Các đoạn văn mẫu viết các chủ đề thi nói chứng chỉ B Tiếng Anh

Các đoạn văn mẫu viết các chủ đề thi nói chứng chỉ B Tiếng Anh

Các đoạn văn mẫu viết các chủ đề thi nói chứng chỉ B Tiếng Anh được VnDoc.com đăng tải, giúp các bạn học Tiếng Anh hiệu quả. Qua những đoạn văn mẫu này, các bạn sẽ nâng cao khả năng viết luận Tiếng Anh, đồng thời, hỗ trợ việc thi nói chứng chỉ B một cách hiệu quả.

PET Practice Tests

Tổng hợp đề thi nói Tiếng Anh B2 (FCE)

Đề thi mẫu Tiếng Anh bằng B2 Châu Âu

1. Why do you learn English? What are the benefits of learning English well?

I like learning English because it brings me many benefits. Firstly, it is a compulsory requirement in Angiang University. I need to get a Level-B certificate of English to be delivered my university degree. Secondly, it helps me be able to read materials in English. It is the knowledge of English that enables me to learn how to use computer easily and collect much useful information on the internet. Thirdly, My English ability makes me able to communicate with foreigners in necessary cases, giving me good conditions when applying for jobs. Moreover, English helps me know further about another culture. It is English that widens my understanding about the world outside. In summary, I like learning English because it is very necessary for my study, my job, and my knowledge-widening.

2. What do you need in order to get a good job?

To get a good job, we must meet all working criteria that the employers require. Technically, we must have enough ability to do the job effectively. We should have working experience and know how to tackle all situations generating during the process of working. Communicatively, we should have good communicative skills. We should know what our employers need and know how to please them. Also, we should be popular and friendly to our colleagues. Sentimentally, we should show the employers our love for the job. We should make them understand that we apply for the job because we love it and really want to do it. It is this love that enables us work effectively and attach with them for a long time. In short, to get a good job, we must have good professional knowledge, good communicative skills, and the love for it.

3. How is computer useful for your work or your study?

Computer currently helps me much in my study. First of all, it helps me format my lessons effectively. I often type my lessons on the computer and format them to make them attractive to eyes so that I may learn them by heart quickly and review them conveniently. Next, computer helps me keep my materials safely for future use. Today,
beside the hard drive, I often bring my USB’s with me and use them to save all what I want at any time and place. Moreover, I often update my materials on the screen. This enables me to create clear and tidy versions of materials and save up much time for other activities. On the other hand, computer is the most helpful friend helping me learn information and knowledge on the internet. Thanks to computer, I often access the internet and learn many things. Computer has made my understanding better day by day and become indispensable for my study.

4. Why do many people want to study abroad? What do we have to prepare to study abroad?

Studying abroad has many advantages. First, you are better trained because the education in developed countries is better than that of our country. Second, we can widen our understanding about another culture. Living abroad is a wonderful opportunity for us to learn about the customs there. Moreover, studying abroad improves our professional prestige, keeping us easy to find a well-paid job and to gain prestige in our working place. However, to study abroad smoothly, we must carefully prepare some necessary things in advance. English is the first thing for us to master. Without it, you can't understand anything and your study surely becomes a nightmare.

Next is cultural knowledge which enables you to adapt yourself to foreign communities and avoid cultural shocks. In addition, you should prepare psychology against homesickness because you can not return to your homeland right away when you want. In summary, studying abroad successfully requires you to know about its positive points and how to deal with difficulties abroad.

5. What is your plan for the future?

I plan to become an accountant because it is an interesting career for several reasons. First, I am trained to do this job at the university.

I take many subjects relating to my future job. The examinations I havepassed show that I'll have enough ability to do the job well. Second, it can train me to become a very careful person in my life. I won't be allowed to make any mistakes because every mistake can lead to the losing of a big sum of money. Third, with this job, I hope I can help the poor or farmers to borrow money from banks to invest in their rice fields or do small business. Fourth, with this job, I can work indoors.

I needn't face the sunlight or dew like my parents working in the field. Especially, I can earn enough for myself and support my family, I hope so. The above things are the reasons why I plan to be an accountant in the future.

6. The advantages and disadvantages of watching TV

Everything is two-faced like the two faces of a coin, and so is watching TV. Watching TV has advantages. First, it widens our knowledge. Information on TV is diverse, letting the viewers know upto-date news from all fields of life such as news about politics, socioeconomy, scientific-technology, etc... Second, TV serves us as a means of relaxation. Films, plays, music shows on TV are available all day. We can enjoy these programs at home whenever we like.

Third, it is a good friend helping us kill time. Whenever we feel bored or do not know what to do. Simply turn on your TV set and you will surely feel OK soon. On the other hand, watching TV also has some disadvantages. Bad contents such as violent films, sexual exposures on the screen, and other sensitive topics may dangerously affect children. In addition, Watching TV too much or regularly also takes us much time and badly affects our health, especially our eyes. Finally, we have to pay some extra money for electricity consumption, too. In short, watching TV, which may be good or bad, depends on the way we use TV to serve our life.

7. How do you spend your summer vacation?

As a student, I don't have much free time beside those I love, so my summer vacation is the duration during which I often busy myself with many things at home all day. In the day time, I often do sundry things for my grandmother and help my parents to
do housework. In the evening, I go out with some of my old friends.

We often chat with each other in a cafe. Usually, when I am free from doing housework, I go and visit close relatives in my neighborhood and ask them about their life and business. In the late evening, I watch films on TV or read novels or books to widen my understanding. I often go to bed very late. In my mind, I always want my short summer vacations to be not only comfortable for me but also useful for my beloved people.

8. Describe your daily routine, how do you spend your free time?

My routine is almost the same everyday. In the morning, I get up early at about 5:00 o'clock. After having washed my face, brushed my teeth, I do morning physical exercises. Then, I have a bath and wash my clothes. I have breakfast at six o'clock. After breakfast, I get dressed and go to school at ten to seven. I study in the school from seven to ten past eleven. When my classes are over, I have lunch in a cafe. Then, I go back to my boarding-house and take a nap. In the afternoon, I review my lessons, play sports with my friends in Campus A. At 5:30pm, I have a bath. After that, I have dinner in the university canteen. I have free time in the evening. In my free time, I go out with my roommates. We go around the city, spend our time in a coffee shop or go shopping. I am always pleased with my daily activities and love my routine.

9. If you have a one-week holiday, how will you spend it?

If I have a one-week holiday, I will return to my homeland. Spending a short holiday at home benefits me on many things. I can enjoy my free time beside my close relatives whom I have seldom seen since I began my study at Angiang University. In addition, I can help my parents to do housework and go out with my old friends. Moreover, staying home doesn't cost me any money but I can do things after my hobby such as watching films, listening to music, play badminton, etc...

One-week holiday is not a long time for me, so I want to use it for both myself and my close family members.

10. How do you like to travel in your daily life? What are advantages and disadvantages of traveling this way?

Bicycle is the best friend in my student life. I always ride my bike to go to school or around Long Xuyen City. Riding a bicycle has some advantages. First, bicycles are easy to repair. When it is damaged, you can repair it yourself or have it repaired with low cost. Next, you don't have to pay for gasoline because bicycles don't need gasoline.

Moreover, riding a bike helps you do body exercises and does not cause environmental pollution. On the other hand, using bicycles also have some disadvantages. You can't ride it to work over long distances. You can't ride it as quickly as a motorbike in emergency cases. You also can't take a rest on it when you are tired because bicycles move with your own strength. However, no matter what strong points and weak points does a bicycle have, I always consider it my favorite means of traveling.

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