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In this section you must choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. For each question, 1 to 20, indicate the letter A, B, C or D against the number of the question.

1) …do you go home ? – Once a month

A/ When

B/ How long

C/ How often

D/ How

2) … terrible weather !

A/ What

B/ What a

C/ How

D/ How a

3) I want to keep …

A/ the room tidy

B/ the room tidily

C/ the tidy room

D/ the tidily room

4) I did my homework …

A/ with hurry

B/ in a hurry

C/ in hurry

D/ hurryingly

5) They serve … in a Chinese restaurant.

A/ frying rice

B/ fry rice

C/ fried rice

D/ fries rice

6) A soldier has to learn to carry … orders as soon as they are given.

A/ out

B/ on

C/ to

D/ by

7) She never says a word; she’s as … as a mouse.

A/ noiseless

B/ small

C/ slight

D/ quiet

8) It is a very long … from Tokyo to London.

A/ tour

B/ track

C/ travel

D/ flight

9) Dave and I have … to meet at the bus station at 9 o’clock.

A/ confirmed

B/ combined

C/ arranged

D/ appointed

10) He … very quickly after his illness.

A/ discovered

B/ recovered

C/ uncovered

D/ covered

11) By the time you receive this letter, I … for Japan.

A/ will leave

B/ have left

C/ will have left

D/ would have left

12) Sue hadn’t seen her brother for thirty years but … they recognized each other instantly.

A/ so

B/ yetC/ despite

D/ also

13) … the bad weather, the football match went ahead.

A/ In spite of

B/ Owing to

C/ However

D/ Although

14) They promised to write … we never heard from them again.

A/ except

B/ but

C/ although

D/ because

15) …, after trying three times, he passed the examination

A/ Lastly

B/ Last of all

C/ At last

D/ Last

16) I am not sure, but … I know, he has decided to accept the new job in London.

A/ according

B/ on the whole

C/ as long as

D/ as far as

17) We went to see the play last night and, … for Tony, we all enjoyed it very much.

A/ apart

B/ aside

C/ unless

D/ except

18) I’m sorry, I haven’t got … change. Why don’t you try to the bank ?

A/ any

B/ lots

C/ some

D/ all

19) “When did you come here ?” “I … here since last Sunday.”

A/ had been

B/ was

C/ have

D/ have been

20) “How many pages … so far ?” – “Ten”

A/ do you study

B/ did you study

C/ have you studied

D/ had you study


In this section you will find after the passage five questions of unfinished statements about the passage, each with four suggested answers or ways of finishing. You must choose the one which you think fits best. For each question, 21 to 25, indicate the letter A, B, C or D against the number of the question.

Walt Whitman, born in New York, in 1819, was one of America’s unusual literary figures. As an individualist, he rambled through the countryside seeing people and places, and making them his own. His experiences in earning a living were varied; at times he was a printer, a teacher, a carpenter, a nurse and a newspaper editor. He was a big-hearted man, open and accepting. He gave freely of his time by caring for the wounded during the Civil War. Though he lived in the city, he often spent time in the country, developing his strong sense of nature, which carried through out his poems. In 1855 he collected the verses he had written, and published them in one thin volume, “Leaves of Grass”, a book which he revised and rewrote all the rest of his life. The book was ridiculed by some poets and generally ignored by others, probadly because his verse forms were not traditional. He had felt that it was necessary to achieve a new poetic form in order to communicate his views. His reputation didn’t grow until after his death, and it reached a high point in the 1920s. Since then, Whitman’s style has greatly influenced modern poets.

21) The best title for this passage is ……..

A/ Leaves of Grass

B/ A Country Man

C/ Walt Whitman

D/ Poetry: A new Form

22) Whitman’s big-heartedness is shown by his ………

A/ visiting the countryside

B/ being an individualist

C/ rewriting “Leaves of Grass”

D/ caring for the wounded

23) The passage says that during Whitman’s life-time, other poets ……..

A/ accepted him

B/ communicated with him

C/ praised him

D/ laughed at him

24) We can assume that Whitman was ignored because he ……..

A/ wrote in a new form

B/ ramble through the countryside

C/ published his poems

D/ rewrote his book

25) The word “rambled” is most similar to the meaning of ……..

A/ stopped briefly

B/ walked slowly

C/ traveled quickly

D/ marched excitedly




A/ Fill each of the numbered blanks in the following passage. Use only ONE word in each space.

The country is (26) … beautiful than a town and pleasanter to live in. Many people think so, and go to the country (27) … the summer holidays though they cannot live (28) … all the year round. Some have a cottage built in a village (29) … that they can go there whenever they can find the time.

English villages are not all alike, but (30) … some ways they are not very different (31) … each other. Almost every village has a church, the round or square tower of (32) … can be seen from many miles around. Surrounding (33) … church is the churchyard. (34) … people are buried.

The village green (35) … a wide stretch of grass, and houses or cottages are (36) … round it. Country life is now fairly comfortable and many villages (37) … water brought through pipes into each (38) …

Most villages are so close to some small town (39) … people can go there to buy (40) … they can’t find in the village shops.


Build a complete sentence with the given words.

41) At / end / course / I pass all / exams / good marks

42) I / wonder / why you / not / reply / last letter

43) One / greatest mysteries / nature / be / instinct / migrate

44) My sister / learn / English / five years / now

45) It / wrong / you / not / help him / studies

46) Another attempt / climb / mountain / make / next year

47) One / our tasks / electrify / whole / country

48) He / angry / her / break / promise

49) I / interested / be / receptionist / because / like / meet / people

50) I / saw / cities / destroy / bombing

C/ Rewrite the following sentences without changing their original meaning. Begin with the given words.

51) She had never been so unhappy before.

She was unhappier ……………………..

52) He learned to drive when he was eighteen.

He has ………………………..

53) The robbers made the bank manager hand over the money.

The bank manager ………………………….

54) The furniture was so expensive that I didn’t buy it.

The furniture was too ……………………….

55) I haven’t seen that man here before.

It’s ……………………………….

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