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Paper 1



In this section you must choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. For each question, 1 to 20, indicate the letter A, B, C or D against the number of the question.

1) When the company had to close because of economic difficulties, he became ….

A/ inconsiderate

B/ redundant

C/ deliberate

D/ unsatisfactory

2) The Road Transport Industry is becoming increasingly … about the number of lorry hijackings.

A/ shocked

B/ disappointed

C/ affected

D/ concerned

3) This gave him a chance to get used to … the controls.

A/ handling

B/ organize

C/ manage

D/ deal with

4) Since 1950 … at football matches has fallen by nearly fifty per cent.

A/ discipline

B/ entertainment

C/ attendance

D/ competition

5) My mother can’t … seeing me at home all day.

A/ stop

B/ stand

C/ give up

D/ suffer

6) The radio operator … him to the Air Traffic Control.

A/ joined

B/ tied

C/ connected

D/ linked

7) Fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) are rapidly …

A/ giving out

B/ out of order

C/ taking off

D/ running out

8) She became … to do something about it.

A/ determined

B/ decided

C/ concerned

D/ interested

9) When the ship was first …, it was given the name “The Amazon”

A/ landed

B/ launched

C/ started

D/ wrecked

10) Lord Gurney was a very … man in the village.

A/ unlike

B/ impossible

C/ unpopular

D/ uninteresting

11) My uncle wishes he …time when he was young.

A/ wouldn’t waste

B/ hasn’t wasted

C/ didn’t waste

D/ hadn’t wasted

12) If she … you, she would not do that

A/ was

B/ were

C/ is

D/ would be

13) They asked me … I had seen Dr. Clark the day before.

A/ that

B/ if

C/ whether

D/ Both B and C are correct

14) We receive her letter after she … to a new house.

A/ has moved

B/ had moved

C/ was moving

D/ would move

15) This time next week they … to France.

A/ will be flying

B/ will fly

C/ are flying

D/ have flown

16) Only when you grow up … the truth.

A/ you know

B/ do you know

C/ you will know

D/ will you know

17) My uncle, …. you met yesterday, is a lawyer.

A/ whose

B/ that

C/ whom

D/ Both B and C are correct

18) I will have your car … soon.

A/ repaired

B/ to repair

C/ repairing

D/ being repaired

19) You can rely … Jack. He always keeps his promise.

A/ in

B/ for

C/ on

D/ with

20) We’re … listening to your complaints.

A/ bored in

B/ uninterested with

C/ tired out

D/ tired of


In this section you will find after the passage five questions of unfinished statements about the passage, each with four suggested answers or ways of finishing. You must choose the one which you think fits best. For each question, 21 to 25, indicate the letter A, B, C or D against the number of the question.


Many of the latest scientific accomplishments fall in the realm of “pure” science. This is research for the sake of increasing man’s knowledge without concern about how the knowledge is going to be used. In contrast with pure science is “applied” science. The production of synthetic diamonds is an example of applied science. In applied science the facts and principles of pure science are used in the solution of a problem which has or will have immediate economic and social importance.

Often in the past, applied science has gone far ahead of pure science. Its practical applications have been used for man’s good even before the basic facts and principles were understood. For example, the telegraph, telephone and electric motor, which could not work without electrons, were invented before man discovered the electron. People were vaccinated long before viruses were investigated. Chemicals like sulfuric acid and soda were manufactured long before man began to understand the nature of the atom. Today, however, if applied science is to grow it must depend more and more on increased knowledge of pure science.

21) The aim of pure science is …

A/ to promote the production of pure chemicals

B/ to solve practical problems of everyday life

C/ to develop human knowledge of general principles of science

D/ to apply scientific facts to the invention of electronic devices

22) Applied science has …

A/ made our lives more comfortable with the understanding of basic scientific theories.

B/ made our lives more enjoyable with the production of everything we need.

C/ given us the basic facts and principles of science.

D/ help us research for the sake of increasing man’s knowledge.

23) It is said that in the past, applied science went far ahead of pure science because …

A/ pure science has been discovered only in recent years

B/ men understood the basic facts and principles of pure science before they discovered and invented things.

C/ pure science had been considered less important than applied science.

D/ many inventions and discoveries had been made before men knew the basic scientific theories.

24) The fact that vaccination had been practised long before the investigation of viruses means …

A/ people devoted a lot of time to the study of pure science.

B/ applied science went far ahead of pure science.

C/ pure science went far ahead of applied science.

D/ the study of pure science was delayed for a long time.

25) If applied science is to develop more efficiently …

A/ its practical applications must be used for man’s good.

B/ people must devote more time to the study of the neutron and atomic energy.

C/ it must rely on the increasing knowledge of pure science.

D/ people must solve problems of immediate economic and social importance.

Paper 2




A/ Fill each of the numbered blanks in the following passage. Use only ONE word in each space.

The country is (26) … beautiful than a town and pleasanter to live in . Many people think so, and go to the country (27) … the summer holidays though they can not live (28) … all the year round. Some have a cottage built in a village (29) … that they can go there whenever they can find the time.

English villages are not all alike, but (30) … some ways they are not very different (31) … each other. Almost every village has a church, the round or square tower of (32) … can be seen from many miles around. Surrounding (33) … church is the churchyard, (34) … people are buried.

The village green (35) … a wide stretch of grass, and houses or cottages are (36) … round it. Country life is now fairly comfortable and many villages (37) … water brought through pipes into each (38) …

Most villages are so close to some small town (39) … people can go there to buy (40) … they can’t find in the village shops.


Use the following sets of words and phrases to write complete sentences.

41) I / happy / get / letter

42) How long / you / waiting / answer ?

43) When / I / her / talking / John

44) father / impossible / home / lunch

45) He’ll / seventeen / old / Saturday

46) I / interested / films / children

47) advise / not to go / bus / next time

48) jacket / small / not fit / me

49) We / go / airport / meet him / tomorrow

50) After / I / entered / house / it / to rain

C/ Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentence printed before it.

51) Unless you water these plants every day, they will die.

If …………………

52) The fire has destroyed many houses.

Many houses ………….

53) She won’t visit me again

I wish …………………….

54) He wrote the letter in two hour

It took ………………………

55) It was such hot tea that I couldn’t drink it.

The tea …………………………………

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