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Bài tập trắc nghiệm về Đại từ trong tiếng Anh có đáp án

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Exercise 1
1. _______ of them has been turned in stone.
No one b. Not one c. No d. Even one
2. Which thief got a fright? _______ with the money.
a. He b. Him c. That d. The one
3. Erna's friends will be on the coast. That's where _______ of them will be.
a. more b. the most c. most d. the more
4. We are all very excited_______ are very excited.
a. All me b. Us all c. All us d. All of us
5. They didn't steal anything. They stole_______
a. anything b. not anything c. not nothing d. nothing
6. Which boxes contained clothing?
a. The wooden b. The wood c. The woody ones d. The wooden ones
7. He wasn't noticed by_______ as he crept off the boat.
a. no one b. none c. anyone d. not one
8. John is a cousin of_______
a. him b. his c. he d. himself
9. John, what is that noise? Is there_______ on the street?
a. something b. nothing c. anything d. none thing
10. Please take these papers and give_______ to Mike.
a. them b. it c. one d. that
11. Tom asked Ann and_______ about the new theatre.
a. I b. my c. me d. self
12. Janice and _______ live in an apartment.
a. me b. my c. self d. I
13. Tom is going to lose_______ job.
a. him b. his c. he d. he's
14. A very large snake killed_______ victims.
a. its b. his c. her d. it
15. I don't want you to pay for me. I'll pay for_______
a. me b. yourself c. myself d. mine
16. It's our own fault. We blame_______
a. ours b. us c. ourselves d. out
17. Tom and Ann stood in front of the mirror and looked at_______
a. each other b. themselves c. them d. herself
18. Tom looked at Ann; Ann looked at Tom. They looked at_______
a. themselves b. them c. each other d. together
19. Domestic eats often show loyalty to them owners by leaving freshly killed prey such as
birds for_______ to find.
a. they b. he c. them d. their
20. The United States and Canada have many trade agreements that benefit_______
VnDoc - Ti tài liu, văn bn pháp lut, biu mu min p
a. on the other b. other c. other one d. each other
Exercise 2
1. James is very interested in mathematics and _______ applications.
a. its b. their c. them d. it
2. My picture is different from_______
a. them b. theirs c. they d. themselves
3. He asked _______ to leave the office then.
a. our b. we c. us d. ours
4. You and_______ have to finish this before noon.
a. me b. my c. mine d. I
5. Mr. Scott has a garage. The garage is_______
a. to him b. of him c. of his d. his
6. everybody knows him, know him.
a. they all b. each c. every d. all they
7. Did_______ happen? No, nothing happened.
a. nothing b. anything c. any d. a thing
8. Neither of us spoke. We_______
a. neither spoke b. either spoke c. both didn't speak d. neither didn’t speak
9. This note is only a reminder. It's_______
a. nothing b. no one c. nothing extra d. nothing more
10. _______ is your favourite sport? Fishing.
a. Who b. Which c. Whom d. Whose
11. He doesn't catch anything. He never catches_______
a. nothing b. anything c. something d. everything
12. I am only interested in doing nothing. That's _______ I'm interested in.
a. only b. the one c. all d. the only
13. The girls write_______ regularly now.
a. only b. the one c. all d. the only
14. He could do nothing. He couldn't do_______
a. something b. nothing c. anything d. everything
15. The porter and I looked at each other, _______ both smiled.
a. I b. he c. we c. they
16. Do you like my picture? It's_______
a. a new b. one new c. new one d. a new one
17. I doubt whether_______ could read your letter, your hand writing is really terrible.
a. somebody b. anybody c. nobody d. everybody
18. They told_______ there was nothing to be afraid of.
a. them b. their c. they d. themselves
19. There isn't_______ in the next room.
a. nobody b. no one c. any one d. someone
20. Have you learned by heart all those five poems? I have learned _______
a. both of them b. either of them c. neither of them c. none of them
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Exercise 3
1. The drive gave him a few biscuits; _______ was given a few biscuits.
a. to him b. him c. for him d. he
2. There was nothing else he could do. That was_______
a. the whole b. complete c. very d. all
3. One is never too old to learn; _______ are never too old to learn.
a. we b. you c. they d. everyone
4. Both men realized what was happening; _______ could do anything about it.
a. they neither b. neither of them c. neither they d. either of them
5. They complete_______
a. against one another b. the one against the
c. each against the other d. against each one
6. He gave_______ which had not been written out.
a. the copy to him b. him a copy c. a copy to him d, his the copy
7. It is _______ he is very proud of.
a. the fact b. something c. that which d. what
8. He threatened to remove_______ by force.
a. two b. them both c. two of them d. both them
9. Can there be_______ who has not stood in awe at the sight?
a. no one b. none c. someone d. anyone
10. The telescope was designed to distinguish between random signals and_______ which
might be in code.
a. these b. those c. ones d. them
11. Those coats are_______
a. them b. their c. theirs d. they
12. John and his friend gave many books to_______
a. each other b. others c. one another d. each another
13. His friends are rich, but_______ are poor.
a. me b. friends of me c. mine d. my
14. It is_______ who says that you do not love her.
a. she b. her c. hers d. herself
15. They send some books to my sister and _______
a. I b. me c. myself d. mine
16. My father said_______ would invite our teacher to dinner on Saturday.
a. of we b. so we c. we d. that if we
17. _______ of the students in my class could solve the problem yesterday.
a. none b. neither c. either d. not much
18. Pick out the correct sentence.
a. They fight each other everyday b. They flight themselves
c. They fight one another d. a and c are correct

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