Bài tập về đại từ bất định trong tiếng Anh

Bài tập về đại từ bất định trong tiếng Anh

Đại từ không xác định không dùng để chỉ người hay vật nào cụ thể cả, không xác định. Một vài đại từ không xác điịnh như sau: all, another, any, anybody/anyone, anything, each, everybody/everyone, everything, few, many, nobody, none, one, several, some, somebody/someone,... Dưới đây là Bài tập về đại từ bất định trong tiếng Anh để giúp bạn củng cố lại các kiến thức đã học.

Tổng hợp bài tập về đại từ quan hệ trong tiếng Anh

Đại từ bất định trong tiếng Anh

Tổng hợp bài tập về Đại từ Quan hệ và Mệnh đề Quan hệ trong tiếng Anh

I. Choose from "none, nobody, nothing, or neither" to complete each question.

1. Did somebody knock on the door? No, _________________ knocked on the door.

2. Did either of the solutions work? No, _________________ of the solutions worked.

3. Does anybody here speak English? No, _______________ here speaks English.

4. Are any of your sisters married? No, _________________ of my sisters are married.

5. Did something happen? No, ___________________ happened.

6. Does either of your brothers live with you? No, ____________________ of my brothers lives with me.

7. Do any of your friends smoke? No, ___________________ of my friends smoke.

8. Did you see anything? No, I saw _______________.

II. Fill in the gaps with "somebody, anybody, nobody, something, anything, nothing, somewhere, anywhere or nowhere".

1. I know __________ about this issue that you may find interesting, but if I tell you, you must promise to keep it secret.

2. __________ lives here. There is no water.

3. I spent the night __________ near the beach.

4. __________ could have jumped over this wall, and stole your rake. It's very low.

5. __________ scares him. He's very brave.

6. There is __________ to park here. Let's go __________ else to park.

7. Would you like __________ to wash your hands?

8. May I have __________ for dessert, please?

9. They took him __________ in London, and he never returned.

10. Please don't leave __________ behind at home. We'll be away for a fortnight.

11. She needs __________ to love. She's very lonely.

12. They will not sing __________ in this city. They said that they would never come back.

13. There isn't __________ you can do to help them. __________ can help them.

14. We do not need __________ else to run this department. We can do it ourselves.

15. __________ is ringing the bell. Go and see who it is.

16. __________ phoned while we were out, but they did not leave a message.

17. __________ tells me that there is __________ fishy going on.

18. They are looking for __________ to settle down and have children. They want to find a quiet place to lead a quiet life.

19. "Where would you like to stay?" - "__________ will do provided it is a clean place."

20. "Is there __________ at home?" - "I don't think there is __________. Mum and dad must have gone out."

III. Choose the best answer.

1. The Turkish manager hasn't got _________ to say about the teams's terrible performance.

a. anything

b. everything

c. nothing

d. somebody

2. We have got _________ new to play our matches. It is a big park near the town centre.

a. anywhere

b. somewhere

c. somebody

d. nothing

3. _________ happened to Liverpool last season. They played really badly.

a. Something

b. Somebody

c. Everyone

d. Someone

4. I couldn't find a post office _________.

a. everyone

b. somewhere

c. somebody

d. anywhere

5. Can you answer the phone? ________ is calling.

a. Everybody

b. No one

c. Someone

d. Nobody

6. Did you win _________ important last year?

a. anything

b. nothing

c. nobody

d. anywhere

7. As soon as I walked in, I noticed that _________ was missing.

a. anyone

b. nowhere

c. anybody

d. something

8. They had difficulties finding _________ to live.

a. nobody

b. somewhere

c. anywhere

d. everybody

9. There was _________ inside. The building was empty.

a. everybody

b. somebody

c. nobody

d. body

10. He claimed that he did __________ wrong.

a. nothing

b. nobody

c. anyone

d. anywhere

IV. Choose the best answer.

1. Don't tell _____ lies to me; you cannot deceive me any longer.

a. some

b. no

c. none

d. no one

e. any

2. She didn't have ________ mistakes in her paper.

a. some

b. any

c. no

d. no one

e. none

3. Are there ________ books for me today? . No, there are not ______ books for you today.

a. any – any

b. some – some

c. any – some

d. anyone – some

e. something – no

4. "Have you seen my radio?" - "No, I haven't seen it ___________."

a. where

b. nowhere

c. everywhere

d. somewhere

e. anywhere

5. He couldn't find ________ wrong with the food.

a. some

b. nothing

c. anything

d. every

e. no

6. The room is empty. There is ______ in it.

a. anybody

b. somebody

c. nobody

d. anything

e. something

7. I ever eat _______ for breakfast.

a. something

b. whatever

c. nothing

d. anything

e. something

8. He left without ________ money.

a. some

b. no

c. no one

d. any

e. none

09. _________ cures a headache faster than an aspirin.

a. Nothing

b. None

c. Nobody

d. Somebody

e. Anybody

10. _________ of you can speak English well.

a. None

b. No one

c. Nobody

d. Anybody

e. Someone

V. Select the verb that agrees with the subject.

1. Everyone in the class _____ these exercises to be beneficial.

a. has found

b. have found

2. Each of the students _____ wearing a colourful outfit at the picnic.

a. were

b. was

3. Everyone, including the parents, _____ yelling when the game ended.

a. were

b. was

4. Everyone, even the majority of Canadians, _____ to learn more about recycling trash.

a. need

b. needs

5. Anyone wanting to enhance their lives _____ to take a computer class.

a. need

b. needs

6. Several of the ethnic communities in our city _____ as old as the city itself.

a. are

b. is

7. Few _____ the wish to be silent.

a. have

b. has

8. Each of the children _____ giggling or laughing.

a. was

b. were

9. Some of the water in our yards _____ from a hole in the drainage pipe.

a. enter

b. enters

10. All of the herbs the chef uses _____ from his own garden.

a. come

b. comes

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