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Tổng hợp cấu trúc viết lại câu tiếng Anh

Mời các bạn vào tham khảo Tổng hợp công thức viết lại câu tiếng Anh hay gặp do VnDoc.com sưu tầm và đăng tải dưới đây nhằm đem đến cho các bạn nguồn tài liệu hữu ích về dạng bài viết lại câu trong tiếng Anh là một trong những dạng bài quan trọng, đặc biệt luôn luôn xuất hiện trong đề thi THPT Quốc gia những năm gần đây. Sau đây mời các bạn tham khảo.


Tổng hợp cấu trúc viết lại câu tiếng anh

Ex: Because she behaves well, everybody loves her. Because of her good behaviour, everybody loves her.

Because of his bad behavior, he must be punished. As he behaved badly, he must be punished.


Tổng hợp công thức viết lại câu tiếng Anh

Ex: Although it rains, we go to school on time. Despite/ In spite of the rain, we go to school on time.

Despite the noise, we continued to study our lessons. Though it was very noisy, we continued to study our lessons.


Tổng hợp cấu trúc viết lại câu tiếng Anh có bài tập

Ex: The film was so good that I saw it three times. It was such a good film that I saw it three times.

It is such a bad book that nobody reads it. This book is so bad that nobody reads it.


Công thức viết lại câu tiếng Anh

Ex: Mary is too young to get married. Mary isn’t old enough to get married.

The tea was not cool enough for her to drink. The tea was too hot for her to drink.


Cấu trúc viết lại câu tiếng Anh

Ex: This raincoat is so small that she can’t wear it. This raincoat is too small for her to wear.

It was such an interesting novel that I read it many times. The novel was interesting enough for me to read many times.

This question is easy enough for us to answer. This question is so easy that we can answer.

The box was too heavy for the child to carry. It was such a heavy box that the child couldn’t carry it.


Tổng hợp tất cả công thức viết lại câu tiếng Anh

Ex: To live on my salary must be hard. I find it hard to live on my salary.

MODEL 7 (Câu điều kiện)

Cấu trúc viết lại câu trong tiếng Anh

Note: Clause 1 + so + clause 2 If + clause 1 … , clause 2

Clause 1 + because + clause 2 If + clause2 … , clause1

Ex: He can’t do the test because it is too difficult. If the test weren’t too difficult, he could do it.

I didn’t eat anything so I was hungry. I wouldn’t have been hungry if I had eaten something.


cấu trúc If …not

Công thức viết lại câu trong tiếng Anh

Note: Không được thay đổi loại điều kiện, chỉ thay đổi loại điều kiện đã cho.

Ex: Unless it rains, we will go to the movies. (loại 1) If it doesn’t rain, we will go to the movies. (loại 1)

If they didn’t attend class regularly, they couldn’t understand the lesson. (loại 2)

Unless they attended class regularly, they couldn’t understand the lesson. (loại 2)


Tổng hợp cấu trúc viết lại câu trong tiếng Anh

Ex: Tom and Mary have been married for five years. It is five years since Tom and Mary were married.

I haven’t seen my father for one month. It’s one month since I last saw my father.

MODEL 10 (Câu ao ước)

Tổng hợp công thức viết lại câu trong tiếng Anh

Ex: She won’t visit me again. I wish she would visit me again.

My wife can’t speak French. I wish my wife could speak French.

What a pity you failed in your driving test. I wish you hadn’t failed in your drivingtest.

Bài tập viết lại câu tiếng Anh có đáp án

1.The last time I went to Ho Chi Minh City was ten years ago.

It ________________________________________________.

2. Although he was very tired, he tried to help me with my homework.

Tired as_______________________________________.

3. The car is too expensive. I can’t afford it.

It was_______________________________.

4. It's the first time I've been to New York.

I haven’t__________________________.

5. “You damaged my camera", said Hung to his sister.

Hung accused___________________________.

6. We didn't have any holidays until this summer.

It was not____________________________.

7. If you hadn’t studied hard, you would have failed the exam.


8. Lan is pretty but Mai is prettier.

Mai is the_____________________________.

9. This is the best film I’ve ever seen.


10. My school has over 800 students.

There are______________________________.

11. People say that that plane crashed into the mountains.

That plane______________________________________.

12. She tries to learn English well so as to communicate with foreigners.

She tries to learn English well with______________________________.

13. I started teaching English three years ago.

I have________________________________.

14. No one in my class is more intelligent than Lan.


15.This exercise was very difficult. We couldn’t do it.

This exercise was so____________________________.

16. But for your help, I couldn’t have passed the exame.


17. “When will you come back, Nga?”

I asked________________________.

18. No one has bought this house.

This house_________________________.

19. She didn't take an umbrella so she got wet.

She wouldn't_____________________.

20. It was a mistake for him to buy that house.

He shouldn’t_______________________.

21. Although Nam was very tired, he tried to finish his work.


22. We couldn't go camping because of the storm.

The storm___________________________.

23. It's ages since I last talked to him.

I have __________________________________

24. The book was so interesting that we couldn’t put it down.

It was____________________________________.

25. He said to me “Don’t stay up late.”

He told me__________________.

26. The damage was so great that it would cost millions of dollars to repair.


27. She didn’t graduate from university until 1980.

It was not_________________________________.

28. The hotel didn’t come up to our expectations.

The hotel fell_____________________________.

29. Mr Hung is the most intelligent person I’ve ever known.

I have never_______________________________.

30.The only way you can become a good English speaker is by practising English every day.

Only by__________________________________.

31. “It certainly wasn’t me who stole your bag!" said Lan

Lan denied__________________________.

32. I’m sorry that I didn’t come there yesterday.

I wish_________________________________.

33. If I am not busy, I will do some shopping with you.


34. ”If I were you, I wouldn’t do that.” He said

He advised____________________________.

35. “Shall I carry your suitcase, Lan?” said Nam.

Nam offered__________________________.

36. ”Yes, all right, I’ll share the food with you, Quang”

Nga agreed_____________________________.

37. “Can you remember to buy some vegetables, Mary?”

Peter reminded________________________.

38. “Don’t stand there, the man said to his son.

The man ordered_________________________________.

39. “I’m sorry I’m late", said Ha

Ha apologized________________________________.

40. "Shall we go somewhere for a cup of coffee?" Mary said.

Mary suggested_________________________________.

41. Hung said to Nga, "Why don't you take an umbrella?” Hung suggested .

42. "Would you like another cup of tea?" the lady said to the guest.

The lady invited___________________________________.

43. Lan said to her brother, "I didn't use your phone."

Lan denied_________________________________.

44. “You won the first prize. Congratulations!” Mai told me.

Mai congratulated________________________________.

45. “You cheated in the final exam.” said The teacher to Trang.

The teacher accused_____________________________.

46. “It was kind of you to help me with my homework” Lan said to Hoa.

Lan thanked________________________________________.

47. She was sentenced to six months in prison for her part in the robbery.

She received________________________________________.

48. He is too short to play basketball.

He is not_____________________.

49. If you want my advice, I would sell this house.

If I__________________________.

50. I would prefer you to do your homework.

I would rather_____________________________.

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