended

6. Until you learn to relax more, you..........your ability to speak English.

A. haven't improved B. aren't improving C. don't improve D. won't improve

7. I borrowed four books on gardening the last the library.

A. go B. went C. had gone D. have gone

8. Before I stared the car, all of the passengers....................their seat belts.

A. will buckle B. had buckled C. buckle D. have buckled

9. It seems that whether I traveled abroad I take something I need.

A. forgot B. am forgetting C. forget D. had forgotten

10. When I see the doctor this afternoon, I ......him to look at my throat.

A. will ask B. asked C. will have asked D. ask

11. After ancient Greek athletes won a race in the Olympics, they....a simple crown of olive leaves.

A. received B. had received C. were receiving D. have received

12. After the race......., the celebration began.

A. had been won B. is won C. will be won D. has been won

13. I'll return Bob's pen to him the next time I .......him.

A. see B. will see C. will have seen D. have seen

14. I ........all of the questions correctly since I began this grammar exercise on verb tenses.

A. am answering B. answer C. have answered D. answered

15. A small stone struck the windshield while we ..........down the gravel road.

A. drive B. were driving C. had driven D. had been driving

16. As soon as Martina saw the fire, she......the fire department.

A. was telephoning B. telephoned C. had telephoned D. telephones

17. Before Jennifer won the lottery, she ...............any kind of contest.

A. hasn't entered B. didn't enter C. wasn't entering D. hadn't entered

18. Every time Prakash sees a movie made in India, he..........homesick.

A. will have felt B. felt C. feels D. is feeling

19. Since I left Venezuela six years ago, I visit friends and family several times.

A. return B. will have returned C. am returning D. have returned

20. When he was washing his new car, Mr. De Rosa.........a small dent in the rear fender.

A. has discovered B. was discovering C. is discovering D. discovered

21. Yesterday while I was jogging in the park, Matthew......on the company's annual report.

A. was working B. had been working C. has worked D. works

22. have children until his little daughter was born. After she won his heart, he decided he wanted a big family.

A. didn't want B. hadn't wanted C. wasn't wanting D. hasn't wanted

23. After the horse threw her to the ground for the third time, Jennifer picked herself up and said, "I ...on another horse as long as I live".

A. never ride B. have never ridden C. will never ride D. do not ride

24. The next time New York, he will visit the Metropolitant Museum's famous collection of international musical instruments.

A. will fly B. flies C. has flown D. will have flown

25. Ever since Maurice arrived, he.......quietly in the corner. Is something wrong?

A. sat B. has been sitting C. sits D. is sitting

26. After Nancy.........for twenty minutes, she began to feel tired.

A. jogging B. had been jogging C. has been jogging D. has jogged

27. Peter, ......since you got home from football practice?

A. have you eaten B. will you eat C. are you eating D. do you eat

28. By the time the young birds........the nest for good, they will have learned how to fly.

A. will leave B. will have left C. are leaving D. leave

29. The last time I Athens, the weather was hot and humid.

A. had been B. was C. am D. will be

30. The farmer acted too late. He locked the barn door after his horse.........

A. had been stolen B. will be stolen C. is stolen D. has been stolen

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