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Đề thi thử tiếng Anh trình độ B phần Ngữ pháp tiếng Anh có đáp án dưới đây nằm trong bộ đề thi tiếng Anh trình độ B1, trình độ B2 mới nhất năm 2020 do VnDoc.com sưu tầm và đăng tải. Đề kiểm tra tiếng Anh liên quan đến nhiều chuyên đề từ vựng - ngữ pháp tiếng Anh cơ bản trình độ B khác nhau giúp bạn đọc ôn tập hiệu quả.



In this section you must choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. For each question, 1 to 20, indicate the letter A, B, C or D against the number of the question.

1) She is always complaining about … her children from school.

A/ to meet

B/ meeting

C/ collecting

D/ education

2) She’s very well … and I encouraged her to go back to work.

A/ intelligent

B/ experience

C/ training

D/ qualified

3) julian Snow has been a war … for many years and has covered a number of conflicts.

A/ correspondent

B/ news-agent

C/ editor

D/ publisher

4) The guerrillas … him to go with them to their camp.

A/ ambushed

B/ escaped

C/ made

D/ forced

5) As they approach old age, they seem to have an unexplained … to return to the Sargasso Sea to breed.

A/ argument

B/ compulsion

C/ creature

D/ instinctive

6) On the way back they sometimes make a complete … of Antarctica before returning to their breeding grounds.

A/ mystery

B/ suicide

C/ inheritance

D/ circuit

7) If we … in further research now, we’ll be ready to face the future.

A/ invest

B/ protest

C/ rely

D/ conserve

8) Some of this nuclear waste will remain … for thousands of years.

A/ permanently

B/ survive

C/ active

D/ existence

9) I was … in the countryside and went to a little village school.

A/ carried on

B/ brought up

C/ given in

D/ taken up

10) A lot of my friends left school at 16, and they now … leaving so early.

A/ sorry

B/ confuse

C/ worry

D/ regret

11) We stopped for a rest after we … for two hours.

A/ walked

B/ had walked

C/ would walk

D/ have walked

12) The old lady fell as she … into the bus.

A/ got

B/ was getting

C/ had got

D/ has got

13) Active: No one has ever asked me that question before.


A/ That question has ever been asked me by no one before.

B/ That question has never been asked me before by any one.

C/ I have not ever been asked that question before.

D/ I have never been asked that question before.

14) Direct: The teacher said to us, “Don’t make so much noise”


A/ The teacher said we didn’t make so much noise.

B/ The teacher told us that we didn’t make so much noise.

C/ The teacher asked us not to make so much noise.

D/ The teacher ordered us if we didn’t make so much noise.

15) Had they arrived at the sale early, they … a better selection.

A/ would have found

B/ would find

C/ had found

D/ found

16) Mrs Wood always talks to her baby as though he … an adult.

A/ is

B/ were

C/ has been

D/ will be

17) There were many scientists at the meeting, several of … were very young.

A/ that

B/ which

C/ who

D/ whom

18) It’s too hot and my hair needs …

A/ to cut

B/ being cut

C/ cutting

D/ cut

19) There … lots of furniture … in the furniture department.

A) are / to display

B) are / displaying

C) is / displaying

D) is / on display

20) She doesn’t write to me as often as she …

A/ used to

B/ was used to

C/ gets used to

D/ has used to


In this section you will find after the passage five questions of unfinished statements about the passage, each with four suggested answers or ways of finishing. You must choose the one which you think fits best. For each question, 21 to 25, indicate the letter A, B, C or D against the number of the question.

Sequoyah was a young Cherokee Indian, son of a white trader and an Indian woman. At an early age, he became fascinated by “the talking leaf”, an expression that he used to describe the white man’s written records. Although many believed this “talking leaf” to be the gift from the Great Spirit, Sequoyah refused to accept that theory. Like other Indians of the period, he was illiterate but his determination to change the situation led to the invention of a unique 86-character alphabet based on the sound patterns that he heard.

His family and friends thought him mad, but while recovering from a hunting accident, he diligently and independently set out to create a form of communication for his own people as well as for other Indians. In 1821, after twelve years of work, he had successfully developed a written language that would enable thousands of Indians to read and write.

Sequoyah’s desire to preserve words and events for later generations has caused him to be remembered among the important inventors. The giant redwood trees of California, call “sequoias” in his honour, will further imprint his name in history.

21) What is the most important reason that Sequoyah will be remembered?

A/ California redwoods were named in his honour.

B/ He was illiterate.

C/ He created a unique alphabet.

D/ He recovered from his madness and helped mankind.

22) How did Sequoyah’s family react to his idea of developing his own “talking leaf”?

A/ They arranged for his hunting accident.

B/ They thought he was crazy.

C/ They decided to help him.

D/ They asked him to teach them to read and write.

23) What caused Sequoyah to develop his alphabet?

A/ People were writing things about him that he couldn’t read.

B/ He wanted to become famous.

C/ After his hunting accident, he needs something to keep him busy.

D/ He wanted the history of his people preserved for future generations.

24) How would you describe Sequoyah ?

A/ determined

B/ mad

C/ backwards

D/ gentle

25) Which of the following is not true ?

A/ Sequoyah developed a form of writing with the help of the Cherokee tribe.

B/ Sequoyah was a very clever young man.

C/ Sequoyah spent twelve years developing his alphabet.

D/ Sequoyah was honoured by having some named trees after him.



A/ Fill each of the numbered blanks in the following passage. Use only ONE word in each space.

(26) … June 14th, in Carmel,, Indiana, a woman saw a large strange bright light moving around (27) … the sky. The woman, Mrs Dora Gabb, 34, phoned the police and spoke to Patrolman Conrad Brown, who cam straight to her house to (28) … When he arrived, there was (29) … to be seen, but ten minutes (30) …. Mrs Gabb’s 14-year-old daughter Leslie rushed (31) … the house screaming.

Leslie (32) … that she and a girlfriend were (33) … on motorbikes in the woods when they saw “a large object, bigger than a house” directly in (34) … of them. It had a green top, white sides, a reddish purple tail, and lights of purple, green, gold, red and blue. It (35) … no sound. The girls’ motorbikes (36) … working, and the girls “felt strange”. The (37) … came down lower and stayed for (38) … time about 100 feet (39) … the ground, not moving. Then with a whistling sound, it left at high (40) ….


Build a complete sentence with the given words.

41) take / minutes / repair / bicycle

42) road / front / house / repair

43) manager / so sick / not go / work

44) weather / too bad / us / go / picnic

45) children / busy / collect / shells / beach

46) I / not think / enough qualifications / job

47) You / should / careful / driving / this city

48) They / going / have / luggage / take / station

49) father / work / engineer / company / since 1990

50) policemen / order / children / not / play football / street

C/ Rewrite the following sentences without changing their original meaning. Begin with the given words.

51) The mother smiled happily. She took the baby in her arms.

Smiling …………………………..

52) Because she behaves well, everybody loves her.

Because of ………………………………

53) My sister is not very intelligent. I am not very intelligent.

Neither ……………………………………

54) We have made great progress in our economy in the last few years.

Great progress ……………………………..

55) I want to see the manager, not his assistant.

It is ………………………………………

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