Đề kiểm tra 45 phút lớp 7 môn tiếng Anh - Đề số 5

Đề kiểm tra 45 phút lớp 7 môn tiếng Anh

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Class: 7A1


I. LISTENING (2,5ms)

1. People are talking about health problems. Listen and write the corect letter.

1. Rick

2. Judy

3. Nancy

4. Tom

5. Renee

A. a cut

B. the flu

C. a stomachache

D. a backache

E. a twisted ankle

2. Listen and choose the correct answer.

1. How often does Bill run?

a. Twice a week

b. Three time a week.

c. Three times a week

d. Every day

2. Which of the following does Bill do?

a. Go swimming

b. Play basketball

c. Go jogging

d. Lift weights

3. What is true about the woman?

a. She thinks Bill should exercise more.

b. She thinks Bill looks heathy.

c. She goes swimming every week.

d. She thinks Bill is sporty.


1. Read the passage and decide which statements are true (T) or false (F). (1,25ms)

Many women cook so often for their families that they might not even consider cooking as a hobbies. But there is a difference between cooking as a chore and cooking as a hobby. When you cook as a hobby, you go out of your way to try new things. Developing on how adventurous you are, you may find yourself spending almost as much time searching out unusual ingredients and tools as you do cooking! If you are looking for a social hobby, find a cooking buddy or consider taking a cooking class. Often, community colleges have cooking classes available at a reasonable cost.



1. All of the women consider cooking as a hobby.

2. It’s the same between cooking as a chore and cooking as a hobby.

3. When you cook as a chore, you don’t pay much attention to try new things.

4. When you cook as a hobby, you want to try new things.

5. Community colleges don’t have cooking classes for you.

2. Read and choose the correct answer A,b, C,D to fill in each blank in the following passage.(1,25ms)

I have a very interesting and _______ hobby. I make short video clips with my diigtal camera. It was my birthday present from my parents last year. Since then, I have _______ three short films. It’s great! I started asking my friends and relative to take _______ in the film. I have tried to write story for my video clips. When I have finished the clips, I make copies for the “actors”. Each scence is small and they can look at the words just _______ we start filming. We film at the weekend in my neighbourhood, _______ no one has to travel far. When the video clip is finished, I invite all the “actors” and we watch the film at my house.

1. A. enjoy B. enjoyed C. enjoying D. enjoyable.

2. A. done B. played C. made D. watched

3. A. part B. role C. scene D. film

4. A. before B. after C. only D. until

5. A. although B. because C. but D. so


1. Choose the correct words to complete the sentences. (1,25ms)

1. There are many…………why it is important to have a hobby.

A. answers B. reasons C. details D. facts

2. Eat…………junk food. It makes you fat.

A. less B. more C. little D. too

3. I join a photography club, and all the members love……….a lot of beautiful photos.

A. take B. make C. taking D. making

4. I love gardening,………… my brother doesn’t.

A. because B. and C. so D. but

5. Which word has a different sound in the part underlined?

A. burn B. sun C. hurt D. turn

2. Write the word/ phrase below each picture. (1,25ms)

Đề kiểm tra 45 phút môn tiếng Anh lớp 7


1. Make sentence using the words and phrases given. (1,0m)

1. Getting/ plenty/ rest/ really/ important.


2. sister/ enjoy/ go/ cinema/ her friends?


3. It/ easy/ get/ flu/ ./ we/ should/ try/ keep/ clean more.


4. I/ have/ toothache/ yesterday/ because/ eat/ many sweets.


* Write a paragraph to describe your hobby. Use the cues to help you. (1,5ms)

- Name of the hobby- When did you start the hobby?

- Who you share your hobby with?- What do you do to have this hobby?

- Do you intent to continue your hobby in the future?- Feelings about your hobby





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