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In this section you must choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. For each question, 1 to 20, indicate the letter A, B, C or D against the number of the question.

1) The crew panicked and abandoned the ship.

A/ got badly frightened

B/ ran away

C/ went crazy

D/ escaped

2) Did you have a good time on your trip ?

A/ travel a lot

B/ meet wonderful people

C/ feel happy

D/ enjoy yourself

3) We were forced to postpone the picnic.

A/ call off

B/ put off

C/ do without

D/ see about

4) How many people do you expect to show up at the meeting tonight ?

A/ sing

B/ appear

C/ perform

D/ declare

5) They got to get rid of the pornography.

A/ eliminate

B/ accept

C/ include

D/ welcome

6) They warned us … the car.

A/ don’t buy

B/ not buy

C/ not to buy

D/ not buying

7) I don’t regret … her what I thought, even if it upset her.

A/ to tell

B/ telling

C/ to have told

D/ told

8) He sold his car … a thousand dollars.

A/ at

B/ for

C/ with

D/ it

9) The candidates were busy … their composition.

A/ to write

B/ writing

C/ having written

D/ to have been written

10) She was proud … finishing the work in such a short time.

A/ of

B/ about

C/ on

D/ over

11) A good student must know …

A/ to study hard

B/ how to study effectively

C/ to be a good student

D/ the way of efficiency in study

12) … you didn’t have the key, I wouldn’t have locked the door.

A/ If I knew

B/ If had I know

C/ Had I known

D/ All are wrong

13) If she put enough coffee in the pot, it … so weak.

A/ would taste

B/ wouldn’t taste

C/ would have tasted

D/ counldn’t have tasted

14) The salary of a bus driver is much higher …

A/ in comparison with the salary of a teacher

B/ to compare as a teacher

C/ than a teacher

D/ than that of a teacher

15) As I … to the station, I met the Browns.

A/ was running

B/ were running

C/ have been running

D/ have run

16) It’s important that every student … attentive in class.

A/ is

B/ are

C/ be

D/ were

17) Our flight from Amsterdam to London was delayed … the heavy fog.

A/ as result

B/ because

C/ on account for

D/ due to

18) He lighted the candle … I might read the note.

A/ as long as

B/ because

C/ so that

D/ and

19) It is better to love in vain … to love at all.

A/ nor

B/ not

C/ than never

D/ not as

20) He was … on the library floor of his country house.

A/ found dead

B/ found deadly

C/ found die

D/ found death


In this section you will find after the passage five questions of unfinished statements about the passage, each with four suggested answers or ways of finishing. You must choose the one which you think fits best. For each question, 21 to 25, indicate the letter A, B, C or D against the number of the question.

According to the census of 1800, the United States of America contained 5,308,483 persons. In the same year the British Islands contained upwards of fifteen million; the French Republic, more than twenty-seven million. Nearly one-fifth of the American people were black slaves; the true political population consisted of four and a half million free whites, or less than one million able-bodied males, on whose shoulders fell the burden of a continent. Even after two centuries of struggle the land still untamed; forests covered every portion, except here and there a strip of cultivated soil; the minerals lay undisturbed in their rocky beds, and more than two-thirds of the people clung ti the seaboard within fifty miles of tidewater, where alone the wants of civilized life could be supplied.

21) In the United States of America in 1800 …….

A/ one out of every twenty-five Americans was a black slave.

B/ one out of every three Americans was a black slaves.

C/ two out of every three Americans were black slaves.

D/ one out of every five Americans was a black slave.

22) Free white men in America numbered ….

A/ about four-fifths of the population.

B/ about four and a half million.

C/ 5,308,483.

D/ less than one million.

23) Two-thirds of the American people …

A/ lived where the wants of civilized life could not be supplied.

B/ lived in Washington.

C/ lived on the seaboard.

D/ lived within fifteen miles of tidewater.

24) The struggle to tame the American continent had been going on …

A/ about two hundred years.

B/ about fifty years.

C/ a little more than a century.

D/ since 1750.

25) This description of the United States in 1800 suggests that …

A/ most of the new nation was undeveloped.

B/ the people of the new nation had succeeded in taming the continent.

C/ strips of cultivated land were everywhere.

D/ settlers were beginning to mine the valuable minerals of the new continent.

Paper 2




A/ Fill each of the numbered blanks in the following passage. Use only ONE word in each space.

An old porter had been (26) … for the railway (27) … a very long time. He was standing in one of the big railway (28) … in London one morning, waiting for travellers to ask him to (29) … them with their luggage, when he (30) … a small man running towards the trains, (31) … a bag.

The porter watched the man for a (32) … seconds, and then the man saw the porter. At (33) … he ran up to him and (34) …, “Can I catch the 10.35 train to Newcastle, porter ?” He was breathing very (35) … can he sounded worried.

The old porter (36) … at him for a moment and then said politely, “Well, sir, I’d like to help you, but I can’t (37) … your question, because I don’t (38) … how fast you can run (39) … the rails. “You see”, he explained, “the 10.35 train to Newcastle (40) … five minutes ago.”


Build a complete sentence with the given words.

41) We / not know / when / manager / return.

42) Date / meeting / will / have / change / again.

43) Can / manage / write / report / yourself?

44) It / hours / since / Mary / ring.

45) The fog / prevent / us / driving.

46) I / remember / see / Dr. Nam / television / times.

47) It / wrong / you / not / give her / chance / talk.

48) It / nice / go / someone / than / go / alone.

49) When / grow / I / be / doctor.

50) It / first time / I / see / man / here.

C/ Rewrite the following sentences without changing their original meaning. Begin with the given words.

51) Did she give any reason for her failure ?

Did she explain why ……………………….

52) He didn’t know where John was and I didn’t either.

Neither of …………………………………..

53) She has to quit smoking or she will die.

If ……………………………………….

54) That restaurant is so dirty that no one wants to eat there.

It is such …………………………………..

55) As I come nearer to the hospital gate, I become more nervous.

The ……………………………………….

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