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Write about seasons, using these suggestions

. Spring summer, autumn, winter.

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  • Gấu Bắc Cực
    Gấu Bắc Cực

    Each year there are four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. But my favorite season is autumn. Autumn starts from July to September of the year. In autumn, the weather is very cool, easing the harsh sun of the dazzling summer. Fall is the back-to-school season for all the students after a long summer break. In autumn, children are happy to welcome the mid-autumn festival and dance a lion. I really love autumn.

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    • Mèo Ú
      Mèo Ú

      Spring is a time for doing things. It seems everyone is full of energy. The days become warmer so everyone spends more time outside. Winter is finishing, so the countryside becomes greener.

      I love watching the new flowers in my garden in spring. I watch the tulips grow and then I know winter is over. I wonder what it’s like to live in countries that don’t have four seasons.

      They miss out on what it’s like to welcome spring and see everything come alive. Spring has to be the best season. It definitely makes you feel very positive about life.

      It’s a good time to clean your house from top to bottom. We call this spring cleaning. Spring also means the weather gets warmer and you can do more things outside.

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      • Vợ là số 1
        Vợ là số 1

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